Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summertime, and the Cookin' Is Lazy

I agree with my friend Catherine, who said that during the warm season, simple food is best.
That doesn't mean you can't get complex flavors. Just layer bite after bite, clockwise or counterclockwise, around your plate.
Here, for One Local Summer, episode four, we dined on local corn; potatoes mixed with peas; cucumbers; and tomatoes. We didn't grow any of this food ourselves (we are still camped out beside the tomato plants with baskets and binoculars, but only the Sungold cherries are ripening). It is beyond privilege to be able to buy this bounty at the local farmers market. Even the butter and olive oil are local.
Then there's the salt. Oh, darn, I bet you can tell from those crazy tetrahedron flakes — it's Maldon salt, and it's way, way not local. But such cute, snowy flakes.


Chilebrown said...

We went by the Coffee Booth at 1030. I guess that was way to late for you. We were Cruisin back from Sonoma. I do not want to bragg, but what that heck. Pizza, with homegrown tomatoe sauce and herbs. We got some Cheese from Sonoma. I bought a little square of Habanero Jack. It will be layered over Sourdough Monkey Pizza Dough,Homemade tomatoe and herb sauce,and some Cottage Bacon. (House of Beef).
Why is it that yellow corn is out of favour.? I hate to admit yellow corn rules. I have been getting some killer yellow corn from Safeway. I do not feel guilty.!!!
Peace, Paul

Dagny said...

Must get more corn this weekend.

Lannae said...

What a healthy looking plate for your local meal! I also like Gwen. She is rather a smart plant if you ask me.

El said...

Tomatoes and cukes are a foot in the door to ripping up the whole back yard, CC. Just save a spot for your lawn chairs and another for the pooch to pee.

But I do envy your bounty! Local fats? (Sigh)

katiez said...

Sweetcorn? You have sweetcorn? Mine is going to be 'knee-high by the 4th of August' (something not wuite right about that...)
Sigh... Can't buy it here - pig food! We got all excited when a neighbor planted it in Andorra. Then we watched it tassle, and turn brown without every being picked. Pig food! I cried. Now I plant my own! Damn pigs!

Beccy said...

Oooh that looks so tasty.

By the way, what's a warm season?

Rev. Biggles said...

Uh huh. Yeah, okay.

I like my chicken layered with BACON !!! Or my pork roast, or beef roast, even goat is good layered with bacon. I suppose you're right.



MizD said...

I've decided my life is far too messy to attempt OLS at the moment, so I'm taking this week off. Seriously, if I get near a farmers market it's a modern miracle.

Later in the summer, though, when I've got tomatoes coming out of my ears? That's another story.

Zoomie said...

That corn! I want that corn!

kudzu said...

Note to chilebrown: I felt the same way last weekend when I was making a great corn/cherry tomato/arugula salad and there was not a single ear of yellow corn in the store where I shopped. The white corn was sweet and fresh, but the salad lacked the color it should have had. I can remember when finding white corn was like discovering gold. Sometimes things swing far too much the other way.

Dagny said...

The corn is driving me nuts. I remember that in the summer, my grandmother would make a dish that consisted of corn kernels sliced from the cob and then baked in a cast iron pan. I know there was other stuff involved but I cannot for the life of me remember. All I can remember is how fantastic it was. Hopefully I'll find a recipe that sounds right soon.

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: You braggart. That all sounds so darn good.
And why is yellow corn out of favor? People like the sugary stuff, darnit, so that's what the farmers are growing.

Dagny: It's corn season, for sure.

Lannae: Gwen is still a toddler, we think, even though she's very good at penmanship. The cukes are just furry little spurts at this point.

El: It's better than you think. There's a (shaded) patio for the chairs. The rest of the lawn is totally up for grabs. Oh, yeah, and the pooch needs his spot.
If we get too excited about it, we'll have to decide whether to smash out the patio, or to continue "farming" in the front yard. I say front yard.

Katie: Oh, I'd hate to have to grow my own corn. I hope you have a successful harvest. Ach, to be an American in France.

Beccy: I could never live where you do! I'm a heat-seeking missile.

Biggles: You'd have liked it, bacon or no.

MizD: I hope things get settled for you. OTOH, isn't it crazy just sitting back, waiting for the tomatoes to happen?

Zoomie: Full Belly Farms! Thursday market in Marin, or Saturday (not sure) in Berkeley?

Kudzu: Yep. Now what? I gotta shop at Safeway? :D

Dagny: Baked? So was it bread-like? Speak, memory!

Dagny said...

Not bread like. More like sauteed but done in the oven. She'd cut the kernels off and then scrape the cobs to get the juice out. I'm busy trying to find out from other relatives exactly what went into the dish.

cookiecrumb said...

Dag: OK, I know. Butter. Cream. Yeah.

Dagny said...

Those are the primary ingredients according to my aunt. She said that my grandmother's was pretty rich because she used loads of butter and cream. My aunt says that you can also add bell pepper to the dish.

cookiecrumb said...

D: We are close, then. Want to try? I love the oven-ness of it.