Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Sister, My Daughter

These days I'm feeling like Faye Dunaway in "Chinatown," being slapped back and forth by Jack Nicholson as he demands the truth.
Faye Dunaway: "She's my daughter."
Jack Nicholson: "I said I want the truth!"
Dunaway: "She's my sister... She's my daughter... my sister, my daughter."
Nicholson: "I said I want the truth!"
Dunaway: "She's my sister and my daughter!"
(You can't handle the truth!)
Is it winter or spring? I'm a reasonably smart person. I know spring officially begins in a couple of weeks. But damn, it's still formidably wintry out there.
What's more frustrating, the sun peeps out every now and then, but then the sky clouds over again; we're due for a bruising rainstorm Friday.
So, today's photo. A robustly healthy blade of garlic chives, warmed by midday sun, and still wearing a raindrop.


mrs d said...

Hah. I just checked our forecast and we've got a chance of snow on Friday.

(Aw, forget it Mrs. D. It's the Pacific Northwest.)

cookiecrumb said...

I was kinda surprised to see that you had a frozen pond. I just don't remember it being that cold when I lived in Oak Harbor a million years ago. Well, it hailed once. And that jerk Lance Sanderson chucked a soggy snowball at me because I was the most hated girl in junior high... but.
Aw... Pity for you. Bundle up.

mrs d said...
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mrs d said...

You want I should go to Oak Harbor and give Lance Sanderson what for?

cookiecrumb said...

Nah. Poor kid was a Navy brat, like me. He's long gone from Whidbey. You could go and give Mrs. Quistorf what for though. Evil gym teacher. But [whispers] she may no longer be among us!

Cyndi said...

Like I told cookiecrumb the other day, her rain one day is our snow the next. We have two inches on the ground right now. In southern California. But on the other hand, in the summer, when it's over 100 in the valleys, it's cool up here at 6000 feet.
What a cool picture--today must be "post wonderful pictures" day. I've seen several really great ones.

Dagny said...

I too am tired of the flipflopping weather. One day it's spring. The next it's winter. It has led to a great deal of culinary and wardrobe confusion on my part. Sunday and Monday are supposed to be OK though.

Kevin said...


This year I've _got_ to find garlic chives. Also, this new place has a spot where I can grow herbs indoors so next winter I won't be paying $2 every time I need fresh oregano or thyme.

rae said...

oh cookiecrumb, i am SO with you on all this slap and tickle the weather is giving us. i just want a little springtime sun before the roiling fogbanks of summer set upon me. by the way, chinatown is one of my all time favorite movies...last time i saw it it was playing outdoors in the hollywood cemetery. in la. where it is warm. most of the year.

bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

Nice shot! Yes I hear you, spring? winter? I think there is snow in the air this pm here. And dunny coincidence, it is the topic of my post tomorrow...

cookiecrumb said...

Kevin: You mean like a communal garden? That would be cool.
Rae: Yrnk. Hollywood cemetary. Perfect.
Cyndi and Dagny: Weather. What'ya gonna do.
Bea: Um. My French failed. xx :)

mrs d said...

This morning:

Unpack shipment of upscale picnic gear for the store while watching giant snowflakes fall outside the window.

(Needless to say, the picnic gear won't be going out on the floor quite yet...)

kudzu said...

After a day at the puter, I am done in and now I am totally dismayed at the weather outside my window: early darkness because of gray clouds, rain falling, furnace turned up because it is so damned cold. And I was writing about spring (greens). Feh.

At least the writing is about the equinox which is coming soon and perhaps there is -- dare I say it? -- hope.