Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm It and I Eat

Mona tagged me. Ten things you never knew about me. OK:
1. I am accessory-challenged. I have boxes of scarves, drawers of jewelry, a closet full of shoes. But I forget to avail myself of the variety, and instead go out unadorned, wearing the same damn clogs, every time. No scarves.
2. I interviewed Calvin Trillin once. Nice guy, if a little distant (well, I was a stranger to him). But he let me buy him an Anchor Steam beer.
3. My first job (other than baby-sitting) was picking strawberries for two summers in junior high school. I made 55 cents for every 12-quart flat I lugged down the rows to the mean lady who would punch my card as proof that I'd picked a flat (we didn't get paid actual money until the end of the summer). On my best days, I made $2.20. We're talking 8-hour days. Call the Department of Labor!
4. Cranky and I have lived in our new house for almost a year, and we're still scared to hang pictures. The paint is so nice. (That's just one excuse.)
5. I saw the Doors play live at a roller rink in Alexandria, VA. This was obviously before they got really big. There was a local DJ warming up the crowd with quizzes and such, and I won a dollar. (So, that made up for the lousy wages picking berries.)
6. There's a bag of stale gummy bears on my nightstand.
7. I own six ukuleles.
8. Today I am going to hard-cook 10 quail eggs. This will be a first for me.
9. I went to Gavin Newsom's wedding.
10. (Since this is a Top-10 list): Cranky and I attended a taping of the David Letterman show! Yes, it really is that cold in the theater.

Now I must tag five people. I'm going to bug:
Mrs D
Ilva (because she tagged me for something else I have to get busy on)

If the above tag-ees have already participated, I apologize for missing it. And if they don't want to play, that's cool
Simple rules: post ten weird and random facts about yourself. At the end, list the names of the five people you tagged.


Kalyn said...

OMG, I saw the Doors at an amusement park in Utah. (And I have a feeling I am going to be sorry that I wrote that here because Lisa is going to google and see when Jim Morrison died - probably before she was born, that young whippersnapper- and try to figure out how old I am.) Lisa, I could have been a babe in my parents arms when I saw him. (Except I seem to recall that I was wearing tight white bell bottoms and a lime green poor boy sweater.)

This will be fun, but I'm a little backed up right now (on memes that is) so don't worry if I don't do it right away.

cookiecrumb said...

No worries, Kalyn. Have fun.
Hm, maybe the Doors weren't that cool if they played at roller rinks and amusement parks! :D (I was wearing a hot pink mini dress with a flower appliqued to the front.)

mrs d said...

My mum just went into fits of jealousy over the Calvin Trillin thing. She loves his poems in The Nation.

We had the very same first job, by the way. Mine was west of Portland, and I'm pretty sure the pay rate was about the same.

I only own one ukelele though, and The Doors scare me.

My list (after a brief bit of brainstorming tonight at the local pub) is 80% complete. I am resisting including things that embarrass Chopper more than me. Like that time he took me out for dessert on my birthday and forgot his wallet...

Jeanne said...

Now I know two people who own so many ukeles...what does this say about me!

cookiecrumb said...

Well, Jeanne, get a stringed instrument and let's start a band!
Mrs D: The Doors *are* scary, little girl. (Do you realize how many of their songs have "little girl" in them? Ew.)
I'm thrilled your mom (mum?) is a CT fan. So she's a leftie too! ;)
My berry picking was (I must have told you this) in Mt. Vernon.

b'gina said...

Okay, Cookie. (rubbing hands together and chuckling gleefully) Let's see what I can come up with.

ilva said...

Thanks CC- it's coming up soon!

Kevin said...


Nice melons.

Mona said...

Those are great, my favorite is the booby scarf-ha! I was trying to hide the pic at work :)
The Doors, Newsom's wedding? WOW!! Those are both awesome random facts.
You play the ukelele, I'll sing, we'll have quite a duo!

mrs d said...

Mum comes from a long line of rabble-rousing socialists. Lefty don't begin to describe it. :-)

It's all those "little girls" in the Doors songs that scare me so. That and Jim Morrison's hideous grammar:

"Till the stars fall from the sky for you and I"

For you and me! Forty times on the blackboard, Mr. Morrison!

Also: I once planned an all-ukelele protest band with a friend of mine. We were going to call ourselves "Ukes against Nukes." I am not making this up.

Jennifer Maiser said...

My grandfather got his start picking strawberries too. This was in the Central Valley in the 30s or early 40s. They made him chew gum while he was picking because pickers with mouths full of gum don't eat strawberries!

(If my mom had read this blog post yet she would be telling you the exact same story.)

Monkey Gland said...

Can you play Riders on the Storm on your ukelele? Or any George Formby?

cookiecrumb said...

Jen: If we volunteered to pick berries on Sundays, we were allowed to take home two quarts. I never got tired of strawberries. My hands smelled so good.
MG: I play Adolescent Sex.