Thursday, May 27, 2010

Succumbing to Sucky Weather

I had all kinds of flitty, pretty ideas for using the rest of the roast chicken. High on the list was something salad-y, breezy, airy, with mint (and, shh, there's still a little chicken left so it might happen).
BUT. The incessant gloom. Coldy, rainy, windy.
This is my birthday month! It's supposed to be spring!
I will confess that my mood is seriously dumped.
And in this state of disillusion, I'm realizing that you don't just make chicken soup because it's winter. You make it because your mood needs it. Right now, in late May. Please.
Warm, deep, restorative.
And. Hah! Made with fresh English peas, because it's spring, and the peas are in.


Kailyn said...

And there's a chance of more rain next week. Sigh. Guess that means more curries for me.

Chuck said...

You're right about mood being the prime reason for chicken soup. We here in Springfield IL just made some because it went from 90 and sunny (already way too hot) to a little cooler with 4.5 inches of rain in an hour - making it sopping wet & miserable. The soup made it all OK!
However -- we will trade for your weather!

Zoomie said...

That's not succumbing, that's celebrating! Soup of the evening, beautiful soup.

cookiecrumb said...

Kailyn: Well, nothing wrong with curries, right? Enjoy, if you must.

Chuck: Welcome, newcomer! Yep, mood is food. It's interesting to see what the human organism wants during certain conditions. I can't believe you've ratcheted through those weather conditions. Hang tight, babe.

Zoomie: Isn't it?!! Joyous, a little.

Hungry Dog said...

Well, the soup looks delicious, no matter what the season. And this weather has been horrible, so who can blame you!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Try to think of the poor old water table and it being filled up with the rain. If it rains enough now, perhaps there'll be no water restrictions when it gets hot and you'll be able to run under the sprinkler on the lawn, something we've not been able to do for nigh-on 10 years.

Greg said...

That soup looks like it has some serious restorative powers.

namastenancy said...

I'm sorry that the rain makes you feel sad and gloomy but look on the bright side - look at what delicious meals it's inspiring. Plus, drought, drought, drought GO AWAY! I think of our thirsty California hills like the rice in your soup - just soaking up all of that wet bounty from Mother Nature.

cookiecrumb said...

Dog: Why do we wait to be pummeled by sheety weather before we'll succumb to soup? I LOVE soup. And it helped.

Mouse: You can't run under the sprinkler? Oh noes. Come back for a visit; we'll set you up.

Greg: It was GOOOd. It worked.

Nancy: I'm not much worried about a drought locally (this year) but I completely agree with you about enjoying the satisfying fare the weather has pushed me toward.

RoxieWithMoxie said...

We made chicken and dumplings yesterday for this very reason.

Shine said...

I feel for you cookiecrumb! We are having sunny weather in Vancouver, Canada but I just had to cheer up my Mom in Calgary (only one province away) last night as it was snowing at her house. In May!

Your taco and soup pictures have just been stunning. I have been trying to change my WOE (way of eating) over to less gluten and sugar and am finding all your past and present posts so helpful. Your pragmatic yet creative approach really inspires me to be successful.

cookiecrumb said...

Shine! Rock on. I'm feeling better today; the sun is shining.
As for changing your WOE, I'd recommend not really thinking about changing. Just do it. Don't bombard yourself with daily messages that you're off gluten, or you're off sugar. I actually think there's no sugar left in my pantry, because I just gradually lost interest in it. As for gluten, I started off frightened and sad, but now that I know I don't have the *disease* I'm just happy to stay away from gluten, knowing I'll be fine with the safe and inevitable "accidents."

Shine said...

Thanks for that advice! I am going to really take it to heart. It resonated with me as I read it because then I am setting myself up to succeed instead of for failure.

Glad to hear the sun came out for you today!