Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dietary Drift

Mayonnaise season has come to an end.
We actually used up an entire jar of blue-lid mayonnaise this year. I can't remember eating that many tomato sandwiches. Maybe there was a lot of salad dressing chez nous.
This photo shows what I believe is the last summer sandwich of the season. Tomatoes from the dying vines, that mayo, and leaves of sorrel from the pot on the patio.
Sorrel! Bright, crisp, tangy.
I have a lot of favorite herbs growing out there, and this one's really up there. We have a few remaining leaves, and they're scheduled for a weed pie, my pal Mouse's weekly supper of greens baked in pastry. I have no idea how she makes her dish, so I'll just be making something up. Parsley, some kale, garlic, sliced potatoes, feta cheese. And that sorrel.
Maybe later I'll talk to you about my rather recent, seismic lurch toward vegetarianism. It's not a 100% deal, at all. But I have just decided I don't like eating meat.
Never really did.
Still, a little bacon would have been good on that sandwich.


Kalyn said...

I always feel a bit sad when I eat the last tomato sandwich of the year. (Bacon or no bacon, I like them either way!)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie - every type of green & herb you can find in the garden. Spuds are good, as is a little chopped eggplant or fennell. If the mix is too wet, a handful of burghul to soak up the juices.
O, you're adding lemon juice and some fetta, yeah?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

My tomatoes haven't even had the decency to bung on a single blossom yet :(

Hungry Dog said...

That sandwich looks food. I feel like I've had that bread before. Is it Acme ciabatta?

I look forward to hearing about your lurching vegetarianism. I like the idea, not because I don't like meat, but because I like animals. I've been struggling with this idea for decades now...

Zoomie said...

I gave up meat for Lent one year and made it through the 40 days but, man, was I hungry for a pork chop at the end!

My heart goes out to Cranky, who does like eating meat.

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: What's worse, I keep the shriveled vines in the garden way too long, hoping the tomatoes will keep ripening. Ugly.

Mouse: It sounds so good, like a secret handshake. Lemon, yes, and cheese too!
It must be too early for tomato blossoms. Just go around singing little songs to your plants.

Dog: I think it was Semifreddi Sweet Batard. Perfect for sammies.
The vegetarianism will be flexitarian, for sure. I have no qualms about using chicken stock, for instance, if I know the animals were treated well.
Someone like you should just try it now and again and don't feel bad if you are not 100%. Cheers.

Zoomie: Cranky is completely enthusiastic about our plans. I've had him eating delicious vegetables for so many years, he knows it's good food. And he can pop out for a steak if he wants (my most hated cut of meat). We'll probably do a small roast beef for Christmas; I'm not signing a pledge or anything.

kudzu said...

We're on the same bread length these days. For some reason my hand automatically goes out to that sweet batard. It has been my mainstay for summer sammies, too...and makes lovely breakfast toast. If there's ever enough left, I'm sure it would be fine in bread puddin'.

Nilcha said...

hi there.
im a big foodie my self and love to read your blog.
is there any way i can follow your blog? (i ve been reloading da page, still cant find da "follow me" icon)

thank you..

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: I thought it was charming that a pair of food bloggers is naming the exact brand and bake.
That sweet batard is soft. Remember when it was only permissible to eat difficult bread, because we'd been so traumatized by Wonder?
Deborah Madison has a wonderful savory bread pudding we've riffed on many times. Gluten be damned, thank you, doctor!

Nilcha: Hi! It hadn't occurred to me to have a "follow me" link, and now I've put one up. Hope to see you again.

Greg said...

Sigh! I'm going to miss summer...such as it was.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I sang, there's one little yellow blossom :)

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: At least we already have the warm clothing out. (But I refuse to turn on the furnace just yet.)

Mouse: La la la!