Thursday, March 05, 2009

Honest Indian

This meal took a long time to make. It was supposed to be lunch, but Stoopie McStoopio forgot how long beans take to cook. It ended up being supper.
The recipe popped up in Wednesday's New York Times food section. And since the SF Chronicle has abandoned its Wednesday food section, I was highly interested in the NYT.
It's simple Indian food; chickpeas in tomato sauce with all the correct seasonings. Ahh, the correct seasonings. When you're a locavore, you mostly eschew imported spices. But then once in a while you cheat, and you go "ahh."
I was expecting big "ahh." We halved the recipe, but sort of over-winged the amount of chickpeas (we used dried rather than canned), and added sprigs of cauliflower from the soon-to-finish plants. Apparently this diluted the impact of the spice mixture.
I wanted more pizzazz.
Next time, no problem.
You know what, though? It was good.


Anna Haight said...

Looks pretty good to me!

dancingmorganmouse said...

beans, and chickpeas, take next to no time in a pressure cooker you know. Make one your own and you'll never use tinned beans or wait for beans again.

limoncello said...

Crud! I made something similar Sunday night (don't tell, but I think it was a MS recipe) and picked up naan at the farmers' market, a carton of Bellwether Farms' sheep milk yogurt for a condiment. Never did make the assembled dish! No wonder I'm up all night...don't eat until 2PM and then have all this catching up to do late in the day.
If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen washing cilantro.

PS: in this case I *did* soak the chickpeas overnight, but other beans...nah. They cook in 90 minutes on my stove top, no pre-soaking.

Zoomie said...

They don't all have to be home runs; base hits will get you there, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kemosahbe...beans good!

Greg said...

just when i quote Tonto it makes me annonymous.

Mrs. L said...

I hate the fact that all the newspapers are getting rid or really downsizing their food sections. I only bought the Merc and Chron on Wedensday's for the food section so they totally lost me as a customer.

Brooke said...

Looks yummy. Indian food good. I'm working on a homemade paneer thingy. It might be disasterous, and therefore super entertaining for the blog.

EB said...

you know the only reason I got the Chronc was for Weds... so sad.

cookiecrumb said...

Anna: Good enough to try another time!

Morgan: I know. I have two pressure cookers, but they're both the "half-height" kind, and it's not recommended to cook beans in them, because the valve might get clogged... (Hey, I'm not crazy. One of the half-height cookers was free.) I guess I could order a "replacement" pot to go with the lid.

Limoncello: No kidding! Sounds like a well-rounded feast.
Whenever I cook Rancho Gordo beans, I don't even think I need to soak them, they're so fresh. And I do have a bag of Steve's chickpeas (the ones we used were latino). I'll get back to ya.

Zoomie: It was a stand-up double; I'll give myself that much. ;-)

Greg: Beans, I like! Cheap, filling, nourishing, yummy.

Mrs. L.: I ask myself every day why I'm still subscribing to the Chron. Habit... But now it seems they're on their own path to break my habit. Good.

Brooke: I'm all for highly entertaining, but I bet it turns out fine. Not too hard. Good luck.

EB: Past tense! So you've already quit. OK, I'm doin' it.

dancingmorganmouse said...

*runs off to inspect the hight of her pressure cooker*

cookiecrumb said...

Morgan: No, really, mine are skillet-height. Tall enough to cook artichokes in (superb) but shortish on the whole.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Thank goodness for that, I thought I may have been hurting my PC for a minute there.

cook eat FRET said...

stupie mcstupio?
assie mcassholyeo

i crack me up - i swear

cookiecrumb said...

FRET: I can do Assholio, with my T-shirt up over my head. (Beavis and Butthead? Remember?)

peter said...

Are you threatening me?!?

I got a pressure cooker last year, and it makes short work of those beans which I so often forget to soak beforehand. And if you get a big one, you can preserve non-acidic things.