Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Solstice!

If I can't shoot a picture of dawn on the shortest day of the year, I...
Well, I did.
The sun wasn't even up yet, but the glow in the sky was fabulous.
Soon, the red clouds faded to white.
Good thing I was up and ready.
Ya think I ought to go to bed early tonight? It'll be dark soon.
Happily, and I repeat this mantra every winter, the days will be getting longer, starting


Holler said...

The days getting shorter, that is great news! Happy Solstice! Love the photo by the way and kudos for getting up so early, it takes me all my energy to get up in time for work in on these cold dark mornings!

Stacie said...

yay for longer days! it's 4:41 and just about dark. it's all uphill from here! beeeeeutiful shot of the day!

Anonymous said...

Whoot! Pretty sky! Happy solstice to you two. Three, counting the sprout.

ChrisB said...

I wish I could have got a pretty picture today. Our skies were overcast and it was misty. The sun did break through around 1 pm but not for long. How I wish I was on a tropical Island!

dancingmorganmouse said...

Which means the'll be getting shorter (and fingers crossed cooler) down my way - Happy Solstice indeed.

kudzu said...

Put up what I called my Solstice tree yesterday, finishing late afternoon. Went outside to see how it looked from there and the sky was pink/white/pearly and there was that huge moon. I laughed out loud. Yes, yes, to longer days. Thanks for making a little rite of the seasonal change.

Zoomie said...

MB and I are enjoying the solstice here, too. In Hawaii, the day lengths are about the same year 'round, which always seemed like a puzzle to me. We had a spectacular sunset last night and hope for another today! Happy Solstice!

Linda said...

I am always so happy when the winter soltice arrives and we can start looking forward to longer days. I love summer.

Kevin said...


katiez said...

This is mon mari's favorite day of the year - every day after will get a little bit longer for 6 whole months.....Yayyyyy!
Here at least we don't have to be up much before 9:00 to catch the sunrise. (You have to put a positive spin on it!)

cookiecrumb said...

Holler: I didn't get up so very early! It was 7 a.m. Happy Solstice!

Stacie: We made it! Winter has begun.

El: Happy Solstice to you three, too!

Chris: We've had unusually dry weather. But on the whole, I'd rather be on a tropical island too.

Morgan: Happy summer to you!! Eeee. Jealous.

Kudzu: Isn't that full moon/solstice alignment kind of Age of Aquarius? I'll take it. Happy happy to you.

Zoomie: Oh, right. At that latitude, you'd have much longer days. Jealous.

Linda: I love summer too. I'm a heat-seeking missile.

Kevin: Have you been in the egg nog yet? Cheers to you.

Katie: Wow, 9 a.m.? Right, you're a lot more northerly than us; I'm about latitude 37, I think.
Merry Christmas.

Chilebrown said...

Ms. Goofy is getting mad when I tell her to get out of bed and fan the Habanero plants. The frost is not good for peppers. I am thinking of having the "Dr.Biggles" dig a hole and work his magic. It sure was magic at your pad.

Dagny said...

Here's to longer -- and better -- days!