Monday, November 19, 2007

Snowy Rice With Floating Scallions

Thanksgiving is in three days. How should I be eating beforehand? Light, so I'll be hungry on the big day, or full-on protein training, so I'll be in shape?
We're actually doing a little of both, and with my own personal appetite making a good recovery from a month of anguish, I think I'll be able to put a dent in my dinner Thursday.
My only rule around here during the conditioning phase is no meat on the menu. It's driving Cranky crazy.
Don't worry, honey. Pretty soon we'll get to pig out.


peter said...

I always find that simplicity is a surpassingly good prelude to excess.

And grief takes as long as it takes. I know this also.

PS You're invited for Other People's Soup any time.

kudzu said...

Well, that rice looks so pure and Japanese it has to be restorative! I am doing homemade soup tonight and will try to keep it simple until Thursday when I plan to eat only what I want to eat and not a bite more (I've earned that right after so many holidays).

You'll know when it's time to change the type and seasonings and make-up of your foods.

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving, both of you.

Sam said...

phew, i picked the right place for lunch then.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Does this mean you'll be roasting a piggie rather than the traditional turkey?

Zoomie said...

Sounds like the title of an Impressionist painting...

Dagny said...

I also try to eat light before a big holiday meal. And I was wondering the same thing as DMM. Because -- don't tell anyone -- I'll be cooking pork this year.

KathyF said...

While you all are roasting and baking things, I'll be sitting in class, learning about the Great Fire of London. Appropriate, somehow.

Enjoy yourselves.

El said...

(my only rule of before-thanksgiving food is No Leftovers: there's no space in the fridge!)

Happy appetite! and happy holiday to you, Cranky and the Sprout.

Guy said...

Hmm, yeah I dunno about that. Your stomach shrinks. I say, stretch the baby out a bit. Besides, you're thin as a rail anyway. A little extra padding would do you some good. Don't make Cranky, cranky.

I have spoken.


cook eat FRET said...

that's it
i'm borrowing my guys slr camera
buying a 50mm lens
and taking better pics

you've shamed me

cookiecrumb said...

Peter: Good philosophy; thanks for your kind insights.
I LOVE other people's soup!! What a great scheme.

Kudzu: We doused the rice with a fabulous soy sauce; something I never saw done in Japan. But (oh, yeah, and there was butter) yum.
I'm grateful for your wisdom on "not a bite more." I'm just not into competitive eating.
Peaceful Thanksgiving to you.

Sam: Haw! I think in fact, you set the theme for this week... until Thursday, of course.

Morgan: [points to nose, charades-style] Ding, ding, ding! Yes, we're in for a feast of suckling pig. OMG.

Zoomie: Actually, I was shooting for one of those evocative Chinese menu names. Ants on a tree, like that. :-)

Dagny: What kind of pork? Because, yes, we're in for a little piggie.

KathyF: That's the trade-off for you. Move to London, forgo Thanksgiving. I hope you'll have a fine vegetarian dinner with your family. xoxo

El: Since we're not doing Thanksgiving at our house, there won't be leftovers. Oh, maybe I'll go buy a turkey in a few days and make a mess in the kitchen anyway.
Happy T-day to you!

Rev. Biggles: I have padding! It's just not all where I'd like it. I'd also like to be four inches taller. And 35.

CEF: Naw! That was just a lucky shot. You can't (well, I can't) take a really nice picture of a plate of rice... yawn. So I just got in close, and discovered a microworld of mystery.
Yeah, get the lens. It's fun!

mama o' the matrices said...

Oh, that looks wonderful - very fresh and simple.

Dagny said...

I love your comment back to Biggle. Because the majority of my wardrobe would fit my 35-year-old self but the present self is starting to have difficulty. Perhaps I should stop cooking because my 35-year-old self was too busy partying to be bothered with cooking most of the time.

Rev. Biggles said...

Yeah, 35. I'd go for that too.

Whar's muh nappin' hole?

Lannae said...

Your title reminds me of haiku. Here is my go at it:
Snowy white rice grains
With floating scallion slivers
Bring holiday cheer.

Have a good Tgiving Cookie.

michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Cookie! You were smart and prepared...Damn! I'll have to remember that for next year so I can eat more!!

Susan said...

That's funny. I just made a light Asian soup with mushrooms, cabbage, and ginger, so we'd be ready for Turkey Day. :) I heard on the news this am that pizza is the most common food eaten on Thanksgiving Eve. Not the best choice.

cookiecrumb said...

Mama: Simple is best. Thanks.

Dagny: Wait till you hit my age. Everything changes. Oof!!

Biggles: Sam and Sam's Mum came to my house today, and asked where the fire hole was. Gone.

Lannae: Lovely. Happy T-giving to you too.

Michelle: Ah, but the light eating we're doing is still so satisfying, I don't know if my appetite will be any bigger on Thursday. Happy feast to you.

Susan: OMG, I had pizza for lunch today. Just a couple of bites. In a restaurant that doesn't serve meat, and has a yoga studio upstairs. :-)

Chilebrown said...

Happy Thanksgiving, I allways like the tradition of barbequing a Turkey and watching Miracle on 34th
Street. How was the Thursday market on Wednesday?

Kevin said...

Happy Happy to you to.

Catherine said...

lovely pic! happy T day to you!

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: Of course you mean the Natalie Wood 34th Street. Don't you?
Happy belated holiday.

Kevin: Thanks! I give thanks.

Catherine: Sounds like you had a great celebration at your brother's.