Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Say Ribollita, You Say Whatev

In Marin County, the best Italian restaurant we've got engages in an autumn ribollita frenzy. Kinda like an annual festival, the place dishes out this Tuscan stew, what I would describe as minestrone with bread in it, with molto bravado.
OK, you've guessed correctly that I'm not Italian.
In fact, I may have bastardized this dish beyond repair, but it was molto, molto delicious.
We started with some leftovers that basically amounted to minestrone "un-soup," because it wasn't liquid.
We added them to a pot of vegetables: the world's best little Falcon beans (look 'em up, they're hella cute), tomatoes, zukes, onions... like that. Fresh oregano (come on!). Oh, and some divine veggie broth.
So that became soup, although not very soupy.
Then we poured it over dried bread chunks, which just basically devoured all the remaining liquidness.
We were left with bowls of seriously tasty, um, food! Grated Parmesan on top, or else it would have been vegan.
I think I will always toss bread into my soup from now on.
Wait. I already do.


dancingmorganmouse said...

Blissful cool weather food.

Choosy Beggar Tina said...

Mmm. This was stale-bread-soup weekend! I made pomodoro last night. Not as veggieful as ribollita, but certainly delicious. It's all about the texture of that gooey bread, isn't it? So. Dang. Good.

Catherine said...

FYI: I get a discount there too!

Nikki said...

The bread. The bread. It's always about the bread. See? That's why I'm a baker. I get to make, play with & have excuses to eat bread all day.

I feel sad when there's no bread in my soup...

peter said...

I was thinking about making pappa al pomodoro tonight, in keeping with the bread soup theme.

cookiecrumb said...

Morgan: I appreciate your understanding of my meteorological needs.

Tina: Aha! Did you also see Peter's comment? And to think that, as a kid, I despised the texture of wet bread. (Well, on tuna sandwiches.)

Catherine: OMG. Let's make a date. Seriously.

Nikki: I'm not much of a baker, but I can hide my ugly bread in soup. Yep.

Peter: Viral bread soup. Cool.

cook eat FRET said...

so in case you've not thought of this, then you take the leftover ribolita and fry it on up in some olive oil with shaved parmigiano on top. i made this last year and blogged it. it was unreal... hugely delish.

Alecto said...

omg I've got some cheesebread that would be perfect a day or two old in that. Too bad I'm giving it all to those Republican bake sale people along with the banana bread!

cookiecrumb said...

Fret: Ribollita latkes! It sounds divine. Merci.

Alecto: Cheesebread (spoken in Homer Simpson voice). Mm.

Brittany said...

Mmmmm. Delicious carbs.

I LOVE hunks of bread in my minestrone. Makes it all stewy and nommy.

cookiecrumb said...

Brittany: The dumbest thing is, this was the first time I put bread in my minestrone.
Ohgah. Nom.

Sweet Bird said...

Bread + Soup = om nom nom nom nom

cookiecrumb said...

Sweet Bird: I know. Cranky tries to EAT his soup on planks of bread. Whee.