Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Somebody's Ravioli

And How I Made it Mine.
You ever buy some boutique food creation, like sausages or ravioli, and then totally chicken out on how to eat it? Someone with a lot of talent has put together this lovely thing, and then... Who am I to wreck it with a squirt of ranch dressing?
So I freeze up and go the timid route.
I've been going the timid route a lot, lately. Because the food I'm buying is so intrinsically beautiful, it just doesn't need a lot of messing up. Fresh rabbit. Free-range eggs. Honest, pure vegetables.
I think my sense of taste has recalibrated to a very simple level, which is fine, but am I missing something? Part of my devotion to eating locally grown food prevents me from using lots of spices, although there are still plenty of flavorings I could use, but sometimes just don't.
Here is a pile of locally produced porcini ravioli (from The Pasta Shop in Berkeley). Who could beat a filling of seasonal fresh porcini and thyme? I was scared to even butter this stuff.
But Cranky and I got brave, and we didn't mess it up. Yay, and really, double-yay. So successful.
We cooked minced garlic scapes with chopped walnuts in brown butter. Poured in a little cream, and gloodged that over the pasta, and then sprinkled on chopped parsley and grated parmesan.
We tinkered, but it was perfect.
That's really affirming.


kudzu said...

While I could just pick up those ravioli and eat them nekkid (them, not me) I share your hesitation. Your saucing sounds lovely; my only quibble would be to make sure there is enough cream in it to baptize each one ensure a amoist mouthful each time. Isn't it brilliant that we can get foraged porcini at this time of the year?

kudzu said...

PS Forgive the stuttering. Of course I meant "to ensure a moist mouthful". Too long at the keyboard, today, my dear. Time for a sundowner.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Kudzu, the only things you should eat nekkid (you) are mangos, in the bath!
Cookie, YUM, I'm drooling and may well have to stop a the fancy pasta shop on the way home tonight - I may have to do with garlic chives though.

Barbara said...

I buy a porcini ravioli from a a charming Italian man. I just reduce some cream and throw in a couple of spoons parmesan and grind of pepper. Perfect.

el said...

Gawd, you are so right. Timidity reigns here and I am no longer sure if it's a good thing or not. Our first harvest of peas was last night; did I even cook them? No. I put them in a bowl on the table so everyone could shell their own into their mouths. Sure, as the season goes on I will get more inventive than nekkidly uncooked but I have to buy food first ;) ?

But porcini. Mmm. Can't mess too much!

Stacie said...

that sounds devine!

Zoomie said...

El, that seems perfect for fresh peas - you can get fancy later in the season when they are starchier!

Cookiecrumb, your timidity paid off - no need to gild that particular lily!

cook eat FRET said...

so good

i mean, that right there in my world borders on total perfection...

kudzu said...

dancingmorganmouse --

Or standing in the sea. One of my all-time favorite experiences.

Greg said...

You making me hungry cookiecrumb.

michelle @ TNS said...

i love your sauce. there used to be an italian place near my apartment that made gnocchi in a walnut-garlic-mascarpone sauce, and it was to. die. for.

i just got garlic scapes in my CSA box yesterday, and i think they're headed for this fate.

Nikki Miller-Ka said...

You're so good, there's no way you could mess anything up ;)

cookiecrumb said...

Y'all are sweet.

Kudzu: It was gloodgey enough! :D And every time I eat fresh porcini now, I think of you.

Morgan: Garlic chives are a bit narsty; can you get green garlic?

Barbara: How the heck is it that we can just go buy this stuff?? Perfect.

El: I would have been just as "afraid" and respectful of my pea harvest. (And you don't have to *buy* your food to be intimidated by it. I'm always in awe of my tomatoes.)

Stacie: I think of you in that flood-ravaged region a lot. Hope your garden is fine. xx

Zoomie: I weave in and out of derring-do. Hee.

ceF: I have no doubt you could, and probably will, make this meal. :)

Kudzu: Ladies! When did this blog become a porn site?

Greg: Doable, dude! They got the porcini at the Civic Center. Get it while it's hot.

Michelle: Scapes, mascarpone... you are GOOD. Go cook.

Nikki: I have commercial bagged popcorn for dinner some nights.

Anonymous said...

Yummers! I totally understand where you are coming from...I probably would have just tossed it with some olive oil, Parmesan, fresh ground pepper and a little sel fou. I shall have to try this instead it sounds perfect.

Catherine said...

I really want some of that right now! Wow!