Friday, November 23, 2007

OMG! Vegetarian Thanksgiving!

Cranky came down with a sore throat on Thanksgiving. The day we were to be treated to a meal of roast suckling pig, courtesy of a secret meat forager.
Well, he didn't want to drag his contagious, achy self anywhere healthy people would be gathering, so we stayed home. Rats.
But we had Thanksgiving food. The dishes I was going to bring to my hosts.
Pan-fried delicata squash in half moons, smothered with a whisper (is that an oxymoron?) of pear chutney and finished in the oven.
A braise of garden-grown celery and leeks, with chicken stock (Aha! It wasn't vegetarian after all) and butter and sage.
It tasted like Thanksgiving.


Kalyn said...

Sorry to hear it. It's that time of year for sure. I'm sick too, only I wasn't smart enough to stay home completely, so I went to my sister's house for two days, decided I was just too sick to have any fun, and came home last night.

I hate being sick! Damn those germy school kids anyway.

chilebrown said...

I think Cranky should set up a booth on Sunday. He could make a survey why I an not here.
I am tired.
I am (re-tired)
James Brown I can do the splits.
We are filling the hole Guy made
Too many ingredients
Stone Soup
The War
I have a headacke!

dancingmorganmouse said...

Smothered with a whisper should probably he smothered with a ballard or a shout. Bummer on missing out on the crispy piggie, a favourite food round these parts.

Dagny said...

Sorry to hear that Cranky is ailing. If I had known, I would have made a stop out your way while I was dropping off leftovers to various folks.

cook eat FRET said...

you know, that dinner sounds just wonderful. and next thanksgiving will be even more special now. there's something about staying in when everyone's out that's kinda fun. it's like you get to escape and just have an excuse to hide out. and the good news is that there are no shortages of good meals in your future!

Anna Haight said...

Sorry to hear Cranky has been ill, but sounds like you had a healthy immune-boosting and not the least, flavorful Thanksgiving. Hope Cranky feels better soon!

Barbara said...

I've got a sore throat too. Tried fixing it with my home made liqueur but that made me sing and now it's worse and I'm hungover.
Hope Cranky is better soon.

KathyF said...

Smothered with a wouldn't have known, but Bazu the vegan blogger adopted a turkey from Farm Sanctuary named Whisper, so when I read that, my first thought was...oh no! At least it wasn't Cicada.

katiez said...

Roast suckling pig???
Hope he's feeling better.

The veggies looked yummy, anyway!

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: This is the time of year I don't touch doorknobs or stair railings with bare hands. You, unfortunately, can't avoid the germy kids.
Get well.

Chilebrown: Aw, man, I feel your pain.

Morgan: I don't know what a ballard is, but I will go look it up and then shout quietly about it.

Dagny: Oh, wow. Shared, donated leftovers! What a good idea. Your meal looked fantastic.

CEF: To tell the truth, it is a longstanding habit of ours to have Thanksgiving alone at home. But usually we manage to buy some turkey. Hee.

Anna: He's not doing bad at all, thank you. And, yes, there was something so nutraceutical about our meal!

Barbara: You make me laugh. Get well.

KathyF: A turkey named after an insect? Cute.

Katie: Aw, don't rub it in! Darn. Yeah, Cranky's gonna be fine. xx

Anita said...

We have HEAPS of leftovers here, so if you're hankering for a plate of stuffing or a big-ass turkey sandwich, give a jingle. :D

dancingmorganmouse said...

*blush* that would be ballad, sans R! (must type slowly & carefully)

leena! said...

Happy Belated Turkey Day, and get better, Cranky. I celebrated with a chili cookoff--I love confusing traditions--those Aussies don't know what hit them!

Supercharge said...

You guys are funny! Can you conceive of an organic, vegan and RAW Thanksgiving dinner? That's what I had. I know it sounds crazy, but it was absolutely delicious; all the traditional spices. Wish you could have sampled it. I went raw after transforming myself on 30 days of raw food and documenting it, opposite of "Super Size Me." You can check out the sneak preview of the feature film, and also view short videos every week with easy recipe demos and fun outtakes from the film. Take a peek:

To your health!

Jenna Norwood
Producer, Director & "Guinea Pig"
"Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw"

Zoomie said...

Poor you! And poor Cranky, who never got his meat for Thanksgiving! Hope you're better now and he has found a meaty source.