Monday, February 20, 2006

My Day. And I Did Have One.

I'm so illiterate in HTML and Web design. But I'm stalwart. And I've got all sorts of tricks, plans, up my sleeve for tweaking this site. I just don't want to go too fast. (Um, wait. I meant "cheapo tricks." "Flaky plans." I know nothing.)
Also, my day was consumed by visiting a blogger friend for lunch. (Bay Areans: I recommend Medicine Eat Station in San Francisco. Dumb name for a restaurant, but: The food is soothing, healthful, vegetarian Japanese cuisine in a beautiful, airy space.)
Then, there was the trip to the bookstore, where I picked up (and paid for! hummphh...) a book on California wild edibles.
So, there's some behind-the-scenes work going on. Can't promise much. But I'll fill you in shortly.


mrs d said...

Y'know, I know nothing about Blogger, but I do know lots and lots about HTML and CSS and all that groovy stuff, so if you want some cheapo trick/flaky plan assistance, feel free to give me a holler!

BTW, I spent a huge chunk of my workday today unpacking and pricing gourmet chocolates. By the end of my stint, I'd left a Homer Simpsonesque trail of drool across the shop's floor. I'm doomed here, I tell you, doomed.

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs D: This is a true story. When I teased you about joining a gourmet shop, and I mentioned 1) Pink Hawaiian Salt; 2) Stunning Local Chutneys; and 3) All Things Chocolate --- I was making it all up! Riffing!
Which tells you: either 1) I'm channeling you, or; 2) That's what all food boutiques are doing these days.
Oh, you're doomed.
However! On a bright note -- oh, hellyeah, I will ask you for help. How incredibly nice of you. I just now put up a temporary blogroll by swiping the code from another site and deleting the ones I don't visit. I have to go back in and add the ones I DO. Like you.

mrs d said...

Yeah, I noticed a missing B blog over there... :-P

About our food boutique: I will say that it's (thankfully!) not a "these days" sort of thing, in that this business is, I kid you not, in the neighborhood of 40 years old and they've been selling this stuff for far longer than all these young whippersnappers, trying to get in on the action.

Oh, wait a sec. Here on the island, they are the only action.

I priced locally-produced herbal peppers today as well, though the pepper section isn't nearly as crazy as the salt section. I mean, at least we don't have South Sea Pepper that comes in a coconut shell.

cookiecrumb said...

Oh heck. I'll put it up RIGHT NOW. By hand, I can do it. I love you that much.
Locally produced herbal peppers? Is the pepper local too?
Final Answer (No Lifeline): Do you read Meathenge? It's like you and he have the same art director.

mrs d said...

Blogroll: Of course I am one to talk. Mine is woefully out of date. Many sites I don't read. Many sites I visit, not included. All that will change with my longlonglong overdue redesign.

Local pepper: Oh, I so doubt it. Heck, as far as I know, their herbs aren't local either. Sometimes it's all about the pretty label.

Trolls: Yes, trolls! I am indeed a fan of the Trolls of Meathenge, but I must admit that I have been a troll collector since I was a wee tot, and though my own trolls are in storage, I do currently posess my father's trolls (he'd always buy trolls for me and then save a few for himself). The Gastroblogian trolls are his, as are the canoe and firetruck. I expect they may make an appearance or two in later posts as well. Dad would be proud.

shuna fish lydon said...

I had a nice comforting meal over there at medicine too. I could swim in that almond milk and we were lucky enough to get a tofu specail from Tokyo! It was sublime, like eating a very fresh ricotta.

I love messing about with html and the graphics. I look forward to see what you get up to and into.

b'gina said...

It must be something in the air. I've been itching to do something on my blog, too. I've never been happy with the template I chose. Plus, I had a totally different direction in mind when I chose the name.

Thinking about putting up a banner image with a different name, but leaving the official name the same, so people don't have to change their links to everything.

I too need to update my blogroll. I've been really lazy about it altogether. And I want Categories. I have them on my WordPress blog, because it came with them. I've got to figure out how to do that on Blogger.

Keep us posted on your progress. :G: See? I'm blackmailing you to keep posting. Is it working? (Like I should talk.)

Hey, Mrs. D! Hello to Shuna, too, although we've never "met." Cookiecrumb's bulletin board.

Kevin said...


Unlike Miz D, I only know enough HTML and CSS to keep make my Web sites behave, but two of them are Blogger-based so I do know something about how it works. Anyway, if I can help also, let me know.

mrs d said...

Hey B'gina -- lots of people have blogs with one name for the URL and another for the title, but you can also make a wholesale change of URL if you announce it -- Clare did that when she moved EatStuff and I think people caught on pretty quick with their links.

Hey -- people who do know Blogger (okay, now I'm usurping Cookiecrumb's "bulliten board" to ask a question): How can I put up a group blog that I'm part of (ie Food Blog S'cool) on my blog list if I'm not on Blogger at all? Or do I need to be a group blog administrator to do that? Right now I can't get anything to appear on my bloglist. :-(

Greg said...

I wish I knew more about the HTML stuff. Every time I need to make a change my computer wiz kids help me out. Anyway your blog as always looked very fit to me.

Jennifer Maiser said...

this is to answer mrs. d's question about getting food blog s'cool to show up on your profile (hi cookie!)

i am pretty sure that this is a setting that has to do with the particular blog. if you look at my profile (and my main blog is not on blogger), you will see that i have bay area bites on there but not food blog s'cool, and i can't find anyone who's profile actually contains fbs on the list. fbs is not a "public" blog ... and i think it has something to do with that.

mrs d said...

Ah, thanks Jen! I wonder if I thought I'd seen FBC on people's profiles, but it was Bay Area Bites instead. Probably. Hey. I could start a San Juan Island Bites. Granted, I'd be the only member... (People here are so not internet savvy.)

Dagny said...

Thank you for yet another restaurant recommendation. And it is BART accesible to boot.

cookiecrumb said...

b'gina: I think bloggers who use Blogger make fake categories by setting up a whole new blog, with identical graphics (if that's what you want) so it looks like you're still "on" the original blog. Click on a Blogger blog "category" sometime, and then compare the URLs.
Shuna (and Dagny): I'm kicking myself for not ordering the tofu, but that's all the more reason to go back!

kudzu said...

Whoooosh! After reading all of these, I am ever more convinced that it would be crazy of me to even contemplate a blog of my own, given the technical demands. You're all brave and smart. Just reading it left me exhausted.

mrs d said...

Hey! The mouseover thingy is working!

Kevin said...


Blogger doesn't support categories, so I created a separate Web page with an index and link to that. But doing so requires going completely outside of Blogger might not be doable if Blogger is hosting your blog.

Passionate Eater said...

Very visually attractive and clean layout Cookie Crumb! (However, I miss being a part of your blogroll.) :(

I agree that Medicine Eat Station is a delicious place to try out. Did you try their signature roll? It is definitely a place that encourages active bowel movements! (Because of the fiber that is.)

cookiecrumb said...

PE: You crack me up. BTW, I had you up on my blogroll at least three times yesterday, but I kept forgetting to save and republish. I'm on it now.