Saturday, February 13, 2010

Does Paul McCartney Eat Wings?

I'd been planning to make this meal since Thanksgiving. It was to be my alternative to turkey.
Buffalo chicken wings.
But on Thanksgiving I wasn't feeling very eaty. We did get some nice food in us, but the chicken wings ended up in stock (and the meat in bags in the freezer).
Cranky did not want to give up. He bought a tidy number of drumettes the other day (our first purchase was at Whole Foods, where they always sell you too much meat; this time it was elsewhere, and manageable). We had that bottle of Frank's hot sauce in the house, and always, always, butter and the makings for blue cheese dressing.
God, it's easy. You just roast the wings for an hour, then toss them with a 60-40 mixture of Frank's and melted butter. Ridonkulicious.
The dressing is a cinch too: equal portions of mayo and sour cream, thinned with buttermilk until you like the texture. Crumble in some cheese. You will not need any other seasonings.
Now, I know you know this is traditionally served with celery sticks. We are growing celery in the garden, but it's hard and harsh, and has rather put us off celery, even store-bought.
So we cut big wedges of iceberg lettuce and put the dressing on them. So corny! We loved it, of course.
But we did pay homage to the celery. See that rummage-sale dish the wings are piled on? Yeah.


dancingmorganmouse said...

That, minus the dressing, is a fall back dinner at our house. So easy, fling wings in the oven, wait, eat. Yumm.

Marie said...

I'm glad Cranky prevailed. Looks like the kind of fantastic where a hush falls over while everyone's inhaling the wings! :p

Zoomie said...

Love the celery dish and the little galvanized tub of sauce. Cool presentation!

Kailyn said...

Mmm. Wings. But roasted? Sounds so healthy. I like my wings deep fried -- which is why I haven't been having wings for months.

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Fling wings. :)
I think I'll be putting this into heavy rotation. It was easy and so satisfattoria.

Marie: Me too. I came out the lucky one. Though he was HAPPY! Inhaling, yes. And not too spicy hot.

Zoomie: Thanks for noticing the dishes. The little "tub" is actually a teacup from an antique set of doll dishes. I appreciate your... uh, appreciation. xx

Kailyn: I used to think they were always deep fried, but Frank's sauce is the one originally used at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, where these wings were invented, and we just followed the directions on the back of the label!

Greg said...

It's a chicken wing thing! To me it is all about the wing sauce. I use it in place of barbecue sauce on grilled chicken breast.I has to be Frank's.

kudzu said...

Interesting: never looked at that recipe on the label, but I made Buffalo wings the very first time a recipe appeared anywhere outside Buffalo, in an article by Craig Claiborne in NYT in (I think) the late Sixties. It stipulated frying and that's what I've always done, too. Nevertheless, the important thing is the proper hot sauce and blue cheese and you nailed it. Yum!

namastenancy said...

With this post, you are flying high (on the wings of buffalo?).
OK. Bad pun.
If the celery is too harsh to eat, check out the various recipes for braised celery. I have made braised celery and served it with a mustard sauce. It would make a nice compliment to your wings.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: Frank's has that nice, mild, vinegary taste Americans love. Easier to love than Tabasco. (You ever try Crystal? Just like Frank's.)

Kudzu: I bet they fry the wings at the Anchor Bar. Truth is, Anchor severed their relationship with Frank's and started marketing their own house brand. Frank's is still allowed to use the name "Buffalo wings," but I wonder if they've altered the recipe to reduce fat. I hate deep frying, and this method works.

Nancy: What a great suggestion. We've used the stalks for flavoring stews and broths, etc., and then just pulled them out. But if I do a deliberate, intentional braise with great flavors...? Could be nice.

Zoomie said...

Ah, I see now the little knob where the handle is attached. Cute anyway. And if your celery is bitter, use a paring knife to pull out the "strings" - they are where the bitterness resides. The rest is pure celery heaven. I learned that from Jacques Pepin.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Wow, the bitterness is in the strings? Who knew? (Pepin, that's who.) Thank you; I'm going to hack off a stalk and try it. I have a little dipping sauce left.

auntjone said...

We've done roasted wings twice in the past week but used Hooter sauces (hot for the hubs, medium for me) despite the large bottle of Frank's in the cupboard. I think next time I'll go back to Frank and leave the Hooters in the fridge.

I also prefer Frank's over Tabasco, esp. on eggs. Divine.

cookiecrumb said...

AuntJone: Hooters sells sauces? Well, that's good, because I've had wings at Hooters a couple of times, and they're really good.
Yes, but. Frank's. Good on everything but ice cream.
I'm impressed you had wings twice in a week.