Friday, February 09, 2007

Fave Rave

Sometimes you just have to go to a diner.
This one has real wooden tables and ancient checkered linoleum floor tiles. A long counter with stools. One very special alcove with a big table crammed into it, where shady deals are surely hatched.
It is right here in toney Marin, as anachronistic as all-get-out and very, very busy.
I ordered biscuits and gravy. I've been systematically sampling the biscuits and gravy whenever I see it on menus in Marin, and I'm almost always disappointed.
Yesterday I was very happy. These biscuits and gravy come with two eggs, any style, on top of the biscuits and smothered with the sausage gravy. Mmmph!
I had been thinking about keeping this place all to myself, but I realize it fits perfectly with Chubbypanda's Save Our Faves meme. It's a chance to give proper props to places we'd hate to see go out of business.
You might not like this place, but I've described it well enough that you should be able to judge for yourself.
It's called Lundy's. It's on Fourth Street in downtown San Rafael.


Susan said...

Who knew you could get biscuits and gravy at so many places in CA!

Dagny said...

Mmmm. I haven't had good biscuits and gravy since I left Williamsburg. Frank's Truck Stop. Best late night grub ever.

Beccy said...

Biscuits and gravy? Is a US biscuit different to an English biscuit? I certainly wouldn't put the two together.

Kevin said...

I used to eat lunch at a similar place in Eugene -- I love joints like that,

kudzu said...

Walked by Lundy's lotsa times, but never been there. I have an issue with sausage gravy. Where I grew up we had sausage AND gravy, but never the twain were mixed, ie -- sausage patties were cooked and then cream gravy made from the pan, eaten over split hot biscuits (no, Beccy, not cookies), with sausage alongside. But maybe I will order something else there.

Liz said...

OMG. Biscuits and gravy is one of our favorites. So much so that we've started making it at home when we have leftover drippings from roasting a bird. That can't be a good thing. ;)

kudzu said...

Have to step back in: Liz, cream gravy made from chicken drippings (esp. fried chicken) is the second best after sausage. It's great on biscuits but is also served with rice alongside the chicken.

pete said...

have you tried sam's for play cafe in santa rosa for your biscuit hunting?

they've got some very impressive biscuitude and fine gravy.

my two "must try if on the menu" items:
home made corned beef hash, and the monte cristo.htt

cookiecrumb said...

Susan: I know. It's an odd little Southern treat, but apparently it's on the "How To Run a Diner" DVD. (Joking!)

Dagny: OK, that's on my list now. If I ever get to Williamsburg.

Beccy: Like Kudzu says, biscuits in the US are not cookies. They're fluffy, flaky little disks of quick bread made with baking powder.

Kevin: "Joint." That nails it.

Kudzu: I first ate biscuits and gravy in Florida, and I thought it was a traditional dish. Turns out it's just a way to get cheap with the meat.

Liz: (And Kudzu) -- I'm just a sucker for cream gravy. Goes straight to my thighs.

Pete: Oh! Might be worth a trip. Thanks for the tip.
(Do you make your own corned-beef hash? I make some every year the day after St. Patrick's Day. It's good.)