Friday, April 29, 2011

I Watched It

Let me preface this by giving you a little history.
I married Cranky in 1981, 30 years ago (almost, June), the same year Diana married that dishonest phony Prince Charles. We scheduled our wedding so that there would not be too much competition or comparison with the royals. (I wanted a little undiluted attention.)
Then decades later the beautiful William and beautiful Kate wanted to get hitched, and the blogosphere was suddenly "NO! You are an airhead if you care about that!"
Look, I was never going to stay up all night for it. I was just curious. So we taped the CBS coverage (four hours, but you can skip the dull parts). Might look at it; might just erase it.
This morning, I perused a bunch of wedding photos online.
Then Cranky said, "Let's go watch!"
Middle of the day, hadn't even had lunch (still haven't, but pizza will be here soon). We sat there together on the baby-blue love seat and looked at that sea of absurd hats (don't think I don't want one, because I do). Fast-forwarded through a few flabby moments, but just absolutely adored seeing the composed, lovely young couple do their thing in front of the whole world. What a job. Wills knows how to do it by now, but his bride is still in training. She came off very good.
My husband really, really enjoyed watching. I wonder if it made him a little tumescent about our upcoming anniversary.
I need a tiara.


Kailyn said...

I haven't watched yet but I did tape it. Today was a work day after all and I needed sleep. Saw the photos online. One friend said the hats outdid any church going African American woman. I have to agree. I watched Charles and Diana's wedding while visiting my grandmother and aunt in Georgia that summer so maybe this is just a bit of nostalgia.

But onto the important stuff. You don't have a tiara? That must be remedied immediately. I have two and am thinking it's time for a new one.

cookiecrumb said...

Kailyn: I did think of African American church hats! But these were somehow different. Smaller, many of them. Nuttier, lots of them!
Yeah, I lost my third-grade tiara some time ago. Looked a little like Kate's.

Chilebrown said...

It was a royal wedding in 1981. It was the linkage of two editors,columists and two crazy people. Long Live "Cranky & Cookiecrumb".

cookiecrumb said...


cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: What an adorable thing to say! Lovie love to you, waving royal hand regally backwards. Air kiss, air kiss.
PS: Shitty and I, oops I mean Cranky and I are all shouty at each other now for some reason. Men.

SimplyStated said...

Ah CookieCrumb...right there with ya babe.I made the hubby and I a real English tea we enjoyed as we watched. Maple scones and tea snawiches with some Earl Grey and some bubbly...good times.

I have 3 tiara' are a Diva Cookie, you need a tiara. I got mine off eBay and yes I wore one while we watched. The hubby wore his Goofy hat w/the ears for Disneyland.

Now tell me that wasn't a fshion statement.

The brides looked exquisite and the dress was to die for! Definitely gave me memories of Grace Kelly's wedding dress. Pippa's dress rocked the house too!

And the hats...loved em all...even the ugly ones. I can't stand the Beckhams but even I have to say Victoria was the best dressed pregnant woman I have ever seen at ant event. Even the Queen shined...that marigold outfit looked great on her.

Wills was the man and Harry, the pre-eminient red-headed stepchild, got through it without taking his clothes off or falling down.

The only thing missing was...Diana. I could only imagined what she would have worn and how she would have smiled. Okay let me stop...getting a little teary here.

The future of the monarchy just got a whole lot brighter today. Now only two questions remain:

Are we going to be subjected to Charles being crowned (I still hold a deep and unabiding rage at this man and Camilla) and what the heck are we going to do about Harry?

cookiecrumb said...

Simply Stated: Wow, I am impressed. The English spread, and the willing husband. Aren't we Americans funny?
I lurved Pippa's dress. What a great choice for a sister.
You think Harry is a stepchild? Cute. Could be. He's a mess.
Love to you, simply.

kudzu said...

Everyone who wants one should have a tiara. My mother was crowned Ms. Fountainview at her nursing home (!) in Atlanta -- while she was cogent enough to know what it meant, and she did look pretty. The tiara she wore became one of her prized possessions as she diminished into a more unstable mental state. It was so important to her, I put it in her coffin when she died. Not on her head, but beside her. Go get yourself one and wear it on your anniversary! (PS My veil was attached to a seed pearl tiara for my wedding centuries ago....)

Anonymous said...

Thirty years ago I was in Brazil, watching the whole ceremony with my Mom and Dad. I did not speak English then, I had no clue one day I would be living in the US and watching their son follow their footsteps.

Isn't life a wild ride?

Congrats on thirty years, that is beyond cool!

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Everybody's talking about the tiara, not the tumescent remark? (Love to your mom.) :D

undercover caterer said...

I'm watching it tonight...planned on scones and tea but was too lazy and had a hotdog instead. So distinguished!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

You already know I didn't, and won't be, my care factor is 0. I did read all about it on twitter though, this morning :)
Cranky's probably shouty because he's hungry, it's usually the case xx

Kailyn said...

Kudzu has answered the question of my next purchase. I am enthralled with the idea of seed pearls. And yes, I expect you to post an anniversary photo of your new tiara. You are royalty in my mind after all.

namastenancy said...

I taped it so that I could watch it today while working on some new art. I forwarded through the boring parts, turned the sound off when the yammering "news people" got on my nerves, and got all teary eyed at Will and Kate. I even managed not to snarl when Charles and Camilla came into view; I know that Diana wasn't perfect but they made her life a living hell.
I enjoyed the hats although I felt sorry for the two York girls with the worst hats, the most unflattering clothes and the most dreadful make up. What's with the raccoon eyes?
I'm with SimplyStated - what can the royal family do about Harry? He's a throwback to the old, rambunctious, idiotic Hanoverian part of the family. Heaven knows what the future holds for Kate and William - it's not a job I'd wish on anyone but if anybody can do it with dignity and class, I think they are up to the task.
I DO have a tiara, courtesy of my late friend Bobby Campbell. We were in Cliff's one day, buying costumes for Halloween and he bought me the most darling little rhinestone tiara. I wear it at Halloween in his memory and brought it out last night because Bobby loved his Queens, of all kinds.

namastenancy said...

Oh, and I did see the tumescent remark but was going to be too polite to bring it up - until you mentioned it again. If the royal wedding helped get a raise out of him, well, I hope that a good time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

I made my daughter get up to watch Kate get out of the car. Granted, we're on East Coast time here so it wasn't the horror you would have had, was fun watching, mainly because it's a dying institution, so it was historical.

Neither my daughter nor I want tiaras, but some of those hats...! LOVE.

happy lead up to the anniversary

kudzu said...

Royal wedding = tumescent? Whatever works! (All for it!)

cookiecrumb said...

BK: Sally, your English is perfect. As you know. I don't tHink I could accomplish that in 30 years. And don't you also speak Mandarin?
What a sweet thought, you and your parents watching the wedding in Brazil.

Undercover: Ha ha! Hot dogs! :)

Mouse: Yeah, I know you aren't remotely interested. Hm. Who is that depicted on Australian currency?

Nancy: I love Cliff's! Maybe that's where I'll get my crown jewels.

Fast: That's nice. She will always remember that, even if she forgets to thank you. New word learned: "fascinator."

Kudzu: Love, baby. That's the turn-on.