Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just Noodling

I'm a proponent of what I call "pushing" leftovers. By that, I mean converting an already prepared food item into an entirely new beast.
I'm sure it's not a novel concept at all. But it makes for fun, and sometimes easy, cooking.
Well, I had a dab of leftover tomato soup. And I had a small amount of fantastic shrimp stock made from shells (the shrimp were covered with roe, so when we peeled them — for an entirely unrelated meal — the shells were studded with the goods — too good to throw out, so I made stock).
It seemed obvious to me to combine the stock with the soup. Flavors: compatible. But then what?
I couldn't get over the idea of ladling the resulting sauce, very liquidy (and still conceptual at this point) into bowls, and twirling in some angel-hair pasta. Cranky was dubious. He likes pasta. He likes soup. But he wasn't so sure about pasta soup.
I thought it would be faintly Italian in nature.
Until we actually devoured the meal for lunch.
Then I realized I had created an Asian noodle soup. With Marco Polo flavors.


Greg said...

Nice pasta twirl..you could charge big money for that stuff.

Dagny said...

Lovely presentation. I say that there is nothing wrong with re-inventing leftovers.

Jennifer said...

Ooooh, yum. Good job.

Monkey Gland said...

mmmmm, conceptual fish stock.

b'gina said...

Boy, that looks good. At first I thought those were slices of tiny hot peppers, which would be amazing, too, but the green onions are much more Asian.

I'm getting some great ideas on my blog-hop today. Everyone's on a roll.

Passionate Eater said...

Beautiful creation! Both Italians and Chinese / Asians would be proud if that dish was categorized as being inspired by them.

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks. I'm flip-flopping between creating new tastes, and just wallowing in familiar comfort flavors. This one sort of hit on both.

mg said...

Mmmmmm.... noodles with fishy tomato base soup... mmmmmm