Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memory Soup

A long time ago, way back before David was married to Iman, Cranky and I visited Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar in Seattle, a great little joint tucked away almost secretly across the street from the Public Market.
Emmett Watson was a Seattle columnist, and this intrigued Cranky.
As for me, I was intrigued by my salmon "chowder." (I honestly don't remember what it was called; it's not on the menu as far as I can tell, and yes, the place is still in business.)
In those, our early days of kitchen adventure, we thought we could re-create the chowder at home, and did so, several times. We were always pleased with our results, even though we just used bottled clam juice.
I haven't made that soup in a long time, so I don't even remember what all went into it. Criterially, though, it was a nice fish stock with sliced onions and sliced small potatoes, and a hunk of salmon. Maybe something green; can't recall.
This version was made with a light lobster stock, heightened a bit with salt, paprika, white pepper and fennel seeds. While the stock is hot, on the stove, cook the potatoes and onions to your liking. In the stock, if you like. (We added some peas at the last minute.) Pull them out and strew in soup bowls, and then cook the salmon in the hot stock. It should only take a minute a side, at most. Top the vegetables with the salmon, and spoon stock all around. It can be as chock-a-block as you wish, but I err on the side of ethereal.
Easy. If memory serves.


Zoomie said...

Looks beautiful - like something that would heal a sick person overnight.

namastenancy said...

That sounds so delicious that I can't think of anything intelligent to say except WOW! Do you suppose it might (as Zoomie) suggests have healing powers? I twisted my ankle something awful (slick sidewalk, etc).

Greg said...

Looks like art and tastes good too.A deconstructed chowder if I can use an overused term.

Hungry Dog said...

Gorgeous. I love it.

Mama Bean said...

"like something that would heal a sick person overnight"

exactly what i was thinking. better than chicken noodle.

Ilva said...

That is one of the most beautiful soup photos I have ever seen! Wow! xx

Zoomie said...

I've been meaning to say that you should have a whole different blog for your little tag lines, which are brilliant. They deserve more than just being glanced at while we rush to see what wonders you've been cooking lately. They belong in a box on the op-ed page of a major newspaper - a daily pithy comment, rather like a political cartoon without pictures. Very cool.

Cali said...

I am unwell just now, and that looks like the most luscious thing on the planet to me. I think would prefer mine with green onions, instead of red, and a light squeeze of Meyer lemon.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: It is, health in a bowl!

Nancy: Healing powers don't go all the way down to the feet, alas. Please baby your ankle.

Greg: No, you are exactly right! Deconstructed chowder. Thanks.

Dog: Aw! Now I'm gonna have to make more.

Mama Bean: It might heal you, if somebody ELSE is doing the cooking! ;-)

Ilva: Stop it! We will revoke your Esthetics License. (Thank you.)

Zoomie: I'm at odds about their evaporation. I sort of like them drifting away without a trace... But I'm flattered by your comment. xo

Cali: Your version sounds great. Lemon, indeed! Can you get somebody to cook for you? Be well.

Mary Coleman said...

it's lovely!!!!

Ilva said...

Just came back to take a look at that photo again, it is really very beautiful, composition, atmosphere and colours-to me it is perfect!

cookiecrumb said...

Hi Mary: Where ya been? Merci.

Ilva: Now you've done it! My head is three times too big. Thanks a million, dear. Wow.

Zoomie said...

You're right that they are topical and, so, ephemeral, but I'd like to see them shared more widely. Maybe I'll write to the editor of the Chron and direct her/his attention to them. :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Then, there are always screen shots. I suppose I could grab a shot of the header each time I change it, and save it. Hee.