Sunday, March 22, 2009


It turns out fried rice really is a repository for tired old vegetables and leftover rice. At least, this version was.
The rice was tender Massa brown rice. Probably not kosher in Chinese cooking, but it's the rice of the moment at my house, and it worked perfectly.
The vegetables were a handful of leftover green peas, a small pile of chopped broccoli from the garden (the last of it!), a bit of diced onion, and some scallions pulled from the onion bed.
Seasonings: fish sauce, soy sauce, a pinch of sugar and a spritz of sesame oil.
There was a little diced ham, too. Yum.
The main attraction was a couple of beaten eggs, bright yellow and full of spring flavor.
Cranky was sorry the eggs didn't show up in the picture.
I said, "Look at the reflections in the plate!"


Zoomie said...

That sounds really wonderful and I'm sure the Massa rice made it even better. I have a little corned beef left from St. Patty's Day - maybe I'll make this, too!

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Corned beef would be excellent! Just dice it and give it a little sizzle in oil first. Here's the recipe I've been riffing on. It's very flexible.

Chilebrown said...

It sounds like the kitchen sink reflections. You forgot some leftover Asparagus,
Damn, Damn, Damn, That is all I have to say, But!

Clean Hair

Marie said...

I love making fried rice because it feels like I'm getting a lot out of practically nothing! (Especially with the sad veggies that are on their last leg.)

Greg said...

Thanks very much for writing about our rice this week! Glad you like it! --Greg Massa, Massa Organics

Nerissa said...

I'm always keen for a good fried rice. This one looks right up my alley.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Bright yellow egg yolk (properly cooked of course) is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: Why, yes, exactly. This is kitchen sink cuisine.
I'm afraid my hair wasn't sufficiently clean Sunday morning. What about Thursday?

Marie: Yep, it's almost like free food. And the best part is you're flavoring it in such a distinctive way, it feels like a new, on-purpose meal that you planned and shopped for.

Greg: I'm honored to have you visit! Thanks for finding little old me. (I think you will have at least a FEW new customers now.)

Nerissa: I left an address (but not a link) for the recipe in my reply to Zoomie above. It's pretty straightforward. I had no trouble getting believable results! :D

Mouse: And these were ever so yellow! Cooked, of course.

Chilebrown said...

I will be there Thursday as I told you last Clean Hair day. My hair will be clean, but I will not be clean shaven. I am on vacation mode. I have trimmed the edges, but I still look like a 'Wino'. Wait a minute, I am one.

Sam said...

fried rice is always a good idea. Egg makes everything better,

limoncello said...

I've never made fried rice! Crazier, it never even *occurred* to me to do so, so thanks for the link and idears. Had a spectacular visit to Harley Farms on Saturday, and brought home pasteured chicken AND duck eggs - maybe a little duck fried rice?

BTW, I had to unlearn the word "scallion" when I grew up and found out only my NY-born parents used it, not my California cohorts. You got some special dispensation or something?

Kevin said...

My favorite way to get rid of leftovers.

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: See you there. Local peeps, join us at the Marin farmers market Thursday at ten if you can!! Meet at the coffee booth.

Sam: Egg does. Oh! And Easter's coming up. Time for strange colors.

Limoncello: I've never been to Harley Farms. Can you visit without taking the tour? You got a good haul.
As for "scallions," I've always said it and never had anyone give me a blank look. Hm!

Kevin: My other favorite way is "minestrone," but there was all this rice, and... :-)

dawn said...

Yum...this sounds quite nice..i think it's definitely worth a try...I am wondering which site offers the best of my friend introduced me to a great site where my search ends.

cookiecrumb said...

Dawn: Sounds like you don't have an Asian grocery in your town. Which is ... shocking! But you've found your web site; hurrah.

limoncello said...

Whaaa!! The s.o. just called, on his way home from the grocery. I canNOT believe this: he said he was going to make duck fried rice for his dinner. Whaa!! (I gave him some of my egg haul)

CC: You can visit the farm and their rustic little shop for cheese and eggs. I think daily, 11-5. Beans galore at Phipp's, just around the corner.

As long as it's a public invite, maybe I show up on Thursday?

cookiecrumb said...

Limoncello: You'll have to explain your traitorous s.o. when we meet Thursday.
Phipps! I know Phipps. I'll have to take a field trip.

limoncello said...

Do NOT skip the pie at Duarte's Tavern, down the road from Phipp's.

See you Thursdee :)

Thomas Bosch said...

Sounds good to me! I love making fried rice because you can just throw in whatever you have, splash it with some soy sauce and a few other seasonings and you instantly have an amazing meal that most people will drool over.

Good stuff!

cookiecrumb said...

Thomas: Thanks! Yeah, you can throw in almost anything, and yet it always tastes like... Fried Rice!