Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheese Sandwich, Here We Come!

But now, a brief time-out, while we bring you the results of that slap-happy meme that has taken the Internets by storm, "What This Loser Food-Blogger Had for Lunch Today."
I will deconstruct for you. It had bits of meat. Some spreadable sauce-like ingredient. Fresh greens. And a supporting platform of a wheat-based product.
Let's guess! Bits of meat. Could it have been tuna from a pouch?
Well, then, a spreadable sauce. We're thinking mayonnaise, but. Scratch that. We'll go with mustard.
Oh dear. Hm. Fresh greens. Um, that would have to be lettuce. Right?
Anyway, at least we know the last item. Bread! Hah.
Dear readers, Cranky and I had Chinese roasted duck, shredded and separated from the bones (and fat). Cranky bought a whole, cooked duck in San Francisco's New Chinatown (the Richmond) for under $10. The counterman hacked it up on the spot.
We split lengths of scallion into fine ribbons. We steamed fresh flour tortillas (cut in halves). And we stirred a little rice vinegar into some hoisin sauce (on a whim, because the duck was so fragrantly seasoned with five-spice powder and we thought we'd need to cut the sweetness a little).
Procedure: Smoodge, put, add, roll up. Eat. Bliss.
Seriously, this would be terrific party food. Drop-dead easy to assemble the ingredients, and guests can roll their own. Unbelievably tasty.
It was the best SANDWICH ever.
Until tomorrow's.


drbiggles said...

That looks like just a SNACK.
Where's the rest of the duck?

I had planned on doing my braised sirloin pork roast in milk this evening, but am losing interest quickly. Mebe a nap first, to get up muh stremfs.


mrs d said...

I'm with Biggles. More duck! Bring on the confit and slather that thing!

Oh, okay. It looks mighty tasty without the confit.

cookiecrumb said...

Yuh. I told Cranky, "I'll probably only have one." I ate three. And even at that, it was a small lunch. So, you're right. Both a' ya.
Might put the rest of the duck in a gumbo. Imagine five-spice powder gumbo!
Biggles, I'm pretty sure there's a Hebrew injunction against seething a kid in its mother's milk. Oh. You meant cow milk? I do wanna hear about that.
(Have to share my word verification with you: agingwgb. Oh, that's me, all right. Aging White Girl Blogger.)

MM said...

Looks a bit like Peking duck, which is now making me have major cravings. Damn you!!! I shall be good. I shall stick to my cheese sammich today.

Passionate Eater said...

Why does there have to be so many "food blog haters"? I truly enjoy reading about other people's lunches, breakfasts, AND dinners! That is the purpose of food blogging, is sharing what all of us love, and that's food. I think Pete Wells is just afraid that people will no longer read his column, because they'll all be attracted to better writers who maintain an entertaining and hunger-inducing food blog--eg. people like you. ("You" being Cookie Crumb.)

Jennifer said...

I do love the duck. I love it so. Sounds like you had a lunch to envy...

kudu said...

A) Betcha I know which place you scored that duck. The best thing is that when I am not having company, I can buy half a duck at a time. Like what you did with it. Fresh flour tortillas are a good stand-in for those Peking crepes, no? And you're right, the remains could make a fine soup/gumbo/burgoo, whatever.

2) There's no prohibition against cooking pork in milk, since kosher cooks wouldn't be using it anyway! Is Biggles using Marcella Hazen's famous recips?

cookiecrumb said...

Yes, mm, we treated it Peking style. Ooh, but the extra flavor from the five-spice!
PE: Screw the haters. I've been a bit wobbled over the whole mess, but I'm recovering. "I'll never be hungry again!" (Scarlet O'Hara)
Jennifer: Oh, lord. It was so easy!
kudzu: (I'll provide the missing "z") -- Cranky can't think of the name of the place where he got the duck. Hm. But we like your endorsement of the use of leftovers. As for Biggles: Erm, I forgot that kid is not pork. And pork is definitely proscribed. And I'm dying to hear what he cooked.

b'gina said...

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Who blogged making bao? The last place I had Peking Duck, they used that for the duckwiches. It was yummy, of course, and much more filling than the pancakes. But the tortillas sound like a reasonable compromise between the two. Whatevah. It looks yummy.

Jamie said...

Looks delicious.

The banner at the top of your blog made me spit coffee on my computer screen. :-)

kudzu said...

Thanks for editing the typos -- kudu?recips?

That's what I get for wriitng without turning on my desk light.

Dagny said...

Mmmmm. Duck. The Richmond does have some wonderful restaurants. I haven't been any of the Chinese restaurants there since I was a kid, though. We used to go for dim sum.