Sunday, November 19, 2006

North Beach North

Yay, flu shots. All taken care of.
We rewarded ourselves with a meal on the deck of one of San Rafael's beloved, salt-cured joints on the "harbor." We really only went because the weather was nice. We had not been following closely the fact that the restaurant had yet again changed ownership. It used to be called somebody-or-other's Pier 15 (forgot the name), and then it became Art's Pier 15. The second to most recent owner decided to go for just Pier 15, and that's what the current owners are calling the place.
I wouldn't bother you with all this history, but the fact is, Pier 15 just got acquired by a bit of history. The new owners have deep roots in the local Italian restaurant scene, especially San Francisco's North Beach scene.
The current chef learned to cook at his parents' restaurant, Mama's. So he's good with breakfasts.
He makes his own hollandaise sauce; says so right on the menu — which confirms my belief that the previous kitchens all used canned glop. He knows where to procure a simply amazing Canadian bacon that's so rich with smoke... is food in Canada this good?
And so, yeah, that adds up to a darn good plate of Eggs Benedict.
Only in this case, I think it would be an honor to call it Eggs Dante Benedetti.


Dagny said...

Dante Benedetti, huh? He was a perfectly charming man from what I remember of the times I went to New Pisa.

mrs d said...

So many kitchens just don't have the patience (or the staff, or the facilities) to keep a homemade Hollandaise at just the right temperature so it doesn't break or solidify before serving, so (sadly) canned glop is (somewhat) understandable.

Not that it's any good, I say, completely spoiled by Chopper's homemade Hollandaise expertise. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've never gotten a flu shot and it kind of "scares" me. Not the actual shot, just what's in it even though I know it's protective. Next year I'll HAVE to get it, because I'll be in clinical rotations and will be around people with flu. Maybe I'll end up getting it this year anyway. We'll see. The last time they had it available I had a cold, so I didn't think it would be wise to get it then.

Glad you enjoyed your post-shot treat!

cookiecrumb said...

Contest closed. We have a winner.
Dang, Dag. Who knew the very first comment would be from somebody who knew who Dante Benedetti was?
I mentioned his name ultra casually, to see if... and you did. xoxox! (For other readers, I have now linked Benedetti's name to a bio.)

Mrs D: I understand that, totally. And to be an un-snob, I didn't totally hate the canned glop! It's just that there was no way the previous cooks were making it fresh. So this is a fun new find. (Chopper. Meow!)

Claire: I've been getting them for 10 years now, and no problems. I missed out on the free clinic at my health plan last weekend because I was feeling way ill. So yesterday we had to pay for them. Eh. (Bonus discussion point: I asked for the low-thimerosal vaccine, and my arm feels fine.)

Kalyn said...

I screwed up, was halfway home from work before I remembered I was supposed to be getting a flu shot, so now I'll have to pay. I'm a believer.

Eggs benedict are fantatic. One of my all time favorite foods.

sfmike said...

Beautiful paean to a great breakfast chef.

I'm a paranoid when it comes to flu shots so I've never bothered. However, I've been in places such as backstage at the opera or in certain office buildings where just about everyone gets a flu shot at the same time, and if you're breathing the same air and hanging out together it's like getting a flu shot yourself. Rather like a "contact high," but more biological. The cure is 12 hours sleep.

If I ever get Tony back from Palm Springs, I'm dragging him to Pier 15 for his favorite dish in the world, Eggs Benedict, and maybe we can join you there.

Stacie said...

ok, that picture made my tummy rumble!!!!! I gotta get on my Hollandaise since there is not a canned-gloop-free establishment for a hundred miles.... YUM!

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: I skipped it last year out of sheer incompetence, and I didn't get sick, but... We're getting older, aren't we, dearie? We do what we must. :D (I did get a ratty cold last year, though, because just ONCE I failed to wash my hands after my workout, and touched my eyes or mouth or something... I remember the exact moment, saying "I'm doomed," and I was. Wash your hands!!)

SFMike: It pleases me immensely that you know this place. Let's DO meet for eggs. Send me a note when Tony comes back.

Stacie: Ever heard of orange hollandaise? Use orange juice instead of lemon. Mm!

Anonymous said...

mmm, Cranberry, Orange, Walnut Bread French Toast served with Mixed Berries and Maple Syrup too.

I had my first ever flu shot this year and then about a week later got a bothersome cold that kept me home from work.

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: You come too. You'll want to monitor how far your matchmaking has progressed.

Anonymous said...

I got really sick about a week after I got the flu shot this year...

I've been accumulating places tried/to try for breakfast in Marin, and this one wasn't on my radar yet! Sounds like a great place!

cookiecrumb said...

Anna: I'm up late too. Reply: I'm so glad you read this! I was *thisclose* to leaving a comment on your blog about Pier 15 for breakfast, but I don't know what days they serve. Weekends, for sure. I bet your dad would get a real kick out of this place.
Um, as for flu shots giving you (and Sam) a cold. I don't think that's what's supposed to happen. I think for one thing, the flu virus in the vaccine is disabled. And for another thing, a cold is not the flu. So it's just a bad coincidence.
Anyway. Good health to you!

Dagny said...

I did think about sitting back and watching the answers but then North Beach is my part of SF. If I keep it up, one day I may be as legendary as Dante himself.

I still remember the night when I met him. He said, "Where were you a week ago when I was looking for a new girlfriend?" One never forgets a comment like that. This was in the height of my G&C days when Frank Rossi would reach into the register to give me five bucks because the music had stopped and he trusted my taste on the jukebox.

For eggs on a Sunday morning I have always preferred Savor or Ella's. Preferably the last because I had my fave waitress there who would hold specials for me while I waited in line to be seated.

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Ha, Gino & Carlo's! You get around. I must have run into you there in the past.
I like the sound of Ella's. (Sorry, but I'll pass on Savor. I can hardly bear to return to Noe Valley for some reason, having escaped it in 1991.)

Anonymous said...

I have been to Mama's and I recall the eggs benedict was superb so Pier 15 is one to visit when I next visit Sam..