Thursday, June 03, 2010

You Know What's Happening?

I'll tell you what's happening.
Gluten gut.
Several weeks ago I got the OK from the doc on eating gluten. I told him I felt much better when there was none in my diet. He said, whatever, but you're fine.
So, because foods with gluten are soft and dreamy and comforting, I gradually got back into bread, noodles, the wrong kind of soy sauce, pizza.
I thought I was getting away with something, because I suffered no ill effects.
Until this week.
I'll spare you the details (although you might think it's funny that my gut sounds like there's a freight train running through it; it feels like it, too).
I got this great d'oh moment yesterday, reading Shauna's ode to Gluten-Free Awareness Month, in which she generously includes people who aren't diagnosed with celiac disease — maybe just gluten-intolerance.
Double d'oh, because I'd already read her post a week or so earlier, and still blithely went ahead poisoning myself with toast and gravy and hot and sour soup. Because the doctor said I could!
I'm waiting for the knots to unkink in my belly. And then I'm having some white beans and kale for lunch.


Zoomie said...

Sorry for the slippage that brought on the pain again. Ouch.

Greg said...

I hate doctors! You know your own body.Follow your gut if you will.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Slippage? I was conducting science! Now I know. No more gluten in the petri dish.

Greg: Hah! Well put. I liked this doctor, but I'm not sure capital-m Medicine has any official thoughts on gluten-intolerance, and if it ain't in the book, you get no help.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Hey, eat what makes you feel good, leave out what makes you feel bad and keep your feet warm.

Kalyn said...

Oh boo, sorry to hear you're feeling crummy again. Good to know what to do to feel good again though, and I know you'll cook yummy things that don't have gluten!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I really do feel your pain. I hope you feel better soon. And yes, doctors can only do so much (and that's often not nearly enough).

namastenancy said...

Ouch, ouch and ouch. I am so sorry for the gluten gut woes! Have you ever made ginger tea? I find that when my intestines are unhappy, a tea made by boiling ginger root until the water is totally infused with the ginger and the, sipping it (sometimes with honey) is a good remedy.

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: I want to eat hot dog buns, but I can't. Got my doggie socks on.

Kalyn: Yeah, it'll be a little easier to go 100% this time; last time I was scared and angry. :)

Zia: As long as I know I don't have actual celiac disease, where you can damage yourself by eating gluten, I'm OK. Not afraid to walk up the bread aisle!

Nancy: Ginger is so great for the digestion. We have dried ginger teas in the pantry; I'm crazy for not trying it your way, but I will soon.

peter said...

That's too bad. I thought you had it all licked. At least you now know what the problem is.

cookiecrumb said...

Peter: Gracias. It's not celiac, but gluten is now out of the diet anyway. Thanks for that link to your pal some time ago. I don't bake, but...

GFDINER - Kathy said...

I understand about the Dr's. One of mine says I have celiac. Other one says no since blood test said so. I have discovered after being on gluten free diet the blood test is not reliable for determining if celiac. I just KNOW NO GLUTEN FOR ME. Trust your body. There is enough great gluten free food out there. You will not be short-changed.

cookiecrumb said...

Kathy: Poor, confused you. But, yes. Do what works for you, and I will follow your advice too. Cheers.

Shine said...

My husband always says "that's why we call it PRACTICING medicine". A patient's own knowlege of their body is so invaluable. The Doctor can do their best based on knowledge and experience but we are the only ones actually living inside our bodies...knowing how we feel.

I am just embarking on abstaining from gluten. I know what you mean about gluten foods feeling so comfy. My mind always goes there even though I feel so good eating simply and cleanly. I have to switch my synapses and change my thinking!

The Spiteful Chef said...

I love doctors! But mostly because mine looks really good naked. He also happens to deal with A LOT of gluten intolorance thingies in his practice, so I'm going to ask him to type up a brief explanation of how this stuff works, both for my own expansion of knowledge, and so that maybe it can help you understand why you were fine for a week or so of gluten-binging, and then started to feel poorly. It's a complicated beast, and difficult to get straight talk from the medical profession. Unless you want me to mind my own beeswax, in which case you can just say so. If not, then I'll send it in a FB message. Best of luck with your train-belly.

cookiecrumb said...

To My Mrs. Doctors --

Shine: It's awesome that you're refraining from gluten. We are at the vanguard of some new dietary trend, not having celiac but not doing well with gluten. I appreciate your husband's take on it.

Spitey: I used to have a cute Navy doctor husband, too, in the old days. Imagine.
Hey, I hadn't thought about your husband's specialty and its relevance to us food bloggers. (And congratulations to him on "graduation.") I don't think you're being a busybody at all. If he wants to know, I think it all built up after a BINGE of gluten; I do fine with bits of it here and there, now and then. Although I think I'll do lots less, if any.
Thanks for writing. Good luck with the move!

butterface said...

I feel like a loser, as it's been waaaay too long since my last visit here. I'm hanging my head in shame, I promise.

I'm sorry to hear about your battle with the glutens. It's just not fair. Stay strong. I know I probably couldn't.

~Brittany, formerly, The Pie Lady

cookiecrumb said...

Butterface: I'm coping with the gluten ordeal. Not too bad, but I haven't tried "alternative" piecrust yet!

So good to find you again; you and me and Heather and Claudia and Kristie can get together and gang up on you-know-who (*cough*peter*).