Friday, October 02, 2009

*Sniff, sniff* Not Hungry

But I still love the smells.
Today I squirted a little bit of pear and cucumber on my bosom after my shower.
The immediate scent in my chestal region was a blurred, sweet aroma; neither fish nor fowl.
After a few hours, though, the brilliant individual notes reasserted themselves, and I found my poitrine to smell of both cuke and pear, mellowed and matured. Fruit and veg. A veritable compote on my private hoo-hoos.
I have an exquisite orange cologne I can add to this if I'm feeling like ambrosia salad, but this is fine for now.


Amy Sherman said...

You just can't get enough pears can ya?

dancingmorganmouse said...

*sniff* :)

kudzu said...

Wow, this is very exciting. I used to adore Caswell-Massey's cucumber and elderflower combination, especially in lotion form for after bath. They stopped producing it several years ago, leaving me with a deserted feeling. I will get me to a perfume counter to check these out. Glad something brightened your mood!

Zoomie said...

Only Cookiecrumb.

Greg said...

You funny! I had to look up words but still LOL

Chilebrown said...

You got me there. I looked up poitrine. I got some frenchy rap group and breasteses. Jeeze, I never even thought about smelling like a fruit.

You better get hungry! Ms. Goofy and I are on a two week sabatical from the salt mine. I know a gluten free taco joint.

cookiecrumb said...

Amy: This ought to get me through the winter. Let me know if you need a spritz.

Mouse: Yay, lots better.

Kudzu: The cucumber is spot on! The pear is not quite-so-Bartlett, but nice enough. (Sephora.) Let me know.

Zoomie: What? The food on my skin, or all the porny language?

Greg: Heh, lol me too. "Chestal region," that was the difficult one, right?

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: I did mean breasteses. Nope, wait. Frenchy rap group. Nope.
Hey, I don't know if you wear cologne, but a lot of man foo-foo is based on limes. And booze.
And, if you know a gluten-free taco joint, I will sleep with you. No hoo-hoos.
We're going to the Marin market tomorrow to get pork chops, early. Other'n that, I'd love to cook up some caper with you and the Goof. We'll come out your way, sure.

Chilebrown said...

You are such a goofamugus! I can not make the Marin market tomorrow. I have been invited to a s secret club. It is not that seceret. No Women, booze, gourmet food, and hookers. Well, I just made up the hooker part. Ms. Goofy is pissed.
You better get hungry. I know where you live and will bring over bacon and veggies.

dancingmorganmouse said...

I wish I knew where you lived, I'd post you the most perfectly-formed, tiny, green, broad bean, glistening with oil & lemon.

Sam said...

I ate a Bostock at the weekend (Almond brioche with orange flower water). It tasted too much like parfum. I wish I'd squirted it (the orange flower part) instead of having eaten it.

I am worried about your lost appetite though. let me know if there is anything I can do for you?

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: Men.

Mouse: Ooh! Growing season has commenced. How divine.

Sam: You are beyond words. Thank you. If you knew what I'm cooking right now, you wouldn't worry.
I don't think I'd like the taste of orange flower water, but I do have a bottle of it somewhere. I should just dab it on my wrists.
I'm loco for rosewater, though. In my mouth.

altadenahiker said...

It's enough for me that the bottles are beautiful. Or your picture is.

cookiecrumb said...

AHiker: The photo is actually horribly out of focus, but I thought it "worked." :)