Friday, September 17, 2010

This Was Not My Lunch!

It was my dessert.
And I could hardly distinguish the flavors.
Somebody brought me a cold germ. It's not bad, but it messed with my sense of taste (and really jammed up my nose, which is why it messed with my sense of taste).
I am a total stick-in-the-mud yokel when I get sick. I want chicken noodle soup.
And no, dear Cranky, you may not make it with the chicken and the noodles and... You make it with the can.
That is how I get well.
(Besides, Cranky was sick himself a couple of days ago, so how cook-ish would he be feeling?)
I will do my duty as a food blogger and tell you the new, improved "home style" in the red and white can is, indeed, improved. I liked it, even. Totally prefer it to the original, with noodles so strange they squeak on your teeth and taste of tin. Which is what I used to depend on to get well.
So I should be getting really well.
Funny, I just realized that today I dreamed up the best alternative use* for a product accidentally purchased by Cranky, probably because he had a cold.
He shoulda had the soup.

*Deets coming soon. I'm squirming with excitement, actually. See? I'm getting well.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

The consistency of Gummi Bears is eerily similar to the feel of ear lobes!
Hope your nose is better soon!

cookiecrumb said...

Angel Mouse: Yes, a very fine texture until you bite one hard enough to insert an expander ring.

Zoomie said...

Hope that chicken soup helps soon - summer colds are the worst kind of bummer. Ugh. Does your little doggie give sympathy?

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: It helps; it always does. Must be just memories of childhood bowls of Campbell's.
Doggie has been Very Nice lately!

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

Your sub-headlines make me laugh! Especially the one about cosmetics for me which I know you ripped out of the NYTimes article (since I had just read it). Feel better!

cookiecrumb said...

Little Pots: Ha. Thanks! I've already forgotten the cosmetics line; they come and go so fast, and I have no record of them.