Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is This Junk Food?

It looks like I've been on a goofy food kick lately. I'll blog about something, and then get a wacky suggestion in comments, and — boom, I've got to eat that, too.
My post on Trader Joe's pot stickers led to an attempt at tortilla-wrapped hot dogs. Which led to a couple of suggestions for sandwiches, one of which I haven't tried yet. (Oh, but I will.)
This is the Chip Butty. I am like a blind person with a cookbook I can't read, assembling a dish I've never tasted.
I didn't even know what a "butty" was until two pals steered me toward the light. A butty is a sandwich. It's a locution from northern England, but you are welcome to pronounce it in the south, the southern hemisphere, and even over here in the far west.
(Oh, and a "chip," of course, is a French fry.)
Jeez. French fry sandwich? It sounds frightening!
Naturally I had to have it.
Did I get anywhere close to the real thing? I don't know. I kinda think so, but I'd be just flattering myself.
Cranky procured some HP sauce, and he stoically crafted French fries in a skillet, with a minimum of oil. None of that twice-fried in horse fat stuff. These were crisp, golden, and creamy on the inside.
Our bread was a bit stale so we toasted it lightly.
Piled on the chips. Salted 'em. Great lashings of butter. That sticky dribble of HP.
Slapped on the top layer and munched away.
Let me say, this is very filling. It is a carbohydrate sandwich with sodium.
Kind of like carnival food: a savory funnel cake or something (which, to my off-shore friends, I am not recommending.)
It made me happy. It made me wish I'd had a hangover that needed stuffing.


The Spiteful Chef said...

OMG...that's so horribly, delightfully decadent that I hadn't even considered it.

denise said...

hilarious! looks like fun. you must be taking a salty carb induced nap.

Cali said...

oh. my. gawd.

But what is HP sauce? I wasn't aware Hewlet-Packard made such a thing.

Sallie said...

are you pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Splain the HP and you might have more converts. Seriously: most children go through all-white-food phases and this *could* qualify if the HP is...suitably likewise bland.

But yeah, we all have our hangover cures; maybe that should be a post in itself! Too bad you hadn't had one because this would surely help.

cookiecrumb said...

Spiteful: This is real. Chip Butty. Try one.

Denise: I'm teetering (today), and yet... I ate it yesterday.

Cali: OK, HP Sauce is British. It's just like A-1 Sauce. Maybe a little darker, saltier, sweeter. It's a "steak sauce." Poison in a bottle.

Sallie: You might think. But no. Urp!!

Fast: A-1.
Anyway, "most children"? I've been a white-food fan all my life. I thought I invented it! Hmph.
So, yeah... Hangover food is a good topic. Thanks!

kudzu said...

My Indian friend amuses me with stories of breakfast: "I had a bacon butty this morning..."

My daughter came back from a trip to Montana when she was in her late teens raving about plates of fries with cheese and gravy. Not for the faint-hearted. It sounds like you're on a wonderful junk foodie quest and there's nothing wrong with that.

Which reminds me: does that roasthaus sort of place in Northgate One still serve genuine hot roast beef sandwiches with gravy?

Jennywenny said...

Oh yeah! The only thing that is a bit wrong is a butty is a soft bread roll. I'd always have it with ketchup too.

The other brilliant thing we used to order from the chippy was scollops, a battered slice of potato, deep fried. Mmmmm.

The people in Birmingham are still up in arms that HP sauce isnt made there.

J-in-Wales said...

I'm slightly concerned at the toasted bread as it can't be squidged satisfyingly around the chips, thus preventing unwanted spillage. Otherwise that is a darned good first attempt and the chips look most excellent indeed.
And you get extra points for your use of brown sauce. But if you really want to create a masterpiece there should be a dippy fried egg in there as well!!!

ChrisB said...

Almost perfect 'chip butty' I'd prefer 'Daddies Sauce' to HP, a bit more kick to it.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Aren't they the BEST? Slap a bit of bacon on next time ;)

Kailyn said...

But I like funnel cake. And deep fried Twinkies. That's the fun of going to the fair.

And yeah, this is definitely hangover food. All you need with it is a large glass of sweet tea.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Your daughter was eating poutine! We are *thisclose* to making it ourselves, with cheese curds from the farmers market.
Not sure about the roasthaus. There was a shop on that row the other day with windows papered over; couldn't remember what used to be there...

Jennywenny: Thanks. I just assumed it was made with bread slices. (Blind.)
But jeepers. Fried battered potato? I may not succumb. :P

J-in-Wales: I'd already been warned about toasting the bread, but Cranky felt a need to do it. Very slightly, so it was still squidgeable. (Also, isn't he fantastic with the chips!!??)
I think a d(r)ippy fried egg in there would be perfect. It does seem to need a little lubricating. :D

ChrisB: Wow, such a compliment! Blush.
Do you know many of our grocery stores here have sections with British foods for sale? So I'll look for Daddies. :)

Mouse: Thanks for the IDEA! In the first place!
Bacon????? Drool. Why didn't you say so?

Kailyn: I confess I've never eaten funnel cake. Just seems so gross. I do, however, eat plenty of other gross things. :)

Greg said...

That would be perfect with gravy! Reminds me of my youth.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: Google "poutine." You might die for it, but I hope not literally.

Sam said...

This looks good, but my own chip butty would have to look more like the one on Wikipedia. I'm sorry, but I just can't reconcile toasting the bread in my mind.

Sam said...

PS. Maybe I can get you some Daddies when I go to stay with my mummy & daddy?

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: That photo at Wikipedia is unbelievably trashy! I guess that's the point, partly.
And I agree, toast with fried potatoes amounts to a dry mouthful.
(But we barely toasted it!)

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: YES!

limoncello said...

How fabulous is it that all those British imports are in the aisle marked "Ethnic Foods"? Hehe.

Next time I get crap for eating garlic bread with pasta, I'm shooting off that wiki photo! Harumph to the carb cops.

cookiecrumb said...

Limoncello: I think I might be liberating food blogs. I'm SO not the type to create a banquet for twelve. I'll happily tell you about the junk I eat.
OK, garlic bread? My mom, too. She is the queen of a foil-wrapped sliced loaf, slathered with margarine and garlic powder, and baked until it's a steamy mess. With pasta, of course.

Chilebrown said...

Want to come over for bacon tasting.I have medicine for Cranky 1100am.
Call Guy and get my address.
If you come over we may dance. I know it is early in the morning. Cranky can sit on our barstool and do a chair dance. oh boy. "She is a Brick House"

namastenancy said...

You are corrupting the blogging world, one carb post at a time. Who needs Marin county healthy when we can have deep fried chips on white bread.

Bren Herrera said...

this is like the french fry salad Al Roker did on the Today Show earlier this week! Sweet sin??? :)

Anonymous said...

RE: Sam's Wikipedia photo: I am reminded of my college days when we'd do the post-party, pre-hangover cruise to the barbecue place on the "bad" side of town and get rib tips in a styrofoam clamshell with the tips poured atop fries AND white bread. I had nearly forgotten until I saw that photo, so thanks!

Boy, hangover food AGAIN. Hmm.

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: Whoops! It's 11:30 here; I just now turned on the cyber machine...

Nancy: Corrupting or liberating? I only use good ingredients (well, if HP sauce is "good"). I think we all need to stop pretending we're snoots. Food is fun.

Bren: OMG. French fry salad? Look out, world.

Fast: There is no "ribs" without "white bread." Stuff dem fries in there, and Ooowee.

Chilebrown said...

Yeah I know, You missed the Red Bearded one and some fantastic Maple bacon. Ms. Goofy is dancing right now. I am taking Cranky's medicine. Yahooo!

kudzu said...

My daughter caught me. She said, "Mom, it was HASH BROWNS with cheese and gravy...." So be it. Didn't want to leave my mis-remembered item there for God and everybody to read.

Sam said...

And now I am remembering that sometimes when my (then single) mum was working, we would be sent to various friends house. Mrs Snowdon put chips underneath the spaghetti bolgnese - which is awesome. I also love lasagne & chips. To Mrs Rudge I would always say: "Mrs Rudge, we know it's bad manners to make a fishfinger and chip butty and our mummy told us never to do it, but if we do it anyway will that be ok and please don't tell her"

And then there was the other lady further down the street - I can't remember her name. But she fed us Weetabix topped with big wedges of butter.

I think my childhood could aka "Carb Heaven"

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Actually, that sounds yummy. Not much difference between hash browns and french fries. I might prefer the hash browns.

Sam: Are you telling me we can make a chip butty WITH fish fingers on it? Ohgah. I want that. Just allow me to put mayonnaise in there.
As for pasta bolognese on chips... well. I'd have to think about that. OTOH, Cranky used to eat chili over saltines. Or rice.
Remind me to tell you about the dish of mashed potatoes, homemade noodles and "sort-of" gravy. I've had it twice. Came from a recipe in Saveur.

Anna Haight said...

I'll never forget the cold spaghetti sandwiches my host mother used to serve the family for breakfast in Japan. Cut so delicately without crust, containing some leftover spaghetti, which had been prepared with sweet onion pieces and ketchup. Nothing's off limits for breakfast there!

dancingmorganmouse said...

Bacon's not traditional, but you know me, just about everything's better with bacon :)

Sam said...

I'm telling you go back and read my "Yo Dawg" comment one more time ;)
It's more a case of a fishfinger sarnie with added chips.

But I do butter, not mayo

cookiecrumb said...

Anna: Delightful! I bet your host mama felt she was being very Western.

Mouse: I'd just take the bacon, plain.

Sam: OK, I got it now. And yes, butter.