Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh, Bloody 'Ell's Kitchen

I watch it. I do.
Oh, yes, and I hate it.
I do not have control over the TV remote at my house, so I watch what Cranky wants to watch. (Which is perfectly fine with me. If Cranky goes out of town for a few days, it always amazes him to come home and discover that the TV is still tuned to whatever channel he left it on.)
Anyway. So there you go.
I watch Hell's Kitchen, a most completely phony, fabricated, fake show about "cooking."
Do you like to watch?


Sam said...

ha ha - fred says the same thing too - he watches tv in the morning, then he leaves it on whenhe goes to work, it is still playing the same channel when he returns home in the evening but I haven't even glanced at it. I like to listen to it though I don't know what its saying - it kinda keeps me company tho.

I think I might become addicted to the world poker championships if I were to admit to watching anything at all on tv.

i have never seen hells kitchen.

anni said...

We don't have cable for our TV. In fact, our TV died a few weeks ago. Something to do with the model. Apparently there's a class action lawsuit against the company. SONY - good luck!
When I visit my nephews and nieces in San Diego, they immediately turn the channel to the FOOD NETWORK before my tush is parked comfortably on the right side of the sofa. I taught them well!
Sara Moulton is scheduled to be in Santa Rosa on Sunday, with new local celebrity star Guy Fieri.

Gee, I wish I was gonna be in town.

Anni :-)

KathyF said...

Aha! I thought I spied my nemesis, Gordon Ramsay. Ever since I posted Gordon Ramsay Serves Up Tasteless Misogyny I've had about a million google hits.

Why is this man so popular?

As the Garden Grows said...

weellll, I have only caught a few brief moments here and there and that little bit had me steamed. I told my husband that he should try to get on that show because 1. he likes to cook and 2. I think he could put that guy in his place, at least give him a good run for his money and it would be very entertaining to watch!

Dagny said...

I'll admit it. I watch "Hell's Kitchen" every week. It's not like it's the first season though. These folks know just what they have signed up for. I think that's what makes it kind of entertaining for me. They knowingly signed up for this abuse? But Ramsay is like the classic abuser. Have you noticed how once every blue moon he actually doles out a compliment? That must be why they put up with it -- the hope that he'll say something nice.

"Honey, I'm really sorry that I called you every name in the book last night. You know I really think you're wonderful. I wouldn't have to say those things if you didn't push me though. You know it's all your fault."

Moonbear said...

Gordon Ramsey's occupation is listed as "World Class Chef". I have never seen this as a check-box on any form I ever filled out for occupation. I usually have to choose "other" because they don't have a box for "aging hippy enviromentalist grandma." But I could be called a "World Class Other."

Also, since we rebelled against comcast, we don't watch much unless it's late night reruns of Seinfeld, and on rabbit ear reception. That's desperado TV watching.

mrs d said...

Dave absolutely refuses to watch Hell's Kitchen. We watch many other cooking shows (Ming, Rick, Alton...) but nope, no EgoRamsayFromHell allowed in our house.

(And if anyone comes near us with that old BS about how all the best chefs have to be assholes, we give 'em what for. Such a load of crap that one is...)

johng said...

The only cooking show I watch is the Sopranos. Well, Drama cooks a little on entourage.

drbiggles said...

I love watching television and comcast can go to hell. I've been on a dish for maybe 9 years and have loved every second. Especially since the picture quality is about 53 times better than cable.

I watch Gorden whether it's hells kitchen or his nightmares one. How come hells kitchen is so fake? Sure it's edited and produced to a T, but I don't believe it's completely made up and fake. I believe what my tv tells me, it cares about me.
The only time I've seen gordon being an asshole is when he's dealing with a complete moron that needs a good smacking about. This is more evident in Nightmares, holy cow yes.
I've also seen him go completely out of his way to help someone too. A few episodes ago he found a 17 year old dishwasher in the back. Since the regular crew were so lousy at everything, he brought the kid up and put him in charge of preparing vegetables, mostly grilling I believe. Gordon took time to show him how to "Make love to the vegetables." The kid was totally in to it and did GREAT. The smile on his face was worth a thousand and 4 words.
On a previous nightmares the head chef was a complete screw up and spent most of his time going out for a smoke. Turns out he was a full blown alcholic and wound up in the hospital due to his body giving out. Gordon brought everything to a halt and had a heart to heart talk with the guy. Sat him down and said it was nothing to be ashamed of and the most important thing was to get help. Which is exactly what the guy did, 6 months of in-house help. And this was the show where he offered to put money in a jar every time he swore if the guy wouldn't drink during his shift. But that was before he collapsed, if I remember correctly.

If you don't like TV, then you'll most certainly LOVE Moral Orel on Adult Swim.

Watch it just once and you'll be in love.


cookiecrumb said...

Y'know, I've only viewed him as a hideous phenomenon, without trying to analyze his personality. But I totally see now that he is an abuser. And KathyF, you ripped him a new one!
Biggles, I call it phony because you never see the contestants actually cooking... they just seem to be poking the risotto or sweating into the marinara.
(Hm. Do I get AdultSwim? I'll have to ask Cranky; he's in charge of the remote.)

Monkey Gland said...

Despite the fact that he seems so abusive his restaurants have some of the highest retention rates of staff you'll ever see at a London restaurant. I think the sweary mary routine is wearing a bit thin and he should just get back to the food. I don't suppose you guys have been subjected to "The F Word" yet have you...

drbiggles said...


Buuut, hells kitchen isn't a cooking show. The porpoise of the show has absolutely nothing to do with instructing anyone on how to even toast bread. I've never seen one scene that would lead me to believe otherwise.
It's about attempting to bring out 'something' in a person that would lead someone such as Ramsey to believe that they could be head chef in one of his over publicized restaurants. While this isn't probable, it could be possible.

But in the long run? (six months)

He's screwed.

cookiecrumb said...

Well, I'm not eating there.

sher said...

Oh, I hate to admit I watch it. I dislike the whole show and make nasty comments during it. The contestants all look dirty and are barely able to say anything besides "fricking." How they are supposed to manage a restaurant is beyond me. I want to see the restaurant that one of them wins. I bet it's a hot dog cart. Why do I watch it? Just another question for my therapist.

Bacon Press said...

This season's Hell's Kitchen...

Wait! Why again is there another season of Hell's Kitchen???

I thought Ramsay would've made his money and ruined his reputation enough on the first one.

Now he's back and this one is actually worse than the first one!!

The contestants are pathetic (cooks) and the show is obviously staged; who goes and who stays so obviously rigged to produce ratings.

And I'm on my couch every Monday watching it.

Go figure.

I also occasionally watch wrasslin', shows in languages I don't speak or understand, tv preachers, and Charmed.

Thank God I don't have cable.


cookiecrumb said...

Sher: I guess it's like looking at a car wreck. I am so ashamed.

Kevin: No I'm not ashamed! What's funny though, in reading your comment, is I didn't have it committed to memory that the show's on Mondays, and when you said "Thank God I don't have cable," I said to myself "Isn't it on cable?" Eh. That's what Cranky's for. Right Sam?

Kat said...

I'm not sure why but I actually dig Ramsay...although the HK show annoys me to no end. I can't stand it.

Of course Hell's Kitchen is definitely NOT about's an action based reality competition (ala Fear Factor). Ramsay might well be an a**hole in everyday life, but if you look at the show from a production point of view you can tell that he really HAS to throw fits, otherwise there'd be nothing going on. It's all about creating tension and dramarama to keep people watching.

The british Kitchen Nightmares show is much better. At least it's realistic and he's dealing with very real problems.

megastein said...

I admit I am not a fan of reality shows (unless you consider the trials on CourtTV "real"), but I love Hell's Kitchen and have even driven around L.A. looking for it. I also read Tony Bourdain's books and have heard him speak and know that some of the shenanigans and name calling that go on in Hell's Kitchen can mirror days for real kitchen staffs so I can definately appreciate it when someone wins on the show and is rewarded with the honor and privelege of their own restaurant for working their tuchas off.

cookiecrumb said...

Kat: I've watched Nightmares (only once), and I liked it much better. Seemed that Ramsay was a bit more mellow.

Megastein: That's funny! I imagine it to be a sound stage somewhere on Melrose near Silver Lake, but that's because I'm a Northern Californian who knows nothing about L.A. I wonder if they peel off the logos after shooting each night?