Sunday, June 25, 2006

Where Did Everybody Go?


cookiecrumb said...

Oh, like you were at Nicole and Keith's wedding!
(Well, if you were, you're forgiven, and I'm jealous.)

MizD said...

1. work
2. visiting relatives
3. work
4. family crisis
5. work
6. tourist season
7. Work during tourist season while trying to deal with visiting relatives in the midst of a family crisis.

Tea said...

I wish I were off in Australia...I've been down with a nasty flu-thing. Spent the alleged heat wave in bed.

Cool photo. The golden age of road trips?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't at Nicole and Keith's wedding, but I actually was at the second biggest showbiz wedding of the weekend down in LA. It was amazing!

Guy said...

Enjoying garden. Watering flowers. Watering flowers to-be. Then grill and relax.

Repeat each day until done.

I'm not done.

Dagny said...

Been busy eating out. Saturday was T-Rex. I'm hoping to talk my neighbor into joining me at Cesar tonight. Next Sunday will be Hs Lordship's for their brunch. Also need to talk to my aunt to see when we're heading to Lalime's. So basically I am eating my way through Berkeley.

Guy said...

Hey Dagny,

Don't forget to stop by Poulet and try some of Shuna's baked goodies. She won't be there forever, don't miss out.


Michelle said...

1. work
2. work
3. work
4. avoiding doing anything because it's 101 degrees outside.


...but at least it's not raining anymore!

That panzanella looks fantabulous too! If I could make something that looked like that from the bottom of my refrigerator, I'd be working some serious magic! Cranky and Beansprout are lucky! And hey...did Cranky ever start his own blog??

Anonymous said...

1. Family from out of town, visiting for daughter's graduation.
2. Taking care of a boy.
3. TONS of work.
4. Farm dinner yesterday.
5. Dealing with car in shop.
6. Writing and researching and networking.
7. Stressing out.

cookiecrumb said...

OMG, you poor people are really smacked!
(Well, not Dagny and Biggles. Am I allowed to grill on a Spare the Air day, Doc?)
John, I'll have to do some Googling. What fun.
Tana, congratulations to your talented and deserving daughter. Have a blast.
Michelle: Yeah, it's called A Cunning Trap (see my blogroll). Thanks for compliments... we've got a Fruit-Based panzanella coming up!!

Greg said...

Kicking and chilling.

Dagny said...

I read everyone else's comments and I felt bad. I am still working -- two parttime jobs. It's just that turning 40 and the festivities (eating) that come with it have managed to eclipse everything else in my life. Probably will continue to do so for at least a month, perhaps two. I guess it also helps that I don't really care that much about one of my jobs.

Anonymous said...

Being here, planning to go there, then coming back to be here again.

Anonymous said...

the above being and going person was jen's mom...not "anonymous."

Passionate Eater said...

Sorry Cookie Crumb, I've been busy with work too! Although I've been lagging in my posts, I've been keeping up with your's. So like Ms. D, I'll make my list:

1. Work
2. Cooking for Church
3. Reading I'm Made and I Eat

Passionate Eater said...

Whoops, see what overworking has done? I meant "I'm Mad and I Eat."

Kevin said...

Unfortunately I was killed in a drive-by shooting over the weekend. Services are still being arranged.

cookiecrumb said...

Well, see. Everybody's been busy. Except for Kevin. Boy, he'll do anything to get out of work.