Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Food of Dreams

This Is why I love chicken stock.
We made an intensely deep, strong stock from the skin and bones of half a chicken. Little tiny pot. Handfuls of European aromatics. Water to cover, and then a long, slow simmer with the lid on, a bit ajar. It ended up being one pint of the most heavenly stuff. Almost brown. Super thick with bone goo. Serious flavor.
And then what did we use it for?
Rice-A-Roni. Homemade.
Some onion, some oil and butter, some rice, some broken pasta. A little salt and pepper (your stock should be salted, but not salty). Cook until you get brown spots on the pasta. Cranky was too excited about the experiment, and rushed that part.
Then pour in your chicken stock and put the lid on, over low heat, until it's done.
You could call it pilaf if it makes you feel stupid to call it Rice-A-Roni.
We call it Rice-A-Roni.


cookiecrumb said...


Alcyone said...

Dear Cookie - I read your posts in my reader so I don't see your comments unless I come out here to comment which I almost never have time to do because I just sneak into my reader at work when I can manage a break... so... The FIRST thing I see is your comment after having already read your post in the reader and I just blew ice coffee through my nose all over my keyboard. Thank you. I'm feeling much better now.

OK - now I've gotten that off my chest, onto the stock question. Generally when I'm boiling my carcasses it's a 24 to 72 hour process (that obviously stops at night because even I am smart enough not to leave a propane burner going while I'm sleeping) and keeps going until the bones are almost gone and then is finally strained with the pulp fed to The Big Slobbery Dog. I have to keep adding water (the lowest BTU burner I've got is 5,000… and Blue Star calls that the simmer burner – bah!) and what I get is nothing short of a miracle. However, you got a brown stock pretty quick I think and you got the marrow out of the bones too. So how long and maybe you broke up the bones first? Was it a roasted carcass? Did you roast it some more after you’d stripped it? I must know these things!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Homemade Rice-A-Roni -- fantastic. it way better? I'm assuming so.

cookiecrumb said...

Alcyone: That's a really long time! We usually simmer for just two hours. What I can tell you is the chicken was rotisseried. We didn't roast the bones, but we did crush the ribs (leg bones too hard without a tool kit).
Have you heard of an oven-roasted stock, or did I dream that up?

Denise: Oddly, it's AS GOOD AS Rice-A-Roni. Well, yeah, better. No chemical flavors. Verdict, delicious.

Greg said...

That just has to be good! I love those European aromatics....European romantics too.:)

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: I don't know if you've tried Rollo Roti's spit roasted chicken at the Civic Center. It's fabulous, and the cavity is stuffed with herbs, so you get a lot of bonus flavor in the stock.
I think you are a European romantic.

SimplyStated said...

Not only is it fair to blame them, but it's the right thing to do and so few of us so the right thing anymore.

I am tired of swimming in the Lake of Infinite Sacrifice without Repubs and wealthy Americans joining in.

Come on in...the water's fine. Full of sharks(Wall Street), stingrays (Banks, Airlines and other nefarious companies masquerading as customer-service oriented vendors)plus stinging jellyfish (Dumb Americans who keep voting the assholes in because they think they are telling the truth).

You all should be right at home in the lake where those of us going down for 10th time would be thrilled to just start treading water again.

Let them keep it up and there will be no more plastic pool time for these jokers...but there will be "Idiots Overboard" when the lot of the them start jumping that good ship "Ignorance is bliss to Cows and Pigs Only" sea crusie they have been riding for way too long.

I am tired of people who are constantly demanding solutions not understanding they are the problem to begin with.

Sorry for the rant....I need a beer now...

And yes...the rice-roni looks delish and there is definitely no need to cook the carcass for more than 3 hours...I do mine in the crock pot with garlic, onions and balsamic vinegar.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I think it's fair to blame the Republicans too!

cookiecrumb said...

Simply: Wow! Good one. (I peed in that lake; least I could do.)
I'm very interested in your slow cooker stock with balsamic. I might tinker.

Mouse: Thanks, we could use your support from Down Under. It'd be even better if you could vote here.

Zoomie said...

Simply Stated, I wish you had a blog, too, so I could visit and read your thoughts daily. Have you ever thought of starting one? I'd be a faithful reader, as I am with Cookiecrumb.

Katie said...

Rice-A-Roni is heaven. Homemade? Even better.

cookiecrumb said...

Katie: I am so grateful for your endorsement. It really was that good!