Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Blogosphere, Bless its Pointy Little Head

I have a new friend I've never met.
We have a lot in common: We're very close in age; our dads were both U.S. Navy pilots; we both lived in Alameda, just missing each other by about a year; we both also lived in Yokosuka, Japan, when our dads were stationed there.
And now we have another thing in common. She has started a blog. It's pretty heavy on the food-blog quotient, though I loved a recent post of hers about drying laundry outdoors on a clothesline.
My new friend is Zoomie, of Zoomie Station. She lives in the Bay Area, like me, and has already cultivated local dignitaries to visit her blog, such as Sam and Biggles. Dagny, too.
She's currently making plans to head up to Seattle for one of the most notorious (and I mean that in a good way) food blogger weddings of the summer. How cool is that? The bride is Zoomie's niece-in-law.
I can't wait to talk to Zoomie about the wedding — and other stuff, too — when she gets back.
When we meet.


Dagny said...

I found my way over to Zoomie's earlier this week thanks to you.

Erin S. said...

Isn't it great? As I'm planning my LA-going-away party, I'm realizing many of my guests are friends-thru-blogging. How fun.

dancingmorganmouse said...

And the bags of flowers? For dressing & eating?

shuna fish lydon said...

Hey! I was at that wedding and I KNOW I would have remembered meeting a person named Zoomie.

Alas, perhaps I was too busy crying. {I am way too sappy.}

Zoomie said...

Wow, I didn't read this until after I had posted the comment you left on Gwen's story urging folks to come visit my blog! _Now_ I understand where all the traffic came from! Thank you, Cookiecrumb! It's nice to find a kindred spirit, even when we haven't met yet!

Sam said...

I have zoomie on my list of next bay area blog shout outs, but alas, not time to post it yet.

I think Shuna is mistaking weddings.

I love those washing lines. I missed them when I came to live here. I loved 34 years in Britan without a dryer and I survived.

I should do it here too.

Sam said...

of course i meant lived but loved is funnier

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Yes, I was pleased to see you leave a comment there. We're all connected.

Erin: It's a rich source for me, not having school or job pals. I still have school and job pals, but they tend to scatter.

Mouse: (May I call you Mouse?) Yes, the flowers are mixed with yuppie lettuce (baby greens). Pretty. I thought there was a slight "wedding-food-blogger" aspect to the pic.

Shuna: Sam is right. Not the same wedding.
Hey! You're home! Yay.

Zoomie: Psych! Isn't it fun? Looking forward to a cuppa with you.

Sam: I never meant to "swipe" her. :-(
I thought you were all done with "Bay Area Blogger of the Month." Still friends?
I live you too. Love, I mean. :D

Passionate Eater said...

I love the blogosphere too Cookie, because that is how I came to know you! You know, if there isn't going to be a all-Bay-Area-blogger-meet-up, would you (and Cranky, not Bean Sprout though) be interested in meeting up? I have already asked Short Exact and Cooking with the Single Guy, and they both seem receptive. I'd love to meet as a group or even if it is just the beau and me and you and Cranky, if you are interested. :)

Sam said...

I am done with it but I like to slip the new ones I find at the bottom of posts instead so i still collect link lists. old habits die hard.

Monkey Gland said...

What's a blogosphere and is it catching?

Catherine said...

wow! luv the bags of flowery greens? where did you find those?

cookiecrumb said...

PE: I will email you. I am a little bit shy about this, but Cranky and I would like to meet you.

Sam: I still don't know how you find so many of them. It's overwhelming.

Monkey Gland: You are catching! And fetching.

Catherine: A bit of bloggo cheatery, I'm afraid. The flowery sacks of lettuce came from the farmers market on Fillmore Street (SF) last summer, a little late in the season. I shoulda bought one.