Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saving Summer

My pal Zoomie is tickled that we bloggers get ideas from people we've never met in meatspace. I am too. And the fun thing is, this post is about me being inspired by the same blogger who turned Zoomie on, DancingMorganMouse.
Zoomie made apple jelly (yum!) from her crabby apples, because Morgan suggested it.
I made pickled yellow summer squash... because Morgan suggested it.
I haven't tasted Zoomie's jelly (yet!! hint-hint) but I can tell you that the pickled squash is SUMMER IN A JAR.
Oh, sorry. Was I yelling?
I tossed these little immature babies into a load of leftover brine from home-pickled jalapeños. Only a few days later, they were CAPTURED SUNSHINE.
Oh, sorry. Was I yelling?


Heather said...

Pickling is my new thing. I've already run out of space in my cupboards, though, sadness. I need to go pull the last of the green tomatoes!

Dagny said...

So let me see if I understand you. The pickled squash were really good.

dancingmorganmouse said...

I'm all geared up to pickle some watermelon rind - perhaps pickling is the new black!
Have you tried basil vodka? Now THAT's summer in a bottle.

The Spiteful Chef said...

At first I thought those were macaroni with some funky sauce. But then I realized I'm an idiot. So...pickled squash, huh? Does it change the texture much?

peter said...

Ah, brine. Is there anything it can't do? I wish I'd gotten more of our garden into jars, but I was away too much this summer. Now I have to content myself with kimchi from cabbage and roots. I'm starting to see my wife's point about the urgency of moving to NoCal.

cookiecrumb said...

Heather: I'm the queen of pickles, though I'm no expert. I just have a sour tooth.
Oh, yes. Those damn green tomatoes.
That's next!

Dagny: They were kind of unusual, to tell the truth. Really intense (not pickly intense, but immature squash intense).

Morgan: Yes! Pickling is the new black.
And yes, I've tried basil vodka. Not my favorite flavor, but I totally get what you mean.

Spitey: I'm not as in love with this photo as I was the day I took it. Creepy.
I didn't cook the squash at all, the the brine was cold, so the squash has the texture of... raw squash. But tasty.

Peter: Literally, I drink the stuff.
Come on out; I have a great real estate agent.
Garrison Keillor's wife wants to move here, too.

cook eat FRET said...

i wanta move there too...
but only so i can continually raid your garden and now your pantry

like we could be sisters and i could be needy

Zoomie said...

That Morgan - she gets around!

kudzu said...

Squapickels! Yes!

kudzu said...

PS That was a deliberate spelling. (My reputation is at stake.)

Greg said...

I'm thinking about getting pickled on basil vodka. OH MY!

cookiecrumb said...

Claudia: I'd lend you my shoes.

Zoomie: I guess Australia is pretty huge, because Morgan went on vacation... in Australia! She gets around.

Kudzu: Before I read your second comment, I was actually going to compliment you on your spelling. I like it.

Greg: OK, you be the designated drinker.

kudzu said...

Go ahead, compliment me: and read what I mean in the second comment. (I deliberately spelled it that way....) Just didn't want you to think I was "dum" .

Rev. Biggles said...


leena! said...

Those look great! I didn't know you could re-use brine...did you can it, or just throw it in the fridge?

I made some asparagus garlic chili pickles I'm getting ready to bust into myself!

cookiecrumb said...

Biggie: Oh, what. No meat?

Leena: Your pickles sound superb.
I do reuse brine, but only once, because it diminishes a bit and takes on the flavors of the previous pickles (which is great, in the case of jalapenos).
Straight into the fridge.