Monday, April 27, 2009

"Alot" Is Not Aword

Thank you very much.


Zoomie said...

Pet peeve of yours, huh? :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Oh, I got Hefty Bags full of grammatical peeves. If I wasn't so peeved about 'em, it might make a funny book.
And yes, I know I'm supposed to have used the subjunctive.

The Italian Dish said...

You're too funny!

Jennifer said...

Hah! Such a peeve of mine too! Probably because my high school AP English teacher was fed up with fellow students making the same mistake and made us ALL write "a lot" one hundred times. Yep. None of us ever made that mistake again... said...

Wow, and I use that word (often). But listen to you Ms Strunk and White! What's up with that, and where's the food? :)

cook eat FRET said...

when i got to northern cali - lunch is one me. if only because of this post.

thank you
love you
mean it

cookiecrumb said...

Italian Dish: Don't encourage me!!

Jennifer: A Bart Simpson excerise. Well done.

El: I know. I'm a bit pissy. And... I'm Mad and I Hate Food.
"(often)" -- Ha ha!

Kalyn said...

Thank you. (This is an essential part of the third grade curriculum, along with "We do not say brung, we say brought" and "The word is goinG, not go-enn." Some people are just slow learners.

Cyndi said...

Lesson on day one of English 9: I put ALOT on a piece of paper, and ask the kids what that is. As they all reply "a lot," I then tear it in half and tell them what you just said. It usually works for most of them for most of the year. Some kids you just can't teach, though.

My latest peeve is "prolly" - as in, "I prolly will go to the mall instead of home."

natalia said...

alright i may have been slightly guilty at one point or another.
funny enough considering i'm a total spelling and grammar snob.
but, you go girl!

dancingmorganmouse said...

No, it is not, it is used a lot though.
*creeps away with fingers crossed trusting it wasn't lazy typist me*

Wenchzilla said...

Thank you so much for posting this! Hope the right people read it. :)

Kevin said...

And now you have reached your alloted number of non-food posts for this month. It will awhile before you can post another.

Rev. Biggles said...

Yeah, and my right knuckles are always red and bloody from cracking skulls when I hear someone cash in their kyoopons. Of course, in my more modern dictionaries it's now okay. Gah.


Sam said...

quit being peeved and worrying about other peoples' grammar and start enjoying your own life instead!

[uhm, can you tell I have been reading self help books?]

kt said...

Hi! It's been awhile! Nice to see you're still mad. Keeps the juices bubbling. =;-)

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: It must be especially frustrating for teachers. But that's what slaps to the back of the wrist with a ruler are for, right?

Cyndi: Brava! The visual drama probably makes a big impact. Prolly.

Natalia: You don't mind being made an example of, do you? Because "alright" is *almost* not a word... I think it finally slipped into dictionaries.
But hurrah for us pedants! I'm Mad and I Correct People!

Mouse: You are linguistically pure. It was not you.

Wenchzilla: Ha! Great name. Thank you, too.

Kevin: Sigh. You caught me. Guess I'll drag out that photo of the sexy French toast.

Biggles: Oh, you're a member of the Pronunciating Police? That's another hobby of mine. I have been know to drive away potential suitors for correcting their language.

Sam: Very, uh... upbeat! Thanks for berating me in a public forum. (JOKE! I'm working on my sassy quotient, no self-help books needed.) Need to see you.

KT: No, "it's been A WHILE."
Ooh, this is fun. I still love you, KT.

cook eat FRET said...

i posted a comment on this a day or so ago... where did it go???

auntjone said...

I despise "supposibly". Ack.

My BFF from high school became an English teacher. I still call her the Grammar Queen. Her peeve is the misuse of apostrophe's. Heh.

cookiecrumb said...

ceFRET: Ooh, Snarky McSnarksnark!
Your comment probably got lost because I am still learning how to moderate comments without losing them. I guess I lost yours. It was damn fine of you to come back, though!

Auntjone: Hahaha! Clever you. What does Bill Safire call them, the Apostrophe Posse?

Sam said...

It's ok. I promise I am not a walking self-help book.

limoncello said...

@kalyn: Were I to be buried, my tombstone would read "She never said 'snuck'"

Uhm, CC? Is this the proverbial "third rail"? I remember Herb Caen's "Apostrophe Posse" from when I was kid. But then, you "could care less", right (hehe).

kt said...

It's been ALOTTA awhile! I did that on porpoise. You dint laff! Don't be getting cranky on per household is the limit! Happy almost b-day, by the way.

Greg said...

This post wins the award for the shortest post with the most comments!
That's a...lot.

Anna Haight said...

I thought I'd made a comment here, but no matter -- the important one is I already miss you! And Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Rev. Biggles said...

supposibly, that's brilliant. Ain't never heered that one. Before.

I like cleaning my ears with my thumbs, Biggles

katiez said...

Mine is 'irregardless'....
Don't know how to spell it... 'cause it's not a word... Either.

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: We could all help one another. xo

Limoncello: Brava! We should sit around some day and yap about linguistic crap. Didn't know you had it in you.

KT: Mea kalikikulpa. I totally missed that you were being intelligent and clever. Pologies.

Greg: You just refrain from posting a new blog for a few days, and the critters come a'crawlin' out. Thanks to all.

Anna: I'm afraid I'm mistreating my commenters, now that I have moderation turned on. I hope to get back to the old way soon.
I can't believe you remembered my BD!! Thanks.

Biggles: You got big ear holes. Supposibly.

Katie: Yeah, I still hear that one all the time. People think it makes a word fancier to add syllables onto it.

peter said...

In Infinite Jest there's a terrorist group called the League of Militant Grammarians. You should join.

For me the its/it's thing is #1 for making the veins stand out on my forehead. But there are so many more.

Sweet Bird said...

heh...I love you

limoncello said...

Ooh, I am definitely up for sitting around and yapping about linguistic crap! I'll bring a six-pack of subjunctives. If nothing else, Italian studies beat *that* into me - in two languages. And with that, all together now:

Buon compleanno a te.
Buon compleanno a te!
Buon compleanno, cara 'briciola di biscotti' -- buon compleanno a TE!
(e tanti in piĆ¹uuuu.......!)

cookiecrumb said...

Peter: I would join, but I know how insufferable we are, and a whole army would be offensive.
(I, too, have many more. Alot.)

Bird: I'd almost rather do a word blog than a food blog. :)

Limoncello: Che incantevole! Grazie. xx

Sarah said...