Sunday, June 03, 2007

Boring You Softly with Random Revelations

So when did this "five random facts" meme get ratcheted up to eight? Next time this one binks back to me it'll probably be nine or ten random facts, and by then, I'll probably have to make stuff up.
But it's fun.
Catherine from Food Musings tagged me, in a charming, if guilty, manner. I get the idea that I'm supposed to tag eight bloggers now, but haven't we all been tagged already? I should be the guilty one, because I'm going to let this chain letter die here today. Please tag yourself if you have fascinating facts to reveal.
Me, I'm short on fascinating. Mundane will have to do.
1) This food obsession of mine must have started early. My first dog, when I was 10, was named Pepper. Much later on I adopted a neurotic, ugly-cute terrier from the pound and named him Chili. About five years later, we got Bean Dip, a little Maltese quite a bit less pretty than our current preoccupation, Bean Sprout. What's next? (My dentist thought Bean Sprout should be named Popcorn; I love that. Maybe next dog.)
2) About the same time I had Pepper the dog, my dad bought me a pogo stick. Yes! One of those goofy things you bounce up and down with. It was a really slick model, made of metal and containing an air-compression device inside to regulate the thump. Black rubber handles and tip on the bottom, excellent treaded foot pedals. I knew how cool it was, but... I just couldn't force myself to go outside and hop on it for the hours at a time it truly deserved. Wonder what ever happened to it.
3) I have frozen beet pulp in my freezer. I have a perfect plan for it, but I can't seem to get started on the project.
4) I do not have flat feet. Au contraire. The arches in my feet run from side to side, all the way across. My wet footprints are in two pieces.
5) I had to take Home-Ec three times. We were a Navy family that moved often, and every new school district had its rules. Sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade. Damn, I can thread a needle.
6) I have never seen a dead person.
7) The ocean scares me. I was a major beach bum all my life, but I'm afraid of sharks and tides. Speaking of beach bum: Wear sunscreen... to quote my friend Mary Schmich.
8) Cell phone? Feh. Got one. Don't use it. Payin' for it. Feh.


Stacie said...

hey, beet pulp is interesting... and I LOVE pogo sticks!!! I want to start a line of toys for grown ups featuring things like grown-up pogo sticks, hippity hops, big wheels. I would ride my hippity hop to work every day! A girl can dream... and I don't like to see dead people... open casket funerals are icky...

Pam said...

With me, it was serial Shakespeare as we moved from place to place to place in the Navy. I think I dissected Hamlet thrice and never got any of the others since we moved before Romeo, or Macbeth, or Midsummer. And I love Stacie's idea of toys for grownups - I've always wanted a pair of those sneakers that little kids have today - the ones that light up at each step! :-)

katiez said...

Beet pulp! Bizarre footprints! Large body of water fetish! Pogo stick? Nothing boring here...strange, but not boring...

Abby said...

Ditto on the cell-phone thing. But the worry (and guilt from the husband) of what if something happens and you NEED it keeps me paying. Grrr.

Otherwise, I'm terribly uninteresting. But thanks for sharing!

KathyF said...

Hey! You have Barbie doll feet too!

Sam said...

I have a lot of frozen tomato pulp to get rid of before next tomato season begins. I am thinking that Bloody Marys might be popular amongst karaoke singers? Do you think I should just strain it? help!

cookiecrumb said...

Stacie: OK, can you make me a big, clear bubble to roll around in? You hop, I'll roll.

Pam: I hope you finally got your Romeo! And Midsummer. (I never liked the tragedies.) BTW, just knock over a little kid in some of those shoes and carve out the blinky light... stuff it into your own sneakers. Feel the love.

Katie: Have I said too much? Ew, now I find myself strange. :D

Abby: Yeah, well that's what I have it for, too. But dammit, never an emergency in my boring life! Ha.

KathyF: Thank you! Thank you! There's a name for my affliction? A diagnosis? Oh, the relief this brings me. Are you likewise a sufferer?
(Wow, I just suddenly felt my waist go all thin and my boobs popped out. Oh, wait. You said "feet.")

Sam: I'd run it through a food mill if it's lumpy. Maybe whir it in the blender if you're reaching for ultra smoothness. (Because, as you know, I never throw pulp away.)

Pam said...

Ha! Yes, I did find my Romeo, both the Zeffirelli version (cried my eyes out) and, even better, the real life one! Not Midsummer yet but I have time. Great suggestion for how to obtain blinky sneakers of my own - now, where to find a little kid who is unattended and weaker than I?

tammy said...

CC, I know what happened to your pogo stick! Somehow, it made its way to an East Coast flea market, and then into my parents' garage. I can pogo stick for hours, no kidding. All thanks to you.

I don't have it anymore, but I still jump rope 'cause it's fun.

Barbara said...

I so wanted a pogo stick and all I got was a hoola hoop.

cookiecrumb said...

Pam: As I wrote out my reply to you, I was thinking of its double meaning. (As for Zeffirelli's movie: When Romeo was about to drink the poison -- and we ALL know how the play goes -- I blurted out "No, don't!" In the theater. Blush.)

Tammy: Jumping IS fun. Glad you got some use out of my stick!

Barbara: Blame it on Tammy.

Pam said...

That's great! Zeffirelli would have been pleased to have elicited that from you who already knew the plot and still couldn't help yourself! Weren't they beautiful young people? Mysteriously,I've never seen either on the screen again.

Snowgurlie said...

My dog is called either PopTart or PopCorn, depending upon how she's acting.

And in thinking about it, most of my doggie-nicknames are food-related.


KathyF said...

Yes, I have Barbie feet. My daughter noticed it one day. They sort of look s-shaped.

cookiecrumb said...

Snowgurlie: Oh, how cute, you little muffin, you! (Or are you more of a gingersnap?)

KathyF: Awesome. Yes, I totally get the S-shape. Ew. And yet! I think my feet look fabulous in open-sided shoes. You too?