Thursday, July 14, 2011


Three-and-a-half-hour soup!
It was so worth it.
All through the lengthy beef stock extraction and the tiresome onion caramelizing, I thought, "What are we doing? It would be so much easier to just order French Onion Soup in a restaurant."
Yeah, but it wouldn't be as good. Sweet, deep, sweet, oniony. Sweet. That little dab of bread on top (it was a bâtard, which I will translate to that bastard, King Louis XVI), covered with chewy gruyère.
Honestly, you wouldn't want dessert.
Dessert would probably be "cake." No thanks, Marie.


cookiecrumb said...


Zoomie said...

Great idea to celebrate les fran├žais! I plan to sing the first part of the Marseillaise, watching Casablanca this evening.

Zoomie said...

And I chuckled at the Chanel lipstick. :-D

§~John~§ said...

This is food porn in its purest since. I think I just had a moment and I didn’t even make or taste it.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: I think I put in enough goodwill. Won't have to sing.
BTW! I am beyond flattered that you noticed the lipstick.

Curly John: It is like that, isn't it? (Did you wash your hands?)

SimplyStated said...

Perfect Cookie, the perfect dish to enjoy while we watch the GOP/Tea Party descend into classic schizophrenia, 3 Faces of Eve style.

"I'm tea party" no wait..I'm wait...I'm a values pledge candidate (minus the slavery part of course because...well because I always sign anything with the words family, values and God in the first part).

The drunks are tending the bar and they don't have a license and couldn't pass a health inspection if they tried.

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

Let them eat cake! I want to know what color that fancy ole' tube of Chanel is! (I heart their nail polish colors....)
Seriously, I think Obama should do what NY state did with their budget, cut off everyone's salaries until an agreement is reached. You bet we'd have some agreement right quick!

cookiecrumb said...

Simply: My mind is boggled! My new favorite punching bag is Eric Cantor. Obama is RULING.
(You following the scuttlebutt on Marcus?)
I'm so glad you wandered over to this blog one day. Kisses.

Little Pots: Squee! You asked what color the Chanel is. It's called "Boy," a very pale neutral that makes it look like you merely greased your lips. Crisco is cheaper...
I've been thinking the same as you. Cut Congress's salaries! How can this not be possible? Xxx

kudzu said...

But of course the soup was worth it. I can tell just by looking at the photo that you nailed it....and it is very rare, these days, that any restaurant gets it right. Besides, yours was cooked just then, just for you -- which makes it taste even better.

As for the lipstick: Boy? Really? (Do they have Cheetah and Jane, as well?) I must buy one for Kiki.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Yes, there was personal satisfaction. We were pretty proud, using up last Christmas's roast bones. It came out great, and we did our French tribute!
"Boy" would be awesome for Kiki. It's very pale, balm-like, a touch pink with microscopic sparkles. Kinda $$ though. Good gift. :)

namastenancy said...

Viva La Belle France, Liberty, equality, fraternity - and good eats.

Greg said...

Mmmmm good! I love every part of onion soup but the cheese is my favorite.

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: Oui, oui! Toujours.

Greg: The soup is just an excuse for the melty cheese, but the soup ain't a bad vehicle.