Friday, March 24, 2006

Meat Mining

Look at all that frozen meat!
You're looking at a picture Cranky took of duck leg, a duck sausage, half a pork chop, some chicken, some turkey, and a short segment of homemade pork sausage.
Cranky has been valiantly burrowing through the freezer, for our first full week of Ice Harvest. He came across some completely forgotten Marin Sun Farm grass-fed beef hot dogs. A bag of bones. Another bag of bones. A few tubs of vegetable broth that we knew were back there somewhere. An inexplicable tub labeled "roast beef roux with wine, 12/27" (I think we were saving it for a gravy that never happened). And a bag or two of frankly unidentifiable things. Anybody mind terribly if I don't mention the nine-month-old kielbasa? Didn't think so.
In general, it seems we freeze leftover meat.
Which is why Cranky's endeavor in the kitchen yesterday cleared out so much space in the freezer.
He made another batch of slow-cooker cassoulet. A super-meaty version. So meaty, in fact, that he had to put the little piece of pork sausage back in the freezer, with a lot of other meat he wasn't planning to use, together in a handy freezer bag, awaiting a future cassoulet.
Cranky cooked this cassoulet with a hefty dose of leftover corned-beef water from St. Patrick's Day (pre-empting the necessity of freezing it; it's too good to throw out).
The result — apart from the fantastic meal — is that we can now see the back wall of the freezer.
And we know what's in there.
Sort of.


drbiggles said...

I suppose I've been missing out. All we have is ice cubes, ice cream and a few quickie things for the kids.
yay, no work tomorrow

cookiecrumb said...

I don't think meat lasts long enough at your house to make it into the freezer.
What do you eat for breakfast?
Oh. Bacon.

Jack said...

When you started this series, I thought our own freezer would surely have more things uneaten. Well, I throw in the towel!

I mean, we can still identify all of our uneaten/frozen rocks. I think.

But, please promise us that a sequel won't be the cleaning out of your bedroom closet! I don't want to see freezer-burned, unidentified, misshapen clothing from there.

kudzu said...

Good God, where is Cranky when I need him? He is the intrepid ice-explorer. I imagine him in furs and goggles.

Glad to hear I am not the only one with mystery containers (little Rubbermaid close-tights full of--what?)

You must be enjoying a fab dinner tonight.

Jamie said...

I always get in soooo much trouble for not labeling freezer packages! The s.o. is much more logical-minded than I.

Yesterday I found a single commercial chicken "Italian sausage" in the freezer that predated our making of real Italian sausage. I threw it into a chard and orzo risotto-ey thing that I made, which turned out excellent.

Dagny said...

When I saw "duck leg" and "duck sausage," I instantly thought cassoulet. Actually I have had cassoulet on the mind quite a bit recently. Not really sure why. I suppose I should do something about it.

Kevin said...


I'm just so proud of you.

cookiecrumb said...

I out freezer-harvested Jack? Wow. Honest, Jack, they were mostly little bitlets of meat. (Sam at Becks & Posh had a whole turkey in her freezer, which she is now thawing for stock.)

drbiggles said...

Yeah, finished up the bacon I got from Dittmer's last week. GREAT bacon. Did you catch the post?

cookiecrumb said...

Biggles: Yeah, I caught the post. Did you catch my comment about my Dittmer's sausage grill-a-thon for our parents and wedding party the night before Cranky and I tied the knot? Dittmer's was in walking distance of our house.