Monday, November 27, 2006

Square Meals

This is almost more embarrassing than a peek inside my freezer, or a look at my spattered kitchen.
This is a photo chronicle of what I ate for the past week, a come-clean exercise proposed by Sam at Becks & Posh.
I already flunked by not following the rules: I was supposed to record all the liquids too, so for the record they were tea, juice, water and wine, in interchangeable quantities and levels of appropriateness. Oh, and milk in the tea. That's a liquid. Honey too?
Sam found us participants a fun new Flickr Toy to create photo collages, and I decided to restrict my mosaic to 5 x 5. Yes, I ate (and photographed) more than 25 things last week, but so many of them were duplicates, like yogurt in the morning or leftover turkey soup or turkey sandwiches. Buttered toast. Green beans.
For that reason, I think it would be a ghastly bore to list daily menus. Each entry, except Thanksgiving Day, would be pretty similar. There were one or two really interesting food items (those eggs, for instance!), but I'll be writing about them later.
Overall, I'm happy to see that it's been a pretty healthy diet.
I had been afraid, going into this project, that I'd have nothing to report but bastard meals of wine and gummy bears. In fact, though, owing to all the great food items on the premises this week, that happened only once, and I actually had to stage it to get the picture.


Sean said...

You just had to go for the pink wine and gummi bears, dintcha? :-)

Anita said...

Love the collage! And for point-and-shoot pix, that's a pretty nice collection. :)

s'kat said...

Nice and neat! I skipped photographing my beverages for pretty much the same reason as you! Happy holoidays, indeed!

cookiecrumb said...

Sean: Yeah, it was a vow to the readership. Oh, the sacrifices I make.

Anita: I've waited a long time for a collage toy, and even though the uploading is a real chore, I'm happy. So thanx!

S'kat: Merci to you too. I'm not anal, though... I'm just rectal---linear. Yeah, that's it.

Dagny said...

I don't care too much about the beverages except for the combo with the gummi bears. And the collage looks great.

Kalyn said...

I love the flickr toy. I'll have to try it.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

I'd say you eat pretty darn well, Miz C. Is that some yogurt I spy in one of the pictures? Some *homemade* yogurt? Do tell!

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks, Dagny. Next time, cherry cola.

Kalyn: It'll eat up a chunk of your time, but it's not difficult. If you can use Picasa, you might have an easier alternative, though.

Jennifer: I couldn't believe I wasn't even snacking. There's your proof.
(Yes, homemade yogurt! From, as you know, a storebought machine.)

Sam said...

thanks for taking part.
I love gummy bears too, almost as much as jelly babies but i never tried them with wine.
I did leave a comment here last week but my computer crashed and it looks like it was probably lost.

Sam said...

ps jelly babies go with vodka not wine

Anonymous said...

I obviously gave Sam the taste for gummy bears as I love them too !!

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: It was a week of rigor. Not just the confessional part, but *always* having to take a picture. Fortunately it was also a week of pretty decent food in the house.
PS: Thanks for the tip about the vodka!

ChrisB: I don't think my mom cares for them. Wonder where I picked up the lust?

Catherine said...

great shots!