Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Green Grows the Garlic Soup

Green garlic.
The first time I bought some at the farmers market, I thought I had been gypped. I thought I'd been sold a couple of baby leeks.
OMG. That stuff is vivid, potent, insistent.
I bought some more this spring.
To tame it, I cut a couple of stalks into fine dice and cooked them, first in olive oil, and then in a pint of added chicken stock (which is very nicely seasoned with herbs). But they were still very, very garlicky.
(What's not to like?)
I cut up a potato into little bits and added them to the garlicky chicken stock, with copious sprinklings of salt and freshly cracked pepper. (I soaked the potato bits in water while I was cooking the garlic into softness, and some of the soaking water ended up in the soup. This is OK.)
Pretty simple so far.
Finishing touch, only because I have them growing in a pot outside: chiffonade of sorrel leaves. It turns brown pretty quickly in the hot broth, and because I am a klutz photographer, you only get to see a little remaining green. But tasty.
Cranky cried, it was so good.
He kept referencing the Spanish restaurant he liked to visit in Cambridge when he was a debonair college freshman.
I think it was even better. It was local.


Anonymous said...

You're back!

I have 2 rows of garlic that is destined for green garlic: can't wait. It is a food for the gods, or even we dirt-under-the-nails types.

wot larx said...

Love your salt and pepper shakers!

Greg said...

It looks soupperb! Colorful too.

Heather said...

Between this and the scapes coming soon (prolly now, for you), I'm in a garlic way. I want a pizza bianca so bad now.

Zoomie said...

Oh, tasty! I love those kinds of thrown-together-and-seasoned-'til-you-cry-it's-so-good dishes!

MaggieB said...


Anna Haight said...

Welcome back! This looks very good, very local!

kudzu said...

Are people not responding because they think you are not THERE (in your house, your kitchen, your garden)?

Lovely garlicky spring soup. Hope the trip went uneventfully, in the best meaning of that term.

Time for spring tripping, no?

dancingmorganmouse said...

No danger from vampires round your way then?

Mrs. Mandy said...

Yum. Green garlic. I am inspired. Thank you and hope your Easter trip was smooth. We were also on the So Cal freeways...

The Italian Dish said...

Gee, so simple. That's the best. I'll be looking for green garlic at our farmer's market soon.

J-in-Wales said...

Those new Spring growth + chicken stock soups are just the best, aren't they.
Every year I promise myself I will make nettle soup seeing as how that seems to be the primary crop in my garden. Every year I never quite get round to it ... Perhaps this year!

Love that cruet set too.

The Spiteful Chef said...

WANT. NOW. You're saying it's garlicky-er than garlic?

peter said...


I always have to resist cutting ours when it's young- I planted the ramp patch to distract myself. The browning sorrel thing is a photo drag; let a bowl get cold, eat another, and then garnish the first for the picture. One extra dish for your blog. Like Elijah.

liberal foodie said...

I just bought these at our farmer's market this past Saturday. I am making an omelet with mine, as suggested by the farmer.

cookiecrumb said...

El: I am only JUST back, Thursday afternoon. I taught Blogger to "schedule" posts; they will hold them to run on the day I choose. Cool.
I've thought about growing garlic, but it wasn't until I read your comment that I realized why I MUST. Green. Spring. Yes.

Wot Larx: Oh! Thanky. The ancient cork stoppers have crumbled, so the S&P shakers are unuseable... but so cute. Thanks.

Greg: You can do this.

Heather: Scapes! Invented by Salvador Dali. Happy pizza to you; I hope you had one.

Zoomie: It's almost illegal to just have this kind of stuff around the house, and then you make magic with it.

Maggie: I'm still thinking about it.

Anna: I have to do it again, pronto. So sad I missed a couple of farmers markets while we were away.

Kudzu: I was NOT there. I was either on the road or doing the family dynamics. Blogger has this cool "scheduled" post feature. But I'm back! Want to see you.

Mouse: Surely you've heard about the Jane Austen/Vampire book? “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” We should read simultaneously and do a critique. With garlic breath. xoxo

Mrs. Mandy: Welcome back home. Yes, get your hands on some wacky green garlic. (We found the driving in SoCal surprisingly easy, did you?)

Italian Dish: I could never tell you a real recipe, but I'm confident you'll manage something. Have fun shopping.

Judith: I hadn't put it in a chronological perspective; yes, these spring soups are superb. Thanks for the observation.
I will not forgive you for skipping the nettles yet again this year. Go on; they don't last long!

Spitey: Yes! Uber garlicky, and it doesn't really wreck your breath for the whole week. You could probably plant a little garlic in a flower pot. Yes?

Peter: You planted your ramps? Oh, I thought they were wild. Neato.
Yeah, I might just put in garlic for the express purpose of picking them green. Irresistible.
I always sit in Elijah's chair, by accident. I am such a goy.

Liberal Foodie: I'm doing that! Thanks for the idea.

natalia said...

i must tell you this green garlic intrigues me like you would'nt believe.

cookiecrumb said...

Natalia: It's pretty interesting. You should hurry and try to find some while it's in season. Or if you're too late, wait for scapes.

cook eat FRET said...

i could eat that every single night of my life but sadly i won't because NO GREEN GARLIC.

namastenancy said...

Green grows the garlic OH! Have you looked at the blog "Tigers and Strawberries?" She has dozens of great ways of cooking with it, mostly Indian/Asian inspired but all delicious.

altadenahiker said...

I'm growing my own, so will try. but no tears.

dancingmorganmouse said...

O my, I had not heard of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I googled it and saw that you are not joking.
I LOL-ed, frightened the cat in my lap, and am now bleeding. I hold you personally responsible!
*winks even though she's not kidding about the bleeding - bloody cats*

cookiecrumb said...

ceFRET: No excuses. Garlic from Winn-Dixie. Push the cloves into the dirt in a medium sized pot (root side downward). Wait. Eat. Thank Cookiecrumb.

Nancy: I love Tigers and S. I haven't visited often enough. She is so amazingly well schooled.

Hiker: Yay for the college try!! I've never done it myself, so I'll need encouragement from you.

Mouse: One more recommendation for you; it's wimpy girl stuff but cranky and I both loved it. "Lost in Austen." DVD.
Watch out for the bleeding blood! Vampires love it.

Tommy said...

Just found your blog through Meathenge.

Very nice and simple, I love your work - Can't wait to read more!

My Farmer's Market opens in 10 days - Can't wait for the fresh garlic, garlic tops, and peas...



katiez said...

A green garlic convert Yay!!!!!
I put it in everything for the month or so I can find it!

cookiecrumb said...

Katie: I have three or four bunches of the stuff in the fridge, right now. Gonna concoct a green garlic and morels soup. burp