Friday, December 05, 2008

Word of the Weekend: BARBARA

As a lot of you may know, Barbara at Winos and Foodies is coping with another round of chemo.
I can only imagine how gut-wrenching it must be for her to learn she's still dealing with cancer. She gets well, then she needs a little more fine-tuning. Gets well, then another trip to the pit stop.
Right now, I'm hoping she's in the shop for her last and best tuneup.
Let's get that motor purring again, Barbara.
This weekend, Ilva and Bron organized a virtual group hug for Barbara, and as you cruise around the blogs, you may encounter many well-wishers extending their love to this friend most of us have never met in person. I count myself as one.
I'm certain there are other bloggers who haven't gone public with their illnesses, or the illnesses of their close loved ones. Some of us just don't have what it takes to ask for a hug (not that Barbara ever asked for one; she was merely fearless enough to be honest about her situation).
And then, some of us have asked for much more than a hug. I'm good for a hug, but I feel uncomfortable being dunned for a contribution by my fellow bloggers. It's cancer. A lot of people get it. We deal with it. Sometimes the outcome is good; sometimes it's very, very sad. It's never easy.
Barbara has been a sterling example of the bright, brave, bewildered folks who weather this storm. We could all learn from her.
I wish you the best, Barbara.
I love you.


Barbara said...

Oh Cookiecrumb that is so sweet. Thank you. And I'm sending a hug right back at you and Cranky...a hug full of beautiful warm Queensland sunshine.

cookiecrumb said...

Barbara: OMG, I hope we well-meaning bloggers haven't laid a big job on you this weekend! You don't have to thank us!!
Thanks for the hug.

Chilebrown said...

Barbara we would like to send a Hug out to you! Here we go. MOJO, OSCAR, MS.GOOFY,CHILEBROWN. I hope you feel the energy. Peace Paul.

Ilva said...

A hug full of love for you too cc, Thanks!

Barbara said...

Not at all cookiecrumb. I'm feeling great this weekend. After Monday though I will be out of action for a few days. I hope you are well.

Thank you Chilebrown.

ChrisB said...

CC I don't think I would be nearly as brave as Barbara in the same situation. She is much loved by everyone.

Sam said...

I have just been reading a few of Barbara's virtual hugs. We probably both can guess why it is this post that makes me weep the most. Love you, Cookie, and sending you a big hug from over the Bay xox

My own hug for Barbara isn't finished yet.

kudzu said...

For Barbara: I'm not a blogger, but I want to add my hug to the many sent your way by so many bloggers I know. I wish you all the best; it was good to read your positive response to Cookie's post.

This is written with memories of my mother's challenges that ended with forty years added to her life at a time when this didn't happen often: a constant reminder to me to treat each friend's
challenge in a positive way.

PS Wow: the word verification for this comment is "ableas". We are all able as we can be.

Margie said...

Barbara, I don't have a blog, but I read many and this weekend has me going rather full-force. You don't know me, won't have a clue what my 'finished' product looks like, but come tomorrow morning I will be playing in my kitchen and creating a 'Barbara hug'.

I wish you strength and peace in the days ahead. Keep fighting and know that you are in the thoughts of many.

cookiecrumb said...

ChileBrown: You are a scholar and a gentleman. Thank you for dropping by.

Ilva: Oh, shucks! Giggle. Blush. Thank you!

Barbara: That's great news. I was so horrified to hear of your overdose (I guess that's actually the right term). I hope it's smoother sailing from now on. Hay, hay! It's Barbara Day!

Chris: You would be just as brave as you need to be, trust me. And I would be there for you, as we are for our friend. But. Enjoy your health!!

Sam: Yes, indeedy, that was for you. I'm flattered you got it. Thanks for the hug.
Cranky picked out three essays he wants me to send you; I'll copy them soon and pop them in the mail. (They're short!)

Kudzu: Mi blog es su blog. Help yourself!

Margie: Ditto to you. Nice thoughts.

Kailyn said...

Big hug to Barbara. I read several of her blog posts but just couldn't find the words to comment. Cancer seems to be a huge part of my life these days -- not me but those around me.

Heather said...

I know what you mean about making a recipe or post for someone who is battling an illness, when really they just need well wishes and good vibes.

My captcha is "chili". Maybe you should make that.

Jen Yu said...

A really sweet gesture. Your blog makes me chuckle, cry, smile. xxoo

cookiecrumb said...

Kailyn: You have been particularly tormented by this scourge. I am so sorry.
The reality is: Chin Up.

Heather: Outstanding. Sometimes you can't stomach much more than a hug, eh? I know.
(Chili was my first dog's name!!!)

Jen: Jen Yu visited my blog! I am gob-smacked. How nice to see you here. Love to you, baby.