Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pardon Our Dust

We are going through a slight refreshing of the graphics here. Something about New Year's resolutions and joining a fitness/cultural club. Image makeover. That kind of stuff. (I must have done a solid four minutes — not a typo — on the elliptical climber this morning, and my hair started sweating.)
Plus, I was getting very fed up by the gremlins I had inadvertently introduced to my header code, every time I changed banners.
So, back to square one, more or less.
I apologize to everyone on my blogroll; you were sacrificed to cyber-oblivion, but I will rebuild a list soon.
OK, enough technical faking it. Here's that tomato soup I dreamed of yesterday, and doesn't it look lovely with the type colors I've chosen for the blog?
You should really try this; it's easy and a midwinter miracle in your mouth. (Uh, you did freeze up some roasted tomatoes last summer, didn't you? If not, grab a can of the best tomatoes you know of.)
Proportions are Up To You. I started with about a cup and a half of tomato sauce (note: completely unflavored except for a drizzle of olive oil). Added it to a petite mince of onion and celery (about two teaspoons of each) that had softened in butter over low heat for five minutes, and had a spoonful of flour (about as much as the butter you used) stirred in. Dumped, oh, maybe a cup of decent chicken broth in. Heated for about 10 minutes, correcting seasonings (a minuscule pinch of habanero powder was nice). And finally, smoothed with a big glug of heavy cream, rewarmed, and served with a tiny sprinkling of fresh rosemary flowers.


McAuliflower said...

the rosemary flowers are a nice touch- my rosemary hasn't blossomed yet!

good luck on your remodel. remember that making a test blog of your template and css are a good thing! ;)

mrs d said...

Hah. Like there's room in our freezer for veggies after all the meat Chopper throws into it.

Brave soul you on the remodel. I've been in behind-the-scenes remodel mode on my site for over a month now. It's going to be all spiffy spanky wacky new... if I ever get it done. (Be a heck of a lot easier to redesign if I didn't feel compelled to write blog posts as well.)

Kalyn said...

You are a brave woman to start over with a new template. I am waiting eagerly to see what the new banner will be. Soup sounds great, but I used up all my roasted tomatoes at least a month ago. I was a bit slow getting on the bandwagon with the roasted tomato binge. You must go to Belly-Timber immediately and read Mrs. D's cheese sandwich post which is a masterpiece.

cookiecrumb said...

mcauliflower: Thanks for the advice. I just got a "practice blog" today.
And to the rest of you: Perhaps remodel is too brave a word. I was flummoxed with the old bucket of tags and breaks and borders and colors... and wiped the slate clean. No idea where I'll be taking it.

b'gina said...

That looks sooo good. I'm going to have to try it. My aunt used to make something similar to this when I was growing up. I remember it fondly.

ilva said...

sounds delicious that soup!

Jamie said...

Mmmm, soup.

This year, since we have a food dehydrator, I'm going to try making "sun"-dried tomatoes. Really looking forward to that.

Monkey Gland said...

...the tabula rasa...the empty page...and gremlins introduced by monkey gland when he got you muckin' about in your header...;-)

michelle said...

Cookiecrumb: sounds awesome! I agree with you, I've lost my desire for fresh tomatoes, but I still enjoy some hearty labor of love from the freezer! Like your new colors, too!

cookiecrumb said...

Here's the deal: The soup was just really good! Mm-mm good. When you make your own, you're in charge of the flavor profile. I've always found Campbell's too sweet and salty.

Jamie: I oven-dried some romas last summer, but I'm coveting your dehydrator. Please blog about your results.

Monkey! Where did I go wrong? I so don't blame you. But it Was fun. ;)