Friday, May 21, 2010

Synthetic Cell Block

When these babies get up and start walking around... No, wait. This is food, not synthetic cells.
We had some lovely roasted chicken left over, and we wanted to do something Completely Different with it.
The chicken was so good, it didn't want to be buried in a tortilla casserole. It was too innocent.
So. Quick! What does the essential essence of honest food want?
We decided on the Garden of Eden. Natural, pure, unadulterated flavors. (If Adam and Eve, the poster children of synthetic cells, had a stove.)
Kudzu had forwarded me a recipe from David Lebovitz, a sort of salad with fried beans. Yes, you cook the beans, and then you fry them until crispy brown in fat. Irresistible; I was a goner. Though, of course, I didn't follow the recipe; I merely stole the bean idea.
Next natural, pure flavor: Artichoke bottoms. We had a couple, because the 'chokes we've been buying from Iacoppi are too big to finish in one meal.
Now this, I swear, is the total dish: Chicken, crisp beans and artichoke bottoms. Basta. Complete. The flavors of creation.
I'm sure I'll get the beans better next time; these were cooked at perhaps too low a heat (I was scared) for too long. I'd prefer browner skins and creamier interiors.
Upon removing the beans, we left the fat in the pan to sear the artichoke cubes, and then all the fat (butter and olive oil) and vegetables went into a bowl with the chicken bits, a good squirt of lemon, and salt and pepper.
A most affirming dish. The heart of life. Honest, naive.
Not synthetic.


Zoomie said...

I would never have guessed.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: I'm trying to guess what you'd never have guessed. I'm all about natural food. Did you think I was churchy? I thought the flavors were very Cradle of Civilization.

namastenancy said...

Hey - I like that. Cookie is both Madly Marin and Cradle of Civilization. All we need are the peacock feathers (for decoration, not to eat).
BTW, the recipe sounds delicious. I've got some salmon that I have to finish before it gets any older but next, it's going to be Chicken. It's the BIRD, The BIRD is the word (OK, torturing the metaphor beyond belief).

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... just needs some salsa. That looks fab.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'm going to have to do some fried beans, chicken leftover or none!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ask yourself this, did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons?

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: I'm not very modern. When I invent a "new" recipe, it's usually a simple combination of ancient flavors that people have forgotten to put together.
But I did own some peacock feathers.
I am SO all about chicken now. My new food.

Zia: Do you eat anything without salsa? (Didn't I just see jalapeno ice cream the other day?)

Mouse: Try the beans! I hope you get a tender result. Be careful, but brash.
And no, Adam and Eve covered their navels with fig leaves, so we never saw them.

Anonymous said...

I didn't do the jalapeno ice cream, but now I'm all hungry... that sounds wonderful ;-)

Greg said...

Fried beans!Gotta love it.

cookiecrumb said...

Zia: It could work! I'd prefer serrano, but...

Greg: I know! Isn't it nutty? Not "refried" beans. FRIED beans.