Thursday, June 15, 2006


Ripped open by metal explosion
Caught in barbed wire
Bullet shock
Throbbing meat
Electronic data processing
Black uniforms
Bare feet, carbines
Mail-order rifles
Shoot the muscles

Lyrics: "Hair"

Death toll: George Bush


kudzu said...

Have you followed the demonstrators, mostly elders, who stand at the corner of East Blithedale and Camino Alto in Mill Valley every Friday evening? No matter what the weather or mood of the country that day, they hold their signs with the numbers of military dead. This will be one more milepost for them.

s'kat said...

All I have to say is, "bleah". What is wrong with folk? 'round the homestead, we call them "sheeple". Like steeple, but with more of a following vibe. People shaped sheep. It works for bumper stickers, at least.

mrs d said...

The official response:

"It's a number," White House press secretary Tony Snow told reporters at the White House.


Dagny said...

"It's a number"???

How utterly callous. It makes me angry.

Kalyn said...

He's disgusting, and so is every fool who voted for him.

michelle said...

mrs d - OMG. did they really say that?! no. please, no. what is this world coming to? sad. sad. sad. sad.

mrs d said...

Yup, it was in an AP story. Granted, Snow followed it up with the president feels the pain, they won't die in vain, blah blah blah, but still...

cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, I provided the link to the AP story in the George Bush "credit" line, but it was such a pretty color, maybe it just looked like design. :P

kitchenmage said...

kudzu, I'm proud to say that my daughter (mid 20s) did that in LA from before the war started until she left last year. Makes this ol' Vietnam war protestor proud. wipes tear from eye...

As a veteran--yes, and war protestor, does that make your brain smoke and squeal?--I am daily aghast at some folk's indifference to the human cost of this war. (related economic issues will leave us in deep sh*t for a long time to come, but that's a different rant...) I almost lost it watching Bush jog around the White House today with the guy who lost both legs in Iraq. At the time, I was also reading a NY Times article about how the military is avoiding paying widows death benefits and making it hard when they do...and another about the flag desecration amendment. (my oath for the AF was to defend thhe Constitution, not the flag...can we have an amendment to prevent desecration of the Constitution?)

I really thought that after the uproar over the "looking for WMDs under his desk" video during a particularly bloody time, if I recall correctly, he'd learn a bit about PR. (i suppose he thinks those ~30% favorables are 'just a number')

looks around ummm, not that i have an opinion of anything...


btw, I keep expecting to see that you are changing the name of your blog to "I'm So Mad I Can't Eat!" -- you do righteous indignation so well. Carry on, sister!

cookiecrumb said...

Rock on, KM, and thanks for the support. Don't go burning any flags now, y'all. That and gay weddings are just dragging this country to H-E-double hockey sticks. ;)

Kudzu: I got my Impeach Bush bumper sticker from that group!