Friday, June 23, 2006

Mad for (im)Peachment

Bean Sprout has good taste. His tongue is caressing a sweet, juicy white peach (I forget the name; maybe White Prince).
Last time I sampled white peaches, a few years ago, I decided they were overrated: bland, wet and sugary.
But as of mid-June this year, yellow peaches haven't developed much character (and thanks to the farmers for letting us taste little bites at the market). So white peaches to the rescue, and you know what?
They're really good.
Enjoy them while you can. And pay cash for them, because the government has decided it's OK to comb through your confidential bank records, trying to ferret out suspicious activity related to terrorism — of which these delicious little bombs of fruitiness are surely innocent. Oh, silly me. Did I say "bombs"?
Of course, we don't mind being spied on at home, because it's better to fight terrorists over there so we don't have to... oops. Heh. Over here.


Liz said...

Mmmm...peaches. Something we can't really grow up here. sigh.

I love how Cheney is "offended" by media coverage of this stuff...I'm offended by basically everything that man does. Too bad that counts for nothing.

Dagny said...

Bean Sprout is adorable as usual. And the administration? I will try my best not to think of them over this weekend. Don't want to get too angry and start spewing venom at innocent bystanders.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same about white peaches; overrated. What about those flat peaches? I forget what they call them, but I don't think they're too good either.

I'm all for impeachment, however.

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, you mean those doughnut/flying-saucer/Jupiter peaches... They're cute. I had a good one a few years ago, but MAN, was it expensive.

Bibliochef said...

I love the fact that you are mad AND you eat. Me too, though I am trying to work on how mad I am. Partly, I think Bush et al. are mad, which helps.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of how to link up food bloggers etc around support for the hunger strike Code Pink et al. begin on July 4th protesting the Iraq War. Check out Cooking With Ideas --maybe you'll have an idea of how we might do so.

cookiecrumb said...

Wow. Hunger Strike + Cooking With Ideas. The mind boggles. Thanks for the heads up, Bibliochef; I'll check it out.

Cyndi said...

When I lived "down the mountain" we had a peach tree in the back yard that produced tons of peaches. I made preserves, cobblers, pies, and salsas. I can't grow peaches up here--too high.

ITMFA. I'm sooo sick of him.

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, Cyndi, where ya been? My dad had a peach tree at their old address, and one year it was unbelievably profuse. Then, pfft. That was it. (But they were good.)