Saturday, November 18, 2006

Seasonally Inappropriate BAT

I was going through my posts from November of last year, and was startled to find I'm repeating myself.
No, not about turkey gravy (that may still be coming, however).
About tomatoes.
I can't explain it, but we still have fresh tomatoes in the house. For more than a month the vendors at the market have been saying "this is the last week," but they keep coming.
So what did I do a year ago that I'm repeating now? Well, not exactly repeating; there was a creative departure this year. But basically: BLT.
This time, though, there was no lettuce, so Cranky improvised with another green vegetal item. Hence, the bacon-avocado-tomato sandwich.
The bacon was from Fatted Calf, my first taste of this stuff. Great smoke, but a little too salty. Cooks up really evenly to that crisp-chewy state without any wet, rubbery bits or shattering, burnt parts.
I got in close for this picture, but I was a little too excited, and I wobbled the camera. Couldn't shoot it over; evidence had been devoured.


Dagny said...

Anything that has either bacon or avocado is always good in my book.

mrs d said...

BLT with avacado is my all time favorite sandwich. The pub up in Friday Harbor serves one on a croissant. I was hard-pressed to ever order anything else on their menu. Well, save for the beer, of course.

Damn. I could use one of those now. And about six beers. My stupid hosting service's SQL database has crashed along with their mail server, so I've had no blog and no email all day.

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Yes. Absolutely. (And then there's that avocado that tastes like bacon... but I'm not crazy about it; go figure.)

Mrs D: I'm sending you a mental BLT with avocado; you need it. You're on your own for the beers.
Are you writing a novel this month?

shuna fish lydon said...

"Evidence Devoured."

This has a ring to it.

Oh, that's right-- it sounds like all the drug busts in my old neighborhood.

I used to like the FC bacon and then it go too smoky for me. Good thing they make a lot of other things with pig...

mrs d said...

No NanoWriMo for me this month, although I'm doing a weekend writing challenge with a few novelist friends this next weekend. They're all speed demons (one with I've lost count how many novels coming out in the next year or so), so I'm rather doomed.

My site's still down. I need beers. Toodles.

cookiecrumb said...

Shuna: Yeah, and we practically got high from it too.

Mrs D: Off topic, but great story: I met a Scottish woman yesterday, and one of the first things she told me is "I don't wear pink." (Plus she's friends with the Cowgirls.) Funny world.

mrs d said...


Y'know, I wear that hat every morning for dog walking. The puppy doesn't mind the pink at all. :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs D: Aroo!
(Too bad it's such a lame pink.)

drbiggles said...

Hey Shuna, hey Cookie,

It looks from here the edges of the bacon got a little dark, that'll make the bacon quite a bit more salty. And in the recent months of this year, FC has been choking back on the smoke. The last 5 or 6 packages over about 4 months have been quite light on the smoke. I did up a pound over the weekend, medium rare and light smoke. Darned fine if'n you axe me.


cookiecrumb said...

Biggles: Then I'll cook the bacon myself next time. Cranky gets antsy.