Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soup Season

I know. We're in a mini heat wave here in the Bay Area, and all I can eat is soup.
It slides down inoffensively.
It nourishes.
It tastes pretty good, even the stuff from cans.
I have two sickbed soups. When I'm arfy-barfy sneezy sick, I go for canned Campbell's chicken and noodle.
When I'm mentally crippled, I go for Snow's Clam Chowder.
I'm in a Snow's phase right now.
Pardon me for not blogging.
Your comments are always welcome, though. I love to gab, as long as I don't have to think.


Greg said...

welcome back feel better!

Kailyn said...

Thinking is overrated.

J-in-Wales said...

As a Brit, I have always looked on chowders as something ever-so-slightly exotic and suspicious.
I therefore have to declare the much more down-to-earth, yet patriotically uplifting Baxters Royal Game soup as my comfort soup of choice!

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: I'm fine. It's the usual... All these years, and I'm still not over it. Grow up, Cookiecrumb.

Kailyn: Merci. I will withhold thinking for a few more weeks.

Judith: Ha! As a modern American, I suspect chowders are old-time pirate food. Still, can't complain.
I would love to explore a Baxters Royal Game soup, and so I will! Thank you.

kudzu said...

Welcome home. Glad you have the right comfort food to -- comfort you. As Salinger's Esme said, write "when you have the time and inclination."

limoncello said...

Sorry you're not feeling up to snuff, CC. And here we are, in "shoulder season" for chowders: late for the rich winter ones, and early for my very favorite - corn chowder. Somehow I don't think "ramps" chowder or "fiddlehead fern" chowder will cut it. Otherwise I'd leave a seasonal specialty on your doorstep.
But then, that's why we have Snow's. Hope that comes with a side of toast.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Consider the units virtually poked in the eye by me! Keep up with the soup, 'tis magical stuff.xxxx

Zoomie said...

Oh dear, I was afraid you had picked up a bug. Sad for you. Sending energy and souplove.

Anna Haight said...

The heat has sapped my blogging desires as of late. And eating/cooking desires. It's getting cooler so things will get better. Feel better too!

Moonbear said...

I am sure that you are now well, having eaten your chowda, and rested from thinking too much.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Thank you. Best of all, I have a comforting soup warmer, Mr. Cranky.

Limoncello: You are brilliant. I have eaten so many cans of Snow's with buttered toast! This time, however, we found a box of very good, inexpensive oyster crackers at Big Lots. That's all I'm saying.

Mouse: Soup is magical stuff. I think that's why it's my favorite thing to cook. And I've got a monster leek in the garden that needs to be picked!

Zoomie: Thanks, sweetie. I owe you a note. xo

Anna: Now the heat is gone; it's gray, cool and... soup weather!!

Moonbear: Hi! The chowda helps heaps, yes.

Heather said...

Campbell's bean and bacon sets me straight, too. That reminds me, my mother in law uses straight Campbell's tomato to sauce everything. She uses it as gravy for chicken fried steak, and you can just imagine her stuffed peppers. Minute Rice, hamburger and undiluted tomato soup, bake for an hour. I recently taught her that putting cheese on top makes it "fancy."

cookiecrumb said...

Heather: Bean with Bacon soup! I grew up on that stuff. Loved it. I find it too assertive for the infirmary, though.
Now you kinda got me wanting your mother in law's stuffed peppers...

EB of SpiceDish said...

no joke... major soup moments around here these days. It was what 90* f'ing degrees? And I was making udon. Feel *right* soon!

Sweet Bird said...

I adored this stuff when I was a child. I think I may have to indulge once again.

Feel better!

cookiecrumb said...

EB: Well, it IS the Bay Area, and we can do anything we want. I just stepped outside, and it's too COLD to plant the tomatoes we just bought. So I say it's still soup season.

Sweet Bird: The Snow's brand scored poorly in a Chronicle taste test many years ago. Pooh on them!

altadenahiker said...

I shouldn't admit this, but I used to crave that chowder and would eat it straight up, from the can.

Chilebrown said...

You have the Cleanest Hair in Marin. We Love Your Hair and You!

We are on on way to the Asparagus Festival.

8.9 pounds/10minutes of deep fried asparagus is the goal challenge.

I can eat more Aaparagus than You. Maybee?

Melanie said...

I think it's going around. I haven't been able to think much lately, either.