Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm This Many (holds up two fingers) Today

Who ever would have thought, two years ago when I wrote my first blog post, that I'd stick with it this long? Not me.
There was so much I didn't know then.
I had a hell of a time uploading photos in those early days. Didn't know how to make a link. That was all learnable stuff, though, and I learned.
What I never expected was that I would make actual friends through blogging, some of whom I've hung out with several times, and some of whom I haven't met — yet.
Wait. Isn't that like Internet dating? And isn't that supposed to be depraved?
No, and no. It's just a whole new social paradigm.
In fact, the first time I read in a local blog about fellow bloggers meeting up at the farmers market, I was simultaneously horrified (your anonymity is blown!) and jealous (I want to be there, too!).
But now? Been there, done that.
The first time a fellow blogger e-mailed me privately, I felt simultaneously invaded (oh, wait, never mind; I published my addie for exactly that reason) and conspiratorial (ooh, now I know your real name!).
The community is full of warmth and advice, generosity and wisdom.
I'm pleased to be here.
I just want to give a special shout-out to Sam. Shortly after I began my blog, I decided it was time to "come out" and use my blog link on comments. Sam picked up on it right away, and squirreled backward through cyberspace to come over here and see who this nutty Cookiecrumb was, who had been making snarky remarks on her blog.
She must not have hated my blog too much, because she did me the grand honor of announcing me as a Bay Area Blogger of the Week. And that brought me some traffic.
Without it, I might have quit.
But I'm still here, bothering people.
It makes me happy. I mean mad.
No. Happy.


Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

Happy blog birthday :) I'm sure glad you kept at it and didn't quit!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I think we count *ourselves* the lucky ones to have found you, Cranky, & sweet sweet Bean Sprout. Happy two's, I think you've got license to be terrible now. ;-)

Sam said...

Awww - I got a special shout out - thank you.

It's a pleasure to count you among my real life bloggedy friends.

so you just caused me to go and check my birthdate - here's the deal:

in 4 days time my blog will be 3 years old.

in 4 posts time, my blog will be 1000 posts big.

I don't know if I have time for it, but if I was organised - I could get the two to coincide and it would seem, well I don't know? Contrived or ublelievable or what?

I am so glad you stuck with it!


Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Happy birthday! I have only been reading blogs for a few months and writing one for a few weeks, but I know what you mean, it is such a warm and friendly community. I can only hope for the same friendship. I can see some unfurling already.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You're one of my favourites, always funny, always interesting and delicious. More piccies of beansprout please!!

Civic Center said...

But why haven't the monsters been impeached yet? Can't Nancy Pelosi read?

Happy birthday, and I hope your move wasn happy-making and not too disturbing.

Jennifer Maiser said...

It's times like this when I get totally verklempt thinking about our fun little community and how rich my life is because of it. Really, thank goodness that you started your blog and I met you because of it. I am much better for it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I've been reading for a few months and enjoy your posts every time. I'm glad the growing friendships are as much fun for you as your writing (and Cranky's)is for us readers.

Cheers, Pam

Kalyn Denny said...

Happy blog birthday. I start April 24, 2005 so I guess we are both in the class of 2005. (Actually it was Stephen from Stephen Cooks who decided it would be fun to call it the class of 2005, but I like the idea.)

I've really enjoyed reading your blog these past two years.

Tea said...

Aww, here's to many more! Glad I got to be one of the people you met up with at the farmers' market (remember the first time?). It stuns me that this all could have easily not happened--but I am so glad it did!

Stacie said...

congrats and happy blogday! glad yer here, your snarky foody goodness makes my day!

tammy said...

Two years. That's amazing. I'll be lucky if I can hang on for that long. Thanks for the daily inspiration!

meathenge said...

Man, I was reading through your post attempting to come up with a point. Talk about missing the obvious! Happy fricken birthday !!!

Mines comes up in a few weeks.

xo, Biggles

Catherine said...

Congratulations on #2! I think of you as an old timer! Keep it comin'

Dagny said...

I did the same thing that Sam did. LOL It appears that I will hit two years at my current blog later this month. (I briefly had another blog that I started in January 2005 but then I wanted to make huge template changes and decided that it was better to start off fresh.)

Congrats on the two years! I'd bake you a cake but I get the idea that you're not that into sweets. Perhaps it is from something I read here.

Ilva said...

You see, it's not dangerous! I hope you will go in for at least 20 more years, OK 2 then! A big kiss to you for making my blog days brighter!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Blog! Your blog was one of the first ones I started reading, and you must be doing something right because I keep coming back! AND, I too posted my blog link on my comments on your blog, which made you come to mine, and you were the first "big name" blogger to read my blog. It made me so happy, I did a little dance in honor of it.
Please accept this invitation (open until at least April 2008) for you to come visit me in Adelaide, South Australia! Have you met an international blogger yet?
I can promise you good food, tons of wineries and kangaroo salami. Good times will be eaten by all. Congrats again!

ChrisB said...

As a regular reader for the past two years, on Sam's recommendation (my daughter has good taste!), I'm glad you stuck with it; I would never have got to meet Bean Sprout or to become a surrogate 'mom'!!

Unknown said...

Cookiecrumb, Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for food blogging! You brought to me the glory of the Mac and Cheese Off, and more importantly, the Eat Locally Challenge. I am for ever thankful and transformed.

Kevin said...

You must be mistaken about how long you've been publishing I'm Mad because I know for a fact I've been reading it forever.

Moonbear said...

Happy Blirthday you Mad Eater you.
I am so glad I found you while following the next blog button through the dark of some sleepless night. It was you who got me to get bloggin, if you recall. Thank you! and keep up the very entertaining, very inspirational madness.

Liz said...

Woo! Happy blog birthday, Cookiecrumb! :)

Beccy said...

Happy Birthday CC. I've yet to meet any bloggers but the personal emails (knowing the names) and parcels I've received have been great.

Monkey Wrangler said...

I can hear my monkey now, saying last year: "Hi! I'm two!"

Now firmly in the terrible twos are you?

cookiecrumb said...

Thank you all for the kind words. (Sally Field moment.) You like me!

Anita: Aw... xx

Melissa: Terrible! OK!

Sam: You totally have to time your anniversary and your 1,000th post.

Holler: Oh, goody, a new blogger for me to come and visit. I'll be right over.

Jennywenny: He's in the middle of a haircut (it takes us about three days), and then you get your wish.

SFMike: I may have gotten lazy on the IMPEACH part of things; thanks for shaking me up.

Jen: You know how special you have been to me.

Pam: Well, it's about time for you to leave us a link so we can find your blog!

Kalyn: I had no idea we were so close in blog age! Happy anniversary. I love Class of 2005!!

Tea: Totally. xx

Stacie: I feel the same about you.

Tammy: Oh don't give up now. I'm hooked on you.

Dr. Biggles: Something about "it's May, it's May, outdoor =blogging= begins today"?

Catherine: I am an old timer, but I'm a two-year-old blogger, heh.

Dagny: Let's come up with a recipe for horseradish ice cream. Ha!

Ilva: You are my inspiration, do you know?

Leena: Kangaroo salami? Dust off the rollaway bed; here I come!

ChrisB: If you had any idea how very close in age you and I are, you'd never feel a maternal instinct at all.

Lannae: Everybody else -- go see what this blogger from Nashville is doing. Awesome.

Kevin: Well, see, at our age we lose track of time. Where are my reading glasses?

Moonbear: You mean a lot to me, and if I kept you blogging in any way, I'm so pleased. :D

Liz: Thanks, pal. You are an inspiration.

Beccy: You will meet some bloggers, I'm sure. Wait! Do you know Sam Breach? She's awesome.

Monkey Wrangler: No! NOOOO! No, no, no!

Sam said...

i like that tea total ly comment

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's the little things that make us keep on blogging, isn't it? I'm thinking of peas, particularly.

Anonymous said...

I am blogless. Don't have enough to say so I just enjoy what others write and chime in from time to time with a comment. Hope to see you sometime at the Marin market - I'll probably recognize you from the Chron article! Keep up the fun work!

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: Tea keeps blowing me away with her comments. Did you see the one she left on my tongs post? (May 10)

KathyF: It's a gas. We get to "know" one another... Now I'm a Pea Blogger. :-)

Pam: Oh, I didn't know! I'll try to join Cranky there; he's usually the one who ends up there on his bike ride. (I'll be the one with the red carnation. Kidding.)

Tea said...

Aww, I need to keep knocking them out of the park to make sure y'all don't forget me--now that I'm "out of state," as they say.

I haven't turned in my Northern Californian membership card yet!

shuna fish lydon said...

O my goodness I'm sooooo late!


Of course I love you until the end of the earth. you and your cyber gun toting self!

Keep on keepin on.

cookiecrumb said...

Shuna: Loves and loves to you, you can sniff my perfumed poitrine any time. :D

Barbara said...

Belated blog birthday greetings Cookie. I'm glad you stuck with it.