Monday, July 24, 2006

Hot Enough to Cook an Egg

This egg wasn't cooked on the pavement, obviously, but it has been hot enough outdoors for a whole sidewalk of omelets.
Still. It's cooling off a bit (only reached the high 90s today; the answering machine at the AC repair shop said "Don't even dream of getting an appointment for the next few weeks"). Safe for us to return to the kitchen, a little at a time.
And therein lay Cranky's Crisis.
He is a natural egg cooker. He gets perfect yolks every time. His omelets never stick, they always turn beautifully and fold to hold luscious fillings. He knows his way around a frittata, and if he had any interest in shirred eggs, I'm sure he could shir with the best of them.
But look at the little gray-green ring on this egg wedge, between the yolk and the white.
"Can I eat this?" Cranky gasped. "Do you think it's all right?"
Yup. The Eggman has never before cooked a hard-cooked egg to the point of getting the little gray-green ring.
He's off his rhythm.
I'm crying.
Goo goo g'joob.


Dagny said...

You mean there's not supposed to be that ring? Now I will have re-examine the whole boiled egg thing. And that last line? I had the song going through my head before I even moved the cursor over the link. Now I'm off to listen to music because if I don't listen to something else, I'll have that stuck in my head as I'm trying to go to sleep.

Catherine said...

uggh - hate the ring! My Mum's always have that and little Sweetpea was totally disgusted (and she only eats the white).

seemed positively chilly outside this evening - hope its a trend!

Carol Logan Newbill said...

Et voila: Perfect Hardboiled Eggs.

Dagny said...

Carol, thanks for the link. I now see what I have been doing wrong.

sher said...

I have to say, I love eggs so much that picture made me very hungry and I didn't even notice the green line.

Sam said...

I thought that by imediately plunging the egg into icy cold water after boiling or running it under a cold tap until cool eliminated the grey line syndrome?

anni said...

As long as "the girlie-girls" are laying, there's always at least a dozen fresh, free-range, golden yolked, unfertilized, organic eggs with your name on them here. We'll include Cranky's name for good measure!

Anni :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Cranky actually thought the green ring was poisonous; he didn't realize he'd created it in the cooking. I want to make a point of saying Cranky's not some kitchen snob. He doesn't go around telling people how to cook or how to eat; far from it. He just happens to have a couple of techniques that work.
Interestingly, his hard-cooked technique is *not* what carol linked to, although I think I would give that version a try, it's so brainless.
When Cranky gets back from his bike ride (it cooled off enough today, yay) I'll find out what he does.
Meanwhile, everybody over to Anni's house for a hen party!!! Woo-hoo! xxx

Sam said...

hen party sounds excellent.

i will soon be sharing details of my 68 degree egg. well maybe probably.

I am sure it will be something cranky wil be interested in playing with.

cookiecrumb said...

Carol and Dagny, Cranky's version is pretty close. He starts eggs in a pot of cold water and turns on medium-low heat until it simmers. Then he lets it go on a low simmer for 9 or 10 minutes, depending on how he wants the yolk. Bang, right into cold water after that. That's all.

Sam: I saw a picture of a "slow" egg. The white looks like jelly. Wow. Let's hear about yours.

Sam said...

i made it a few weeks ago but i was waiting for the next EOTMEOTE which is only days away. I have to get through a blogathon first.

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