Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thank God the Primaries Are Over

They're NOT??
Nrrrghh... rrnnngh... arrrrggnnhhh.
Must remain calm.
Nice, soothing dish of strawberries and yogurt.
Cancel newspaper subscriptions.
Weed garden, yes.
Sanity trickles back.

Haiku! (Gesundheit.)


Zoomie said...

Snorking coffee, I
Laugh reading Cookiecrumb wisdom,
Keyboard all wet, arcing.

Greg said...

In the words of Vinnie Barbarino "I'm so confused". Make it stop already!

Mary Coleman said...

Law, honey...i'm not so sure yogurt and strawbs will do the job.
as we say in tennessee...find a happy place, find a happy place

peter said...

Oh, they're over (delusions of whatever notwithstanding.) They have been since February.

If I wasn't so tired, I totally would have made that scan properly like Zoomie did.

But she's retired, and has the time.

Anna Haight said...

Clinton, Obama
hey, it's nothing but drama
watch out for McCain.

Anonymous said...

yogurt? that's it?

i need something WAY more heavy duty than yogurt. like a flat-bed truck full of chocolate cake.

Chilebrown said...

What me worry?

Dagny said...

I love all the haikus but work has fried my brain too much to even try to be creative.

As far as the primaries go, I find Stephanie at Andronico's suggestions to be quite helpful. Just walk around in a haze and occasionally bite my tongue until it's all over.

Learned this the hard way a couple of weeks ago when the college roommate was visiting from SoCal. It's a good thing that we have been friends for over 20 years. Because I have discovered that I am friends with someone who prefers McCain. How did this happen?

Yep. Just going to curl back up into the fetal position and contemplate the meaning of life and such. Or just watch some more reality TV.

Anonymous said...

Obama = McGovern. Enough Said.

Or is everyone here too young to remember that?

cookiecrumb said...

Anonymous: I remember. And that's why I'm so bummed. ("Bummed." Yep, that gives away my age, too.)