Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yo, Dawg!

Can a food be a guilty pleasure if you've never eaten it before, and then you try it once and...? Ya know what I mean?
The other day I was talking about some famous chefs' guilty pleasures. It fomented a bunch of confessions in the comments, some of which appealed to me a lot.
Ready for this? A hot dog wrapped in a tortilla.
I heard from TWO readers that this was the bomb, and... I had to try it.
I succumbed to Kate's version: A hot dog rolled in a tortilla with decadent garlic-cream sauce.
She didn't tell me how to make this evil sauce, so I improvised. First of all, I'm avoiding cream. Second of all, I was steeping a mince of green garlic in olive oil on the stove, for a soon-to-come artichoke dip.
So I swiped a little of the garlic-oil, and blended it (with a fork, not a blender) with a little mayo and yogurt. Hefty crack of black pepper, some salt.
Now, look. I would never, in a million years, think of wrapping a hot dog in a tortilla (I assume Kate meant flour tortilla; that's what I used). If I was desperate for a hot dog, but didn't have any buns in the house, I would NOT have thought to use tortillas. Dumb me.
But we had to go there.
Cranky was all, "This will keep the junk you stuff in there from falling out!"
I said, "We owe it to the originator to do the original version."
And we did.
We are still talking about it. Craving it.
So silly.


Alison aka Baby B said...

My dad would wrap hot dogs in tortillas for my sister and me when we were younger.

Now that we are off at college, we would rather buy tortillas than buns, since tortillas are good.for.everything. and easier to use before they go bad. I'll have to try that sauce...

Sam said...

Fish finger sandwiches:

-White sliced sandwich bread
-piping hot Grilled fish fingers (close to US fish sticks)
-Lots of cold, cold butter on the bread (you won't be able to spread it so it will come out in cheese-wedged sized pieces)
- plenty of salt & pepper
-tomato ketchup
-malt vinegar

Assemble sandwich with said ingredients and eat immediately.
Butter will start to melt as you eat.

Add chips for an extra special treat.

I am making myself ravenous, I haven't had one for years. Roll on August, tell my mother...

Kel said... at work and have had fruit salad for breakfast...that dawg dying for it!!!

cookiecrumb said...

Baby B: How prescient of your dad. Or too lazy to shop for buns; whatever.
Even so... Now I have your secret. Dog buns are too fluffy, too bready. This is so cool.
Try the sauce!

Sam: I'm doing that. Must I get June Taylor's ketchup? No prob.
Jeepers, we should have a nostalgia food party; I'll host.

Kel: What IS it about that "recipe" that compels?

Anna Haight said...

Bet it's good wrapped around a veggie dog too!

Zoomie said...

Now that's looking good. My friend Irene loves bagel dogs - a hot dog wrapped in bagel dough and nuked. MB and I used the last of an herb slab cut longways into hot dog "buns" and we loved that.

Kalyn said...

I love the idea of it! I might have to make my sauce kind of a Dijonnaise; have to have some mustard in it somehow.

Kate said...

Oh, wow! I'm so flattered that you found my guilty pleasure seductive enough to try. These babies'll go viral in no time, I'm sure.

Yes, I use flour tortillas. As for the sauce, my version is simplicity itself: tiny pat of butter in my smallest cast iron skillet, saute one finely minced clove of garlic just to aroma. Add pinch of salt and about 2 tbsp. of cream. Reduce to 1 tbsp. cream. Voila: garlic-cream sauce!

But your garlic scape mishmash sounds so much more sophisticated. Just what a grunge meal like this needs to lend it some respectability.

the sandwich life said...

oh god yes....I LOVE hot dogs in tortillas....I usually just add a little cheese, or a little mayo if no cheese....roll it up and then toast it in a cast iron pan for a few minutes.....

Greg said...

Use to be a barbecue guy at Coop in Corte Madera that did hot links in a tortilla with BBQ sauce.Yum yum!

cookiecrumb said...

Anna: Of course it would be. I don't think I've ever had a veggie dog, but why not try?

Zoomie: Ah, yes. Bagel dogs! I like them. This version I call Pig in a Serape.

Kalyn: I know about the mustard. Cranky brought the jar of Dijon to the table, just in case. And... he didn't use it! They were that good.

Kate: Yeah, viral dogs! Yum.
My sauce was *not* sophisticated. But it tasted just right (hot dogs love garlic), and I am indebted to you. Rock on.

Sandwich Life: That's a superb idea. Toast the dogs in the tortilla after wrapping. (I like burritos done that way; why not?)

Greg: You're gonna love this. Kudzu was the other person who mentioned tortilla dogs, and she referred specifically to those Co-op links. I'm jealous of your Marin history; I came too late for that.

Anonymous said...

There's a place here in San Jose that wraps hot dogs in tortillas and deep fries them. They sell for a buck each. Yes, it's right near the college. Yes, I assume they make great hangover helpers....

cookiecrumb said...

HKYDiva: Deep fried?????
Shoot. I might have to try that. Get me really drunk first. ;)

dancingmorganmouse said...

O, the Chip Butty. Toasted bread, buttered. Layer one slice with hot greasy chips (french fries only big fat ones, perhaps they are home fries?), salt and whack on the other slice.
Eat, hot and greasy and so very, very good. I've not eaten one for years and years but O boy do I crave one now.

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Oh. So THAT'S what a chip butty is. Man, that sounds almost edible. And on your recommendation, I will totally try it. Ha ha. Hot potato sandwich. :)

Zoomie said...

Pig in a Serape! Chortling!

Sam said...

I would never toast a chip butty, personally, but everyone has their own traditions. In some parts of England you can actually go into the Fish and chip shop and order a chip butty.

Mmmmm chip butty

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: Those are odd words to the American ear. I grasp "chip," but I had to look up butty. (Just when I finally got used to "sarnie.")
BTW, dancingmorganmouse is Australian, so maybe toasted is the Oz way. (Have I triggered a firestorm?)

Sam said...

not at all - I am confident my version is the best ;) Afterall, how can we trust a nation who prefers Vegemite over Marmite?

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: Guess what I had for lunch today? (Cranky toasted the bread because it was a few days old.) Next time -- untoasted. I like to please all my readers.

Kate said...

Cookie, had to search out this old post to confess my latest dog story. Hot dog in tortilla, as per usual - but. BUT. Smear of semi-sweetish mustard on the just-warmed tortilla. Not the totally over-the-top sweet honey mustard. More like good grainy mustard with a *bit* of honey added to it. Then slices of avocado, and lots of chopped scallion greens. Wrap the dog in there and eat. Not classy. Not for company. But oh, very nice.

cookiecrumb said...

Kate! This deserves a quick reply. And it vindicates cranky because he wants to stuff stuff in there. What a delicious, fusiony creation. Cranky says thanky. Ha, we are all funny.