Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cookiecrumb's Very Productive Morning

All my plans.
Ruined by a sack of ripe cherries.
I'd had plans to go shopping for jewelry. Commemorative jewelry of a romantic sort, one hunk each for the two of us.
Then the cherries materialized on the patio, just as the morning fog was clearing. There was also a peach, and a little pot of yogurt.
A pair of reclining patio chairs. A little table between the two chairs, littered with magazines.
A small dog tucked inside my sweatshirt.
Eh. We've still got two weeks to go before the big date.
And I'm not the type to get twitchy if we miss the deadline.
Those cherries were worth it.


s'kat said...

Sounds like a great interlude to me! Mmm, cherries...

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks, S'kat. May I congratulate you here for your new print-media gig? I hope you find it fulfilling (I know it doesn't pay much). You have such a sassy writing style; don't let them edit it out of you!
Everybody, go visit S'kat's blog to learn about her good news.

Passionate Eater said...

Delicious! Just get some rubies to go with them, and you'll be all finished! No worries about the detour--jewels and baubles can wait, but ripe fruit cannot!

Dagny said...

I've been snacking on some wonderful Ranier cherries this week. I love June.

obachan said...

Beautiful cherries!
You made a right choice ;)

kudzu said...

You're getting PINNED???

cookiecrumb said...

PE: I believe we *ate* the rubies!

Dag: I'm working on a fermentation/preservation of Queen Anne cherries right now: herbs, vanilla, etc...

Obachan: Thank you. I consider you an expert.

Kudzu! Hah. Isn't pinning supposed to come as a surprise? I don't know, I've never been part of that society. Anyway, think ring finger. Well, think ring!

kudzu said...

Cookie -- I haven't either (been part of that society) but the highlighted "jewelry" didn't work so I didn't know what kind you meant. Of course I was thinking ring, ring, ring.

Cool. Keep us informed! Meanwhile, gather ye cherries whilst ye may.

Dagny said...

Ooo. I hope your fermentation goes much better than the time my dad and his siblings, as kids, tried to make cherry wine in the basement. They were going to bottle it and sell it. Someone forgot to tell them about adding some yeast though. He still hasn't forgiven my grandmother for telling me that story.

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Actually, mine might have been Raniers too. Hmm. Anyway... Cherry wine sounds nice, but (!).

Kudzu: Oh, the word "jewelry" wasn't a link, just fancy typographics. We looked at some rings today, and -- eh.
Now, it you'd asked if I'd been "lavaliered," I'd have been impressed! :D

mrs d said...

Two weeks, eh? We're twelve days out from ours. No jewlery though, as it's our Cotton Anniversary. Yep, we're buying a gin.

Wait. It makes cotton and not gin?


cookiecrumb said...

Actually, Mrs D, ours is the day before yours. I don't remember how we celebrated cotton. T-shirts? Thongs? Q-Tips?
Oh, yeah, that's right: Gin.

cookiecrumb said...

Um, I mean the day after.

KathyF said...

Beautiful photo. Is that your reflection there?

cookiecrumb said...

I must be in there somewhere, Kathy. You mean in the cherry in the front row, second from the right? Perhaps.