Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Beans, Beans

My head and heart are skittering toward spring, but the weather keeps saying "Wait."
You know, that's fine, actually.
Because I haven't eaten all the winter food I want.
Beans, for instance. No. I take that back. I will eat beans all year long.
But Cranky had a cranky hankering for a stewy dish of lentils he watched Jamie Oliver fiddling with the other day. And you know how ad lib Jamie can be. Cranky fiddled, too.
What he came up with was this gorgeous mess of lentils, mirepoix and hacked spinach leaves. His innovation was to add some cut-up black trumpet mushrooms. (They are extraordinarily cheap right now, what with being a foraged, wild species that you'd think would cost more.)
You want to call it a simple, peasanty dish. And it is. But it's food to luxuriate in, to savor every flavor and texture.
To not feel bad about winter.


Greg said...

That dish would take the fog away. Nice.

namastenancy said...

Lentils - one of my favorite winter foods. Do you have Julie Sahni's book on Indian cooking? She has fabulous recipes for lentils, layering each stage of cooking with different combination of flavors.
Or - if you want to get down and gritty, I saw real pigs feet yesterday in a market on 16th street. I was doing "research" for my next couple of food pieces and stared with awestruck horror at the sight. But it's the real deal and cheap for those who are brave enough to cook the darn thing. Lentils and pork - the other white meat?

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, Greg: Yeah, it's heartwarming. And you're getting these bites of spinach, and you think, "Damn, healthy!"

Nancy: Don't have that book, but will check the library. :)
We can find huge pig trotters in San Rafael, at the Latino market. Have to saw them in half to fit in the pot (length of leg included there). Nah. Don't wanna. :(

Zoomie said...

Where are you finding Jamie Oliver? I can't find him anywhere on the tube, and I really miss him.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: He's on Cooking Channel, which is an offshoot of Food Network. I wonder if you can watch him on their website.

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

Lentils play a big role in our house. Cheap and so versatile to prepare. I do something similar to Cranky's tinkering and add a little nub of nice goat cheese or feta. (sometimes maybe not so little...)
Love your sub-head today! I'll be chasing my big ole' cup of caffeinated coffee with a chocolate martini ;-)

cookiecrumb said...

Yes, Ms. Little Pots: Chocolate martini! Ha ha.
Oh, I love the cheese in the lentils! Shoulda thought of that, so thanks a zillion.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Great minds and all that, we had Bebop Hotpot w Black Turtle Beans tonight. Looks like a violent bottom explosion but tastes amazing.

Zoomie said...

Aha! Found it! We were looking on the wrong channel! Thanks.

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: I have NO idea what bebop hotpot might be. (Don't worry, I'll Goog.) But violent bottom explosion? Would that be like Colon Blow™? Yum!
Beans. Can't beat 'em.

Zoomie: Success! Good.