Saturday, December 23, 2006

Miwok Soup

All credit to Cranky. He dreamed up this recipe; I simply executed it and named it.
It was such a local, seasonal natural: Dungeness crab and chanterelle mushrooms, in a vegetable broth. It got me to thinking what the native population in my corner of the world might have concocted, centuries ago.
If you want to try: Heat the vegetable broth (mine was homemade, unseasoned but very complex) in a saucepan; add salt to taste. In a separate skillet, gently sauté cut-up, cleaned chanterelles (be generous) in just a little butter with a pinch of salt. Add some thinly sliced scallions (I used one for two servings), but reserve a few slices for garnish. Now add some cooked rice to the skillet, in about the same proportions as the mushrooms. When the broth is hot, add picked-over crabmeat (in the same proportions as the rice and the mushrooms) to the skillet; warm it through.
Place a mound of the crab-vegetable mixture in each bowl, and ladle warm broth over. Decorate with sliced scallions.
This is really nice to eat, because at first, the broth has not taken on the flavors of the scallions and crab... But as you eat, it begins to.


Anna Haight said...

Yum! This recipe has a definite Japanese feel to it. Sounds marvelous!

Abby said...

Miwoks for Ewoks? Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

That's a fantastic picture, by the way.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

kudzu said...

Oh, Lord, that is just what I would love to be putting into my mouth this evening. I love the combination of sweet local ingredients, sure that your own broth made a lot of difference......I hope you have a lovely, lovely holiday.

sfmike said...

That's pornographic.

sherry said...

Wonderful picture, and I know it would taste fabulous!! Have a great holiday!!!!!!!

cookiecrumb said...

Anna: You are so right. That's exactly what my mouth was telling me. Oh, the crab was sooo sweet.

Abby: Did you know George Lucas named Ewoks after the Miwok tribe? There's your Star Wars trivia for the day.

Kudzu: I have fallen in love with SIMPLE food. It can be so elegant.

Mike: Naughty you!

Sherry: Thank you, dearie.



Catherine said...

love the photo!

D-man said...

I mean damn, Grand Slam! You had crab on first, chanterelles on second, veggie broth on third......and then y'all stepped up and knocked one back deep into the grandstands toward some local culture much deserving.

You guys are awesome. This dish looks like absolute heaven to me. My favorite mushroom, my favorite shelled creature, local.

cookiecrumb said...

D-Man: Yikes! Well, all I can say is Farmers Market. Go, buy the mushrooms and a little tub of crab. Hurry, they're in season.