Saturday, November 25, 2006

This Is My Butcher

This is Bryan.
Actually, I shop at more than one butcher, depending on my needs. Oh, and then there are the bacon-sausage-salami craftsmen (and women).
But this guy, Bryan, takes care of me.
Last year I asked him if it would be possible to order some sardines (since he doesn't regularly stock them). Oh, dear, he said. Your minimum order would have to be five pounds.
Then he brightened and said perhaps he could talk with some of his other customers who might want to share. Sure enough, he called us at home a couple of days later and said to come and get the sardines. (And they were good.)
Shortly before Thanksgiving, Cranky asked Bryan if he would have any aged rib roasts for Christmas. Bryan disappeared briefly into the back and returned lugging almost a whole side of beef — ageing under watchful eyes. But he suggested that we wait a week or so before ordering our roast; he didn't want anything to get misplaced in the Thanksgiving rush. I love that kind of service.
Now, this must be a bit of a difficult week for butchers. Everybody is oppressed by leftover turkey and not in the mood to buy food.
But this morning I received the best e-mail from Bryan. It said that he'd lucked into some super-fresh — and rare — blue fin tuna. (Most of the catch is exported to Japan.) He said he bought it right at the wharf this morning! That's fresh.
And that's thoughtful.
Good business, too.
Bryan didn't want this opportunity to slip by, so he sent out a message to everyone on his list.
This story has a funny ending, because I didn't actually buy any tuna.
But I just wanted to brag about my butcher. And fishmonger. His chickens are unbelievably tasty too, and...


shuna fish lydon said...

.... and third in your "special" house paties?

Goodness but you are one lucky gal (and cranky).

sfmike said...

I am feeling serious food provider envy. How cool.

And additionally, though it's obvious, it needs to be said again that the internet really is amazing.

Dagny said...

That is definitely service.

Anonymous said...

An excellent butcher!? Willing to share his location? Since I'm nearby and would like to have a relationship with someone who would do some meat cuts for me closer than SF, I'd love a referral! I have been in search of sardines in my life occasionally too... especially ones that are less than 6" -- ever seen extra small ones anywhere?

Greg said...

That place rocks! I just have mall phobia this time of year.

cookiecrumb said...

Shuna: xoxo

SFMike: I think you'll be just fine shopping in the city. Yes, the Internet [close your eyes; cliche ahead] changed my world.

Dagny: I hate to take advantage of him; he's just so nice. So I keep my requests sane and infrequent.

Anna: Click on Bryan's name! The Internet is magic.

Greg: Of course, you know the place. But you're right. Mall phobia! I hope it dies down in time for our Christmas meal.

kudzu said...

You know that I know where Bryan purveys! (Master of all he purveys?) It's worth every extra penny one pays there to have such professional service. Rib roast sounds especially good on this chill, wet day after more than I care to see of turkey.

Greg: the mall in question is much more benign than most, on a more human scale with room for strolling and sitting around outside.

Lannae said...

Jealousy abounds my mind now! I want Bryan! Is there any possible way I can con Bryan into coming to Nashville to set up shop and bring me aged roasts and bluefin tuna? Note to you: Nashville Butchers = 0. ;-P

cookiecrumb said...

Lannae: That's sad news about Nashville! Poo.
Turns out Bryan is even famous-er than I thought; he's one of the featured food celebs in the Chef's Catalog that just arrived! OMG, I shop with the stars.